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Summer Sensations Texel Sale Preview

The Summer Sensations online timed auction takes place between Tuesday 6th July and Thursday 8th July 2021, including Texel females from some of the best breeding lines in the country.

Buyers must pre-register with Harrison and Hetherington. Click here for the online catalogue.

Below are some of the lots on offer…

GARNGOUR CJN2006878 (Lot 1)

GARNGOUR CJN2006900 (Lot 2)

GARNGOUR CJN2006902 (Lot 3)

GARNGOUR CJN2006941 (Lot 4)

MILNBANK LYM2003884 (Lot 6)

MILNBANK LYM2003929 (Lot 7)

MILNBANK LYM2003842 (Lot 8)

MILNBANK LYM2003970 (Lot 9)

MILNBANK LYM2004026 (Lot 10)

HOLYLEE PDV2015487 (Lot 17)

HOLYLEE PDV2015485 (Lot 18)

HOLYLEE PDV2015517 (Lot 19)

HOLYLEE PDV2117156 (Lot 20 – ewe lamb)

TEIGLUM CFT2000001 (Lot 28)

TEIGLUM CFT2000011 (Lot 29)


TEIGLUM CFT2000086 (Lot 30)

TEIGLUM CFT2000016 (Lot 31)

TEIGLUM CFT2000062 (Lot 32)

ORCHILMORE MZU2003796 (Lot 33)

ORCHILMORE MZU2003759 (Lot 34)

ORCHILMORE MZU2003782 (Lot 35)

ORCHILMORE MZU2003761 (Lot 36)

CLARKS DCX2004504 (Lot 37)

CLARKS DCX2004484 (Lot 38)

CLARKS DCX2004519 (Lot 39)

ETTRICK GGH2010067 (Lot 44)

ETTRICK GGH2010083 (Lot 45)

ETTRICK GGH2010120 (Lot 46)

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