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Simmental – Stirling – Feb ’24

Simmental bulls peaked at 37,000gns at the United Auctions sale at Stirling, with 95 lots selling to average £7498 – up by £238 on the year with a 77% clearance.

At the part dispersal of the Broombrae herd, 12 cows with calves at foot sold to 5800gns and averaged £5005, while three in-calf heifers topped at 4200gns and averaged £3185 and six maiden heifers sold to 5400gns and averaged out at £3430.

Below are pictures of the top priced lots, followed by a list of bulls sold and buyers. To view the full selection of images taken, head to our Photo Sales gallery.

Denizes Nugget topped the sale at 37,000gns, selling to the Popes herd

Wolfstar Nobleman sold for 17,000gns to TE Lyth, Heatherhouse, Orkney

Denizes Newton sold for 14,000gns to K Park & Sons, Dalpeddar

Wolfstar Nasa also made 14,000gns, selling to Pitgaveny Farm, Elgin

Backmuir Nate made 13,000gns to C Houldey, Kirtleton House, Waterbeck

Another making 13,000gns was Denizes Neff, he sold to Kersknowe

Kilbride Farm Nebulus also sold at 13,000gns, he went to Delfur Farms

Rockytop Nero made 12,000gns to Messrs Grant, Druid Temple, Inverness

Another from the Denizes pen, Nacho made 12,000gns to J Drysdale, Forestmill, Alloa

Corskie Nitrate also sold for 12,000gns, he went to TW Clark & Sons, Abbey Farm, Madderty

Another Corskie bull selling for 12,000gns was Newry, who went home with Newbie Mains

Saltire Nemesis made 11,500 to AG Whiteford, South Keithney, Inverurie

Kersknowe Noah made 11,000gns to Aucheneck Estates, Killearn

Wolfstar Nonu also made 11,000gns, he went to AJ Milne, Standingstones, Durris

Newbiemains Neymar sold for 11,000gns to IHG Warden, Skelfhill, Hawick

Broombrae Noble sold for 11,000gns to Knox Farms, Australia

Kilbride Farm Nugget sold for 11,000gns to S McClymont & Son, Tinnis, Yarrow

Springfield Neptune sold for 10,000gns to J & R Stanger, South Seatter, Orkney

Pre-sale champion Overhill House Nikey made 10,000gns, selling to J & E Dyet, East Merkland, Sandford

Another at 10,000gns, Ballinalare Farm Navigator sold to Philiphaugh Estates, Selkirk

Islavale Novak made 10,000gns, selling to TH Gray, Balquharrage, Lennoxtown

Joint top price at the Broombrae part dispersal was Broombrae Rosina E40, which made 5800gns to Messrs MacFarlane, Quixwood.

Also making 5800gns was Broombrae Rosina K16, which sold to Richard McCulloch, Overhill House

Simmental bulls sold:

Lot 2- HABTON NEV, 9000gns to Coghill, Muce, Birsay.

Lot 6 – OVERHILL HOUSE NATE, 5000gns to Robertson, Balneath, Kinross.

Lot 7 – TEAM NOBLE, 5000gns to Young & Son, Templehall, Auchtertool.

Lot 10 – DELFUR NOTORIOUS, 5000gns to Sutherland, Achnabust, Thurso.

Lot 12 – WELL HOUSE NEVIS, 5500gns to Reid, Pictstonhill, Perth.

Lot 13 – GRANGEWOOD NOW YOU SEE ME, 6500gns to Gunn, Borgie Mains, Castletown.

Lot 17 – KERSKNOWE NATIVE, 4000gns to Cowie, Drums of Muirake, Cornhill.

Lot 18 – KPS NEVADA, 4000gns to Cartmel, Wintercrag, Penrith.

Lot 19 – SPRINGFIELD NEPTUNE, 10,000gns to Stanger, South Seatter, Orkney.

Lot 21 – SPRINGFIELD NIAGARA, 8500gns to MacDonald, Mains of Dalvey, Advie.

Lot 25 – GRANGEWOOD NOMAD, 4000gns to Moir and Son, South Teuchar, Turriff.

Lot 27 – KILBRIDE FARM NEYMAR, 7500gns to Young & Son, High Townhead, Auldgirth.

Lot 28 – LAGAVAICH NALDO, 3800gns to Arnhall Farms, Edzell.

Lot 29 – OVERHILL HOUSE NOLAN, 6800gns to Muir, Upper Onston, Orkney.

Lot 31 – DRUMSLEED NORTHERN STAR, 6000gns to Mitchell, Torbrex, Greengairs.

Lot 32 – BACKMUIR NATE, 13,000gns to Houldey, Kirtleton House, Waterbeck.

Lot 33 – KERSKNOWE NOAH, 11,000gns to Aucheneck Estates, Killearn.

Lot 34 – KILBRIDE FARM NIALL, 4000gns to Peebles, South Baldutho, Arncroach.

Lot 37 – FINLARG NIMROD, 4000gns to MacFarlane Ltd, Flass, Westruther.

Lot 38 – GREENCAP NINTENDO, 4000gns to Sutherland & Son, Granton Mains, Bower.

Lot 39 – TILLYEVE NOBLE, 4000gns to Sloan, Meadowflatt, Thankerton.

Lot 40 – FINLARG NEVIS, 5000gns to Hamilton, Aikengall, Innerwick.

Lot 41 – ROCKYTOP NEMO, 6500gns to Coghill, Muce, Orkney.

Lot 44 – SALTIRE NEPTUNE, 5000gns to Emms & Son, Chapel Farm, Kingskettle.

Lot 47 – DRUMSLEED NANDO, 6000gns to Reid, The Laws, Kingennie.

Lot 48 – KEELDRUM NORTHSTAR, 6200gns to Anderson & Son, Nether Tillygarmond, Finzean.

Lot 49 – BACKMUIR NAILOR, 6000gns to Marshall, The Riggs, Biggar.

Lot 50 – BACKMUIR NEUTRON, 4000gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud.

Lot 52 – PITMUDIE NIGHTRIDER, 4500gns to Mitchell & Co, Rumbletonrig, Greenlaw.

Lot 53 – WOLFSTAR NONU, 11,000gns to Milne, Standingstones, Durris.

Lot 55 – DELFUR NOVA, 6500gns to Smith, Broomhill, Dunecht.

Lot 56 – ROCKYTOP NERO, 12,000gns to Grant, Druid Temple, Inverness.

Lot 60 – BACKMUIR NASHVILLE, 7000gns to Genoch Mains Farms, Dunragit.

Lot 62 – FINLARG NEIL, 4500gns to MacFarlane Ltd, Flass, Gordon.

Lot 63 – OVERHILL HOUSE NIKEY, 10,000gns to Dyet, East Merkland, Sandford.

Lot 64 – WESTRIDGE NOAH, 3500gns to Coghill, Muce, Orkney.

Lot 66 – PITMUDIE NEPTUNE, 4000gns to Allardyce, East Town, Tarland.

Lot 69 – WOLFSTAR NOBLEMAN, 17,000gns to Lyth, Heatherhouse, Orkney.

Lot 70 – DRUMSLEED NAZARETH, 4800gns to Hamilton, Aikengall, Innerwick.

Lot 72 – PITMUDIE NORFOLK, 3500gns to Turner, Dalmoak, Dumbarton.

Lot 73 – NEWBIEMAINS NUTKIN, 5000gns to Fentem, Biggin Moor, Biggin.

Lot 74 – BOSWELL NEMESIS, 5000gns to Grant and Son, Flemington, Aberlemno.

Lot 75 – SALTIRE NEMESIS, 11,500gns to Whiteford, South Keithney, Inverurie.

Lot 76 – NEWBIEMAINS NEYMAR, 11,000gns to Warden, Skelfhill, Hawick.

Lot 77 – ROCKYTOP NAPOLEON, 8000gns to Garden, Culfosie, Echt.

Lot 78 – DENIZES NERO, 8000gns to Muir, Upper Onston, Orkney.

Lot 79 – DENIZES NUGGET, 37,000gns to Wood, Popes, Dutton.

Lot 81 – BACKMUIR NASA, 4500gns to Muir, Upper Onston, Orkney.

Lot 82 – DENIZES NEFF, 13,000gns to Jeffrey, Kersknowe, Kelso.

Lot 85 – WESTRIDGE NATE, 5500gns to Smallburn Farms, Elgin.

Lot 86 – ROOKLEA NADAL, 3000gns to Stewart, Mossywood, Cumbernauld.

Lot 87 – OVERHILL HOUSE NABIL, 6800gns to Mowat & Sons, Quoynee, Halkirk.

Lot 88 – WESTRIDGE NASH, 3500gns to Lammie, Auchnotteroch, Leswalt.

Lot 91 – HEPPLEWHITE NAPOLEON, 4500gns to Wright, Innerfield, Lockerbie.

Lot 92 – DENIZES NACHO, 12,000gns to Drysdale, Forestmill, Alloa.

Lot 93 – SALTIRE NOBLEMAN, 7500gns to Douganhill Farms, Castle Douglas.

Lot 94 – BALLINALARE FARM NAVIGATOR, 10,000gns to Philiphaugh Estates, Selkirk.

Lot 96 – OMORGA NESTOR, 4000gns to Rose, Faebait, Muir of Ord.

Lot 97 – INNERWICK NIAGARA, 5800gns to McGibbon, Tulchan Croft, Glenalmond.

Lot 98 – BROOMBRAE NOBLE N12, 11,000gns to Knox Farms, Australia.

Lot 99 – AUCHORACHAN NAPOLEON, 5500gns to Anderson, Kilbride, Oban.

Lot 102 – FINLARG NAVADA, 6000gns to Angus, Binzian, Forgandenny.

Lot 103 – AUCHORACHAN NEVADA, 5800gns to Haddo House Estate, Tarves.

Lot 104 – AUCHORACHAN NOBLE, 4500gns to Aucheneck Estates, Killearn.

Lot 106 – KILBRIDE FARM NUGGET, 11,000gns to McClymont & Son, Tinnis, Yarrow.

Lot 107 – DARGILL NEIL, 6000gns to Lour Farms, Ladenford.

Lot 108 – DENIZES NEWTON, 14,000gns to Park & Sons, Dalpeddar, Sanquhar.

Lot 109 – GLENTURK NIRVANA, 4500gns to Fettes, Essil, Garmouth.

Lot 110 – GLENTURK NOTORIOUS, 3800gns to Wilson, Bankhead, Clatt.

Lot 111 – AUCHORACHAN NASHVILLE, 4800gns to Genoch Mains, Dunragit.

Lot 113 – ROCKYTOP NOD, 5200gns to Currie, Bogside, Carluke.

Lot 114 – AUCHORACHAN NIGHTRIDER, 5000gns to Thomson, East Massater, Orkney.

Lot 117 – WOODHALL NORTHSTAR, 6000gns to Penny, Cranshaws, Duns.

Lot 118 – SALTIRE NEVIS, 5000gns to Hamilton, Aikengall, Innerwick.

Lot 119 – KILBRIDE FARM NEBULUS, 13,000gns to Delfur Farms, Dundurcas, Rothes.

Lot 122 – CORSKIE NITRATE, 12,000gns to Clark & Sons, Abbey Farm, Madderty.

Lot 126 – ISLAVALE NORTON, 8000gns to Barron, Findowrie, Brechin.

Lot 127 – ROCKYTOP NINJA, 5500gns to Dickie, Spango, Sanquhar.

Lot 128 – AUCHORACHAN NEUTRON, 5200gns to Niven & Son, Gloagburn, Tibbermore.

Lot 130 – LISGLASS NUGGET, 6000gns to Elliot, Lordsview, Tadcaster.

Lot 131 – BRAEGARRIE NAVIGATOR, 5800gns to Sloan & Son, Woodend, Beattock.

Lot 132 – CORSKIE NERVE, 8000gns to Bruce, Tillyeve, Udny.

Lot 134 – KILBRIDE FARM NEPTUNE, 4800gns to Young & Son, High Townhead, Auldgirth.

Lot 135 – CORSKIE NEWRY, 12,000gns to Goldie, Newbie Mains, Annan.

Lot 136 – CORSKIE NICKEL, 7000gns to Arnott, Butterdean, Duns.

Lot 137 – CORSKIE NORTH, 7000gns to Scrainwood Estate, Alnwick.

Lot 139 – DELLFIELD NORMAN, 4500gns to Ben Challum Ltd, Woodburn, Crieff.

Lot 143 – KENNOX NERO, 5200gns to Wood, Garson, Orkney.

Lot 147 – ISLAVALE NOVAK, 10,000gns to Gray, Balquharrage, Lennoxtown.

Lot 148 – KILBRIDE FARM NECROMANCER, 3200gns to Gillesbie Farms, Locherbie.

Lot 151 – ISLAVALE NASH, 7500gns to McNee, Over Finlarg, Tealing.

Lot 153 – ISLAVALE NICOLAS, 4500gns to Harper, Broadsea, Inverurie.

Lot 154 – CORSKIE NUMPTY, 7800gns to Genoch Mains, Dunragit.

Lot 155 – WOLFSTAR NASA, 14,000gns to Pitgaveny, Elgin.

Lot 156 – ISLAVALE NAVARA, 6000gns to K Atkin, The Grange, Barrow on Trent.

Lot 159 – CORSKIE NUNCHUCK, 6000gns to Glenkiln Farms, Bettyknowes.

Lot 161 – BRAEGARRIE NIGHTRIDER, 8000gns to Barrowman, Mid Knockglass, Stranraer.

Lot 162 – ISLAVALE NAVIGATOR, 6000gns to Hamilton, Aikengall, Innerwick.

Lot 164 – ISLAVALE NUTCRACKER, 6500gns to Munro, Wellhouse, Beauly.

To view the full selection of images taken, head to our Photo Sales gallery.

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