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Limousin Females For Sale

Borderway Mart is the place to be for Limousin fans, on 4th July. A sale of pedigree Limousin females will include quality consignments from the Whinfellpark, Grahams and Wilodge herds.

Below is a preview of just some of the lots on offer – click on the animal’s name to view its pedigree. For more information, see the catalogue.


Nick Scholefield (07979 757282) Whinfellpark website

p-2388 whinfellpark heif

Whinfellpark yearling heifers


Fabio-sired yearling heifers – a pick of one will be for sale (lot 17)


World record price bull Dolcorsllwyn Fabio – a pick of one of his daughters will be offered for sale

p-2441 Whinfellpark 2yr

Whinfellpark two-year-old heifers


Senior herd sire, Froufrou (lot 46)


Robert Graham (07977 499231) – Steve Jones (07823 889265) or Alastair wylie (07990 514141) Grahams website

p Saunders Emily 4623

Saunders Emily (lot 1) and her Goldies Forever Black-sired heifer calf

p Greenwell Eden 4655

Greenwell Eden (lot 2) and her black heifer calf at foot

p Grahams Donna 4614

Grahams Donna (lot 3) and her black heifer calf at foot

p Saunders Dusty 4670

Saunders Dusty (lot 4) and her black heifer calf at foot

p Grahams Hazel 4786

Grahams Hazel (lot 5)

p Grahams Holly 5512

Grahams Holly (lot 10)

p Grahams Ivy 5539

Grahams Ivy (lot 11)

p Red Heifer Group 4712

Red heifer group

p Black Heifer Group 4977

Black heifer group


Christine Williams (07885 827294) Wilodge website

p Crystal Ingot 5777

Wilodge Crystal (lot 47) and Wilodge Ingot (lot 47a)

p Ifive 5981

Wilodge Ifive (lot 48a)

p Carem Inspector 5851

Wilodge Caream (lot 49) and Wilodge Inspector (lot 49a)

p Erotic Intimate 5805

Wilodge Erotic (lot 50) and Wilodge Intimate (lot 50a)

p Eyewitness Iwitness 5683

Wilodge Eyewitness (lot 51) and Wilodge Iwitness (lot 51a)

p Fusion Infusion 5828

Wilodge Fusion (lot 52) and Wilodge Infusion (lot 52a)

p Erona Iona 5794

Wilodge Erona (lot 53) and Wilodge Iona (lot 53a)

p Eyecandy Icandy 5909

Wilodge Eyecandy (lot 55) and Wilodge Icandy (lot 55a)

p Aravanelle Jarelle 5667

Wilodge Aravenelle (lot 56) and Wilodge Jarelle (lot 56a)

p Coblahdi Jeeves 5723

Wilodge Coblahdi (lot 57) and Wilodge Jeeves (lot 57a)



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