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Charolais – Stirling – Feb ’24

The Charolais breed was in demand at Stirling, with 107 bulls selling to a top of 22,000gns and averaging £8470, an increase of £436 on the year with an 80% clearance. Heifers from the Barclays’ Harestone herd peaked at 20,000gns, with the 33 lots levelling out at £7570.

Below are pictures of the top priced lots, followed by a list of bulls sold and buyers. To view the full selection of images taken, head to our Photo Sales gallery.

Harestone Tyrone topped the sale at 22,000gns, selling to Oakchurch and Trefaldwyn

Ricnick Tyson made 18,000gns to Kersknowe

Hollywell T20 sold for 16,000gns to W Millar, Hunting Faulds, Tealing

Pre-Sale champion Solwayfirth Tierney, sold for 15,000gns to HR & C Dalrymple, Kings Arms, Crailloch

Carwood Trojan sold for 15,000gns to to Messrs Wordie, Cairnborrow, Glass, Huntly

Glenericht Tavernier sold for 15,000gns to D Bryce & Son, Formal Farm, Kilry

Wensleydale Tomahawk made 15,000gns, selling to Auchorachan

Marwood Trigger sold for 13,000gns to DT Richards & Son, Lletty Brongu, Mid Glamorgan

Another from Glenericht, Topper made 13,000gns to P Cooper & Son, Govals Farm, Kincaldrum

Inverlochy Thunder also sold for 13,000gns, he went to Greystoke Castle Farms, Penrith

Goldies Titan made 13,000gns to Messrs Morrison, Lochboisdale

Another selling at 13,000gns, Elrick Trident went to Ross Farms, Wester Middleton, Gorebridge

Haughhead Tam made 12,000gns, selling to J Warnock & Sons, Dreva, Broughton

Harestone Technip sold for 12,000gns to Andrew Clark, Teiglum & Andrew Provan, Parkhall, Douglas

Harestone Thedalg was 11,000gns to Cox Bros, Great Longstone, Bakewell

Goldies Titus also sold for 11,000gns, he went to Shanry Farm, Rait

Glenericht Tester made 11,000gns, selling to R Stevenson, BackakelDay, Orkney

Thrunton Titanium also made 11,000gns, he sold to P & M Watson, Darnford, Durris

Another from the Glenericht pen at 11,000gns was Tomahawk, who sold to AH Fisher, Merrick, Portpatrick

Goldies Tiptop was 11,000gns to Sibmister & Stainland, Thurso

Marwood Tinker also sold for 11,000gns, he went to C Smith, Broomhill, Dunecht

Newlogie Tomahawk sold for 10,5000gns to CM Hanson, Fields Place, Hereford

Another from Newlogie, Topprize made 10,000gns to Hyslop Farms, Kilbrook House, Whamphray

Goldies Target made 10,000gns to L & D Hair, Drumbreddan, Ardwell

Ballinlare Tycoon sold for 10,000gns to Balmyle

Elrick Torpedo also sold for 10,000gns, he went to Maesquoy Farms, Harray, Orkney

Harestone Spice made 20,000gns to John Tuohy

Harestone Singsong sold for 14,000gns to Sportsmans

Harestone Sophia sold for 11,000gns to C Ferris, County Down

Harestone Symphony also sold for 11,000gns, she went to D MacPherson, Hexel

Harestone Sybil made 10,000gns to Denizes

Charolais bulls sold:

Lot 261 – GLENERICHT SUPERB, 10,000gns to Millar, Kinnaniel, Kingoldrum.

Lot 262 – MAERDY SPARTACUS, 3800gns to Shield, Ox Close Farms, Willington.

Lot 263 – MAERDY SPEARMINT, 4000gns to Shield, Ox Close Farms, Willington.

Lot 264 – SOLWAYFIRTH TALISMAN, 4500gns to Angus, Barrogill Mains, Mey.

Lot 267 – HAUGHHEAD TOMMY, 4500gns to Shield, Ox Close Farms, Willington.

Lot 268 – RUTHERSTON TABASCO, 5000gns to Hyslop Farms, Kilbrook House, Wamphray.

Lot 270 – HAUGHHEAD THEO, 6000gns to Roddan, Longbeoch, Shawhead.

Lot 272 – FIRHILLS TORO, 8500gns to Mitchell, Ardtornish, St Andrews.

Lot 273 – ALLANFAULD TOMBOLA, 3000gns to Lawson, Whitehall, Colliston.

Lot 274 – HAUGHHEAD TAM, 12,000gns to Warnock & Sons, Dreva, Broughton.

Lot 275 – HAUGHHEAD TATE, 6000gns to Armstrong, Dunsyre Mains, Carnwath.

Lot 276 – FIRHILLS TOMMY, 9000gns to Mountquhanie Farms, Cupar.

Lot 277 – FIRHILLS TYSON, 7000gns to Elsick Estate, Mains of Newhall, Stonehaven.

Lot 278 – NEWLOGIE TOPPRIZE, 10,000gns to Hyslop Farms, Kilbrook House, Whamphray.

Lot 279 – FALLENINCH TOBIAS, 4000gns to Coghill, Muce, Orkney.

Lot 281 – THRUNTON TRADEMARK, 8000gns to Davies and Sons, Park Farm, Powys.

Lot 283 – KINCLUNE TRUEMAN, 9000gns to Thomson, Wester Tulloch, Midmar.

Lot 284 – MIDSHIELD TACO, 7500gns to Allardyce, East Town, Tarland.

Lot 286 – MARWOOD TINKER, 11,000gns to Smith, Broomhill, Dunecht.

Lot 287 – MARWOOD TEXAS, 5500gns to Coghill, Muce, Orkney.

Lot 288 – THRUNTON TORONTO, 7500gns to MacRae, Point Farm, Tighnabruaich.

Lot 289 – BALTHAYOCK THANE, 9000gns to Mackay & Sons, Grenvale, Dunnet.

Lot 290 – ALLANFAULD TAMDHU, 7000gns to Young, Girvan Mains, Girvan.

Lot 291 – BALTHAYOCK TORQUIL, 9000gns to Smith, Low Arkland, Kelton.

Lot 292 – SOLWAYFIRTH TOPGUN, 9000gns to Lawrence, Blackpots, Auchnagatt.

Lot 293 – THRUNTON TURBO, 8000gns to Mackie, Goodockhill, Newhouse.

Lot 294 – SOLWAYFIRTH TOMCAT, 4500gns to Bertram & Son, Mid Hartwood, West Calder.

Lot 296 – GLENERICHT TAVERNIER, 15,000gns to Bryce & Son, Formal Farm, Kilry.

Lot 298 – LOCHEND TOMAHAWK, 5200gns to Ramsay & Sons, Milnmark, Dalry.

Lot 299 – THRUNTON TRITON, 8000gns to Rednock Estate, Port of Menteith.

Lot 301 – MIDLOCK TIKTOK, 4500gns to Tormitchell Farms, Girvan.

Lot 302 – GLENERICHT TESTER, 11,000gns to Stevenson, BackakelDay, Orkney.

Lot 303 – BALTHAYOCK TEMERAIRE, 4200gns to Cleasby, Lower Hawthwaite, Cumbria.

Lot 304 – GLENERICHT TUDOR, 8000gns to Rhodes, Holme House, York.

Lot 305 – MARWOOD TORNADO, 8000gns to Coghill, Muce, Orkney.

Lot 306 – BARNSFORD TRIUMPH, 9000gns to Paton, Easter Greenhill, Avonbridge.

Lot 307 – THRUNTON TOYOTA, 5500gns to Campbell, Drynoch House, Skye.

Lot 310 – MARWOOD TRIGGER, 13,000gns to Richards & Son, Lletty Brongu, Mid Glamorgan.

Lot 311 – MCCORNICK TAURUS, 4000gns to Muir, Upper Onston, Orkney.

Lot 313 – MARWOOD TORPEDO, 5000gns to Powell & Son, Guddr, Crickhowell.

Lot 314 – MCCORNICK TITAN, 6000gns to McIntyre, Auchentirrie, Rothesay.

Lot 315 – SOLWAYFIRTH TIERNEY, 15,000gns to Dalrymple, Kings Arms, Crailloch.

Lot 316 – SOLWAYFIRTH TROJAN, 6000gns to Malcolm & Son, Wester Coilechat, Callander.

Lot 317 – BALTHAYOCK TARTAR, 7000gns to Mackay & Sons, Greenvale, Dunnet.

Lot 320 – INVERDEN TOPBOY, 5000gns to Malcolm & Son, Wester Coilechat, Callander.

Lot 322 – BALTHAYOCK TYCOON, 5000gns to Menzies, Lochelbank, Glenfarg.

Lot 323 – ELGIN TIREE, 9000gns to Muir, Upper Onston, Orkney.

Lot 324 – MARWOOD TRAVIS, 9000gns to Duncan, Lands of Drumhead & Blair, Balfron.

Lot 325 – STRANAGONE TOPDOG, 10,500gns to Coghill, Muce, Orkney.

Lot 326 – CARWOOD TROJAN, 15,000gns to Wordie, Cairnborrow, Glass, Huntly.

Lot 328 – KINCLUNE TERRY, 4500gns to Greenwood, Ewe Cote Farm, Moor Monkton, York.

Lot 330 – BURRADON TEARAWAY, 4000gns to Stanger, South Seatter, Orkney.

Lot 331 – CARWOOD TINTO, 7500gns to Kennedy, Edinbeg, Bute.

Lot 332 – NEWLOGIE TOMAHAWK, 10,500gns to Hanson, Fields Place, Hereford.

Lot 334 – CARWOOD TRIDENT, 6500gns to Milne, North Bethelnie, Old Meldrum.

Lot 336 – LOGANBAR TORPEDO, 8000gns to Steele, Wicker Inn, Banchory.

Lot 337 – BALTHAYOCK TORNADO, 4500gns to Blain Farming, Kirknewton.

Lot 339 – GOLDIES TERRIFIC, 8500gns to Elsick Estate, Mains of Newhall.

Lot 340 – GOLDIES TOPIC, 7500gns to Dalrymple-Hamilton, Bargany Farms, Girvan.

Lot 342 – GLENERICHT TRUEMAN, 6200gns to Adams, Half Mark, Leswalt.

Lot 343 – KERSKNOWE TARZAN, 9000gns to Scalpsie Ltd, Bute.

Lot 344 – KERSKNOWE THISTLE, 8000gns to McCombie, Auchincrieve, Rothiemay.

Lot 345 – LYLES TOPGUN, 5000gns to Russell, Whitehill, Howwood.

Lot 347 – GLENERICHT TOPPER, 13,000gns to Cooper & Son, Govals Farm, Kincaldrum.

Lot 348 – GOLDIES TOSH, 4000gns to Blain Farming, Kirknewton.

Lot 350 – THRUNTON TOMAHAWK, 9000gns to Millar, Prieston, Tealing.

Lot 351 – FORGLEN TROJAN, 3800gns to Stanger, South Seatter, Orkney.

Lot 352 – ELGIN TOMAHAWK, 8500gns to Mackie & Son, Milton of Noth, Huntly.

Lot 354 – TWEEDDALE TOMAHAWK, 9500gns to Falconer, Pollowick, Cromdale.

Lot 355 – TWEEDDALE TROJAN, 4200gns to Davidson, Kincraig, Invergordon.

Lot 357 – WENSLEYDALE TOMAHAWK, 15,000gns to Durno & Sons, Auchorachan, Glenlivet.

Lot 358 – THRUNTON TIGER, 7000gns to Abberley, Cerrigroes, Llandrindod.

Lot 360 – HOLLYWELL THOR, 3200gns to Utility Support, Stoke on Trent.

Lot 363 – BURRADON TRANSFORMER, 4500gns to Malcolm & Son, Wester Coilechat, Callander.

Lot 364 – GOLDIES TOBY, 8000gns to GH Farms Ltd, Grange Hill Farm, Bishop Auckland.

Lot 365 – GOLDIES TARGET, 10,000gns to Hair, Drumbreddan, Ardwell.

Lot 366 – INVERLOCHY THUNDER, 13,000gns to Greystoke Castle Farms, Penrith.

Lot 367 – BALTHAYOCK TRIBUNE, 6500gns to Glenkiln Farms, Bettyknowes.

Lot 368 – GOLDIES TITAN, 13,000gns to Morrison, Lochboisdale.

Lot 369 – TWEEDDALE TIMBER, 4000gns to Little, East Bracklinn, Callander.

Lot 370 – THRUNTON TOBAGO, 5500gns to Milne, North Bethelnie, Old Meldrum.

Lot 371 – BALTHAYOCK TED, 4000gns to Beoch Farmers, Stranraer.

Lot 375 – TWEEDDALE TARGET, 8000gns to Walker & Sons, Darnhall, Eddleston.

Lot 376 – BURRADON TWEEDLDUM, 6000gns to Adamski, Finkle House, Lealholm.

Lot 378 – RICNICK TYSON, 18,000gns to Jeffrey, Kersknowe, Kelso.

Lot 380 – TWEEDDALE TROY, 3500gns to Mitchell, Offers, Gargunnock.

Lot 381 – GOLDIES TITUS, 11,000gns to Shanry Farm, Rait.

Lot 382 – TWEEDDALE TOKYO, 3500gns to Dick & Son, Hamildean, Peebles.

Lot 383 – BALLINLARE TYCOON, 10,000gns to Bruce, Balmyle, Meigle.

Lot 384 – THRUNTON TIBERIUS, 4800gns to Falshaw, Nabbs Farm, Walmersley.

Lot 386 – THRUNTON TITANIUM, 11,000gns to Watson, Darnford, Durris.

Lot 389 – HOLLYWELL T20, 16,000gns to Millar, Hunting Faulds, Tealing.

Lot 390 – MAERDY THOMAS, 6000gns to MacGillivray, Torgormack, Kirkhill.

Lot 392 – GOLDIES TALENTED, 7500gns to Austin, Boreland of Girthon, Gatehouse of Fleet.

Lot 393 – KERSKNOWE TROOPER, 5000gns to Haddo House Estate, Tarves.

Lot 395 – BURRADON TAILOR, 10,000gns to Fisher, Merrick, Portpatrick.

Lot 397 – GLENERICHT THUNDERBOLT, 5000gns to Nancekivell & Son, Pinkhill, Merton.

Lot 399 – ELRICK TORPEDO, 10,000gns to Maesquoy Farms, Harray, Orkney.

Lot 401 – GRETNAHOUSE THOR, 3500gns to Walton, Flotterton, Thropton.

Lot 403 – ELRICK TRIDENT, 13,000gns to Ross Farms, Wester Middleton, Gorebridge.

Lot 404 – GLENERICHT TOMAHAWK, 11,000gns to Fisher, Merrick, Portpatrick.

Lot 406 – GOLDIES TOPSTAR, 5000gns to Glenkiln Farms, Bettyknowes, Crocketford.

Lot 407 – BOMBAX TARZAN, 8000gns to Forbes & Son, Lochdhu Farms, Nairn.

Lot 408 – GLENERICHT TITUS, 8000gns to Paterson, Golland, Kinross.

Lot 409 – GOLDIES TRIUMPH, 5000gns to Sutherland, Sibmister & Stainland.

Lot 413 – ELGIN TITAN, 6000gns to Guild, Ashmark, New Cumnock.

Lot 414 – ELRICK TOPLINE, 8000gns to Firth & Partners, Langskaill, Orkney.

Lot 418 – GLENERICHT TRADEMARK, 5000gns to Walker, Drumbuie, Stranraer.

Lot 419 – ELGIN TUCKER, 8000gns to Callum, Ashlea, Milton of Culloden.

Lot 420 – HARESTONE TEUCHTER, 8500gns to Smellie & Partner, Posso, Kirkton Manor.

Lot 421 – HARESTONE THEDALG, 11,000gns to Cox Bros, Great Longstone, Bakewell.

Lot 422 – GOLDIES TIPTOP, 11,000gns to Sutherland, Sibmister & Stainland, Thurso.

Lot 427 – HARESTONE TYRONE, 22,000gns to Oakchurch and Trefaldwyn.

Lot 431 – HARESTONE TECHNIP, 12,000gns to Clark, Blackhill, Crossford & Provan, Parkhall, Douglas.

To view the full selection of images taken, head to our Photo Sales gallery.


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