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Stirling Bull Sales – Limousin & Shorthorn

Limousin bulls sold to 14,000gns, for the champion, Elrick Inferno, which sold to Keirsbeath Farm, Fife. Just 49 bulls sold through the ring, averaging £4914, with 13 females levelling at £2322.

Beef Shorthorns peaked at 6500gns for Chapelton Festival, which went to D & S Calder. Overall, 13 Shorthorn bulls levelled at £3651, while 90 females averaged £2172.

Below are our pictures of the top priced lots…to view the full selection of photographs taken, or to purchase any, see our Photo Sales section.


Elrick Inferno, £14,000gns to Keirsbeath Farm, Fife


Spittalton Imperial, 11,000gns, to LD Carr, Upper Higham Lane, Rushden


Maraiscote Ivan, 10,000gns, to T Lang, Parduvine, Rosewell, & JW Gibb, Toftcombs, Biggar


Maraiscote Ihawk, 9000gns to Balfour, Shapinsay


Homebyres Inch, 7500gns to Mid Fodderletter, Tomintoul


Chapelton Festival, 6500gns to D & S Calder, Braes of Grandtully, Aberfeldy


Langalbuinoch Future, 6400gns to M Little Farms, Hilliclay Mains, Thurso


Coldrochie Factor, 5500gns to WJ & J Green, Corskie


Housebyres Georgiesheergorgeous, 4200gns to Highland Wagyu


Shawhill Florence Gertrude, 3500gns to Laga Farms, Orkney

Limousin bulls sold:

Lot no.

335 – Grahams Harrypotter, 2500gns to AW & D Kennerley & Son, Fields Farm, Cheshire.

336 – Emslies Black Harvester, 5000gns to Huntlyhill Farm, Lanark.

343 – Kinnahaird Highlander, 4200gns to Messrs McMillan, Eorrabus Farm, Islay.

347 – Grahams Black Hypo, 4200gns to W & J McGill, Carslaoe Farm, Maybole.

349 – Breconside Humbug, 3000gns to M MacDonald, Moorside, Isle of Skye.

350 – Hartlaw Indigo, 5500gns to G Bell, Haas Grove, Lockerbie.

354 – Haltcliffe Inxs, 2500gns to Malby Farm Partnership, Launceston.

355 – Corsairtly Irvine, 2600gns to J Brisbane & Partners, Westwood Lane, Stirling.

356 – Brims Inxs, 4200gns to Scottish Gvt Bull Stud, Inverness.

358 – Spittalton Ideal, 4800gns to P McDiarmid, Shenlarich, Aberfeldy.

360 – Brims Intensive, 5800gns to W Nelson, West Brackly, Kinross.

361 – Brims Impeccable, 3200gns to J Mitchell, Rumbletonrig, Greenlaw, Duns.

362 – Dyke Ivan, 4000gns to D Maitland Gardner & Partners, Culdees, Muthill.

363 – Brims Imperial, 4000gns to A Grant, Glendamph, Glenisla.

365 – Goldies Instructor, 5200gns to WT Hendry & Son, Back O Muir, Bannockburn.

366 – Allanfauld Iniesta, 3500gns to Messrs Ramsay.

367 – Kingdom Ice, 2000gns to D Rattray, West Park, Auchterarder.

368 – Ythanvale Ivanhoe, 2000gns to AR Mathers & Sons, Wardes, Kintore.

369 – Whinfellpark Invader, 3000gns to Osborne Farms, Mains of Balmadies, Forfar.

370 – Spittalton Ian, 5000gns to I & R Malcolm, Portalloch, Argyll.

375 – Goldies Interest, 4000gns to Scottish Gvt Bull Stud.

384 – Grahams Black Ivanhoe, 3000gns to J Barrie, Rumbleton Farm, Duns.

386 – Meadowrig Ivan, 3000gns to J & M Troup, Southbank Farm, Skene.

388 – Calla Imij, 3200gns to AH Lyon, Drumachloy, Rothesay.

390 – Ronick Isaac, 2000gns to W McJanet, East Enoch, Maybole.

391 – Elrick Iconic, 6000gns to GT & S Coghill, Muce, Birsay, Orkney.

392 – McLarens Ironman, 4800gns to J Millar, Drumheads, Kilry, Blairgowrie.

393 – Elrick Inferno, 14,000gns to Keirsbeath Farm, Mains of Beath, Fife.

394 – Goldies Impulse, 2500gns to WC Malby Farm Partnership.

395 – Meadowrig Icon, 3000gns to JWB Reid, Burnhouse Farm, Newton Mearns.

396 – Maraiscote Ideal, 4000gns to Scottish Gvt Bull Stud.

397 – Maraiscote Ihawk, 9000gns to Balfour Estate, Shapinsay, Orkney.

398 – Spittalton Imperial, 11,000gns to LD Carr, Upper Higham Lane, Rushden.

399 – Windsole Indiana, 4200gns to H Armstrong, Farhills, Castle Douglas.

400 – Shannas Intercom, 4200gns to Scottish Gvt Bull Stud.

401 – Spittalton Ike, 4000gns to C & L Murphy, Stripeside, Benrinnes, Aberlour.

402 – Tweeddale Ironic, 2500gns to P Thorp, Overton of Ardo, Methlick.

403 – Spittalton Ironman, 3500gns to J MacDiarmid, Brae Eynort, Isle of Skye.

405 – Maraiscote Icefall, 5200gns to A Sime & Son, Bruceland, Elgin.

406 – Maraiscote Iceman, 3000gns to BW & LM Stagg, Longrow Farm, Canonbie.

407 – Elrick Ivan, 3800gns to JT & SA Cannon, Redbrae Farm, Wigtown.

411 – Spittalton Irvine, 7800gns to DW Youngson, Rosemarkie House, Ellon.

413 – Maraiscote Ivan, 5000gns to T Lang, Parduvine, Rosewell, Midlothian.

413a – Maraiscote, 5000gns to JW Gibb, Toftcombs, Biggar.

415 – Allanfauld Imij, 4800gns to J Farquhar, Kinaldie, Aboyne.

416 – Maraiscote Igloo, 3800gns to W Bain, Kennachy, Forss, Thurso.

417 – Lodge Inferno, 3200gns to HI Mackinnon, Heaste, Broadford, Skye.

418 – Allanfauld Irnbru, 5800gns to JD Steele, Goddens, Pitroddie.

419 – Homebyres Inch, 7500gns to Fodderletter Farms, Tomintoul.

424 – Esmors Black Internet, 2800gns to D Scott, Grutha Farm, Orkney.

425 – Haltcliffe Impact, 2500gns to JM Thomson & Son, Blairbowie, Maybole.

426 – Anside Iceman, 5000gns to L & LJ George, Parks, Rothiemay, Huntly.

428 – Clury Ironman, 4000gns to J Mitchell, Rumbletonrig, Greenlaw, Duns.

430 – Goldies Black Inspire, 3800gns to WC Malby Farm Partnership.

432 – Strawfrank Iggy, 5500gns to Ballintomb Farm, Dulnain Bridge, Grantown on Spey.

435 – Esmors Black Illingworth, 5500gns to J Fisher, Flathill, Kirkcudbright.


Limousin lead price females:

448 – Goldies Black Honeydew, 4800gns to Messrs Richardson.

450 – Newhouse Black Happy, 4100gns to WS Paterson, Golland, Kinross.


Shorthorn bulls: 

74 – Chapelton Festival, 6500gns to D & S Calder, Braes of Grandtully, Aberfeldy.

76 – Chapelton Forager, 2500gns to W Denham, Dent Gate, Langleydale, Co Durham.

77 – Colrochie Factor, 5500gns to WJ & J Green, Corskie, Garmouth.

79 – Castlemount Sammy, 2000gns to A Stephen, Hatton Cottage, Forres.

80 – Langalbuinoch Future, 5000gns to M Little Farms, Hilliclay Mains, Thurso.

81 – Craigeassie Tsar, 2800gns to R Crawford, Bracken Hill Farm, Mauchline.

82 – Fingask Fernando, 2600gns to A & M Peter, Nether Lenshie, Rothie Norman.

87 – Craigeassie Thomas, 1800gns to J Barr, Clochkeil Farm, Campbeltown.

90 – Glenisla Gladiator, 3000gns to A Smith & Sons, Haughton, Glenkindie.

93 – Glenisla Gandolph, 2800gns to W & J McGowan, Fingask, Cupar.

94 – Coldrochie Gamble, 2200gns to Messrs Coutts, Knocknagael, Inverness.

95 – Knockenjig Glenlivet, 3500gns to Messrs Coutts.

101 – Galla Gold, 3500gns to JS McLaren & Son, Dalcapon, Ballinluig, Pitlochry.


Shorthorn lead price females:

269 – Glenisla Eva Broadhooks G933, 4500gns to J & D Haigh, Ashgrove, Market Rasen.

321 – Barnaigh Lovely Xquisite 5th, 5000gns to T Russell & S Bradley, Rose Cottage, Faringdow, Oxford.


To view the full selection of photographs taken, or to purchase any, see our Photo Sales section.

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