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Lanark – Blackface – Lambs

A cracking second day at Lanark saw the record price for the breed equalled at £160,000, by a lamb from Elmscleugh. This and another 17 lambs at five-figure prices helped push the average up to to £5550 for 156 sold, up more than £900 on the year.

Below are pictured some of the five-figure priced lambs from the day…

£160,000 Elmscleugh, sold to Auldhouseburn and Glenrath, by £45,000 Midlock

£80,000 Auldhouseburn, sold to Gass and Lurg, by £75,000 Dalchirla

£75,000 Glenrath, sold to Blackhouse, Burncastle and Williamhope, by £75,000 Dalchirla

£70,000 Glenrath, sold to Allanfauld, Dyke and Elmscleugh, by £75,000 Dalchirla

£30,000 Loughash, sold to D McSwiggan, V Fullerton and B Devine, NI, by £45,000 Loughash

£28,000 Auldhouseburn, sold to Dalblair, Dollarbank, The Glen (R. Kerr) and Upper Wellwood, by £58,000 Auldhouseburn

£20,000 Longcroft, sold to Glenrath and Traquair Hill, by £42,000 Glenrath

£18,000 Glenrath, sold to Robert Flett, Crakaig andPeter Junor Ballaggan by £75,000 Dalchirla

£15,000 Crossflatt, sold to Cramie, Harestone and Lurgan, by home-bred son of Tornado

£14,000 Dalblair, sold to Craigdoo, Greenside and Netherwood, by an Auldhouseburn son of £85,000 Elmscleugh

£10,000 Glenrath, sold to Corsebank, by £75,000 Dalchirla

Other Leading Prices…

£26,000 Auchloy, sold to Finglen and Tullykeernan with a share retained

£16,000 Tinnis, sold to Dunruchan, by £17,000 Happrew

£13,000 Loughash, sold to Elmscleugh, by £45,000 Loughash

£12,000 Dalwyne, sold to Gosland, by £22,000 Dalchirla

£11,000 Tinnis, sold to Outer Huntly, by £17,000 Happrew

£10,000 Allanfauld, sold to Gosland, by son of £32,000 Dalchirla


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