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Limousin Judge - Gary Oag

Stirling Bull Sales – Limousin

A total of 70 Limousin bulls averaged out at £5247 at the Stirling sale, selling to a top of 12,500gns for the senior champion, Elrick Handsome, while females peaked at 2500gns.

Lot 352 Elrick Handsome, sold for 12,500gns

Lot 352, Elrick Handsome – 12,500gns
Sold to WF Cruickshank and Sons, Clury, Grantown on Spey

Lot 417, Newhouse Hartley, 12,000gns

Lot 417, Newhouse Hartley – 12,000gns
Sold to R McNee, Over Finlarg, Dundee

Lot 399, Allanfauld Highland Park, sold for 10,000gns

Lot 399, Allanfauld Highland Park – 10,000gns
Sold to B Baillie, Orkney

Lot 337, Dyke Highlander, sold for 8500gns

Lot 337, Dyke Highlander – 8500gns
Sold to Hartside Farms

Lot 419, Lodge Highlander, sold for 7200gns

Lot 419, Lodge Highlander – 7200gns
Sold to G Yarr, Witton Farm House, Brechin

Lot 348, Spittalton Harrier, sold for 7000gns

Lot 348, Spittalton Harrier – 7000gns
Sold to JP Clark, Kinnahaird, Strathpeffer

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Lot 335 – Burnbank Higgins, 4000gns to Rendall Bros, Braefoot, Orkney

Lot 337 – Dyke Highlander, 8500gns to Hartside Farms, Lanarkshire

Lot 338 – Dyke Harry, 3800gns to T Leslie, Quoymorhouse, Orkney

Lot 342 – Kype Hurricane, 6500gns to RE Greaves and Son, Castlehill Farm, Wheatley

Lot 344 – Shannas Havana, 6000gns to GD Macdonald and Son, Meadows Of Ballied, Blairgowrie

Lot 345 – Dyke Humbug, 5000gns to J Kay and Sons, Hartside, Berwickshire

Lot 346 – Homebyres Harold, 5500gns to H Mackay, Wester Tomloan, Nairn

Lot 347 – Ronick Hydro, 4800gns to GT and S Coghill, Orkney

Lot 348 – Spittalton Harrier, 7000gns to JP Clark, Kinnahaird, Ross-Shire

Lot 352 – Elrick Handsome, 12,500gns to WF Cruickshank  Sons, Clury, Grantown On-Spey

Lot 353 – Lingland Harvey, 2700gns to J Smith and Son, Kilmaurs Mains, Kilmarnock

Lot 354 – Overton Hibiscus, 3800gns to R and A Stodart, Mill Of Inverarity, Forfar

Lot 355 – Haltcliffe Harpoon, 3800gns to A Kennedy and Son, Tom Of Cluny, Aberfeldy

Lot 356 – Shannas Hayden, 5000gns to Mindrum Farming Company, Northumberland

Lot 357 – Spittalton Harris, 3000gns to RM Reid and Son, Glen Farm, Falkirk

Lot 359 – Haltcliffe Hitman, 7000gns to A Cruickshank, Coleburn, Elgin

Lot 363 – Westhall Handyman, 3000gns to IA Torrance, Starchmill, Isle Of Islay

Lot 364 – Maraiscote Horatio, 4000gns to Luss Estate Company, Alexandria

Lot 365 – Maraiscote Humbug, 5000gns to J and J Strain, North Garphar, Girvan

Lot 366 – Lingland Hawk, 2000gns to WSL Muir, Orkney

Lot 367 – Lingland Hornby, 2000gns to McDiarmid Bros, Benlawers Farm, Aberfeldy

Lot 368 – Lauder Hilux, 7200gns to Lochty Farm Ltd, Anstruther

Lot 369 – Maraiscote Hamlet, 5500gns to AR Mathers and Son, Wardes, Inverurie

Lot 371 – Brims Hudsen, 4500gns to W and N Paterson, Hatton Of Cargill, Meikleour

Lot 373 – Allanfauld Hongkong, 4500gns to IJ Stewart, Lower Whitebog, Ross-Shire

Lot 374 – Burnbank Hickory, 5000gns to J and J Hutchinson, Dyke Farm, Renfrewshire

Lot 376 – Anside Harry, 8500gns to R Byas, Middledale, East Yorkshire

Lot 377 – Anside Highflyer,  5000gns to JH Ireland, Feoch, Ayrshire

Lot 380 – Spittalton Hyper, 6500gns to H Mackay, Wester Tomloan, Nairn

Lot 381 – Maraiscote Hansel, 4500gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud, Inverness

Lot 382 – Spittalton Holden, 4800gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud, Inverness

Lot 385 – Maraiscote Houston, 4000gns to J and R Semple, Netherton, Ayr

Lot 386 – Brims Hacker, 4200gns to Ellary Farms Ltd, Lochgilphead

Lot 388 – Normande Hugo, 3000gns to J and H Grieve, Crofthead Farm, Crieff

Lot 389 – Spittalton Harley, 6800gns to MW Sloan, Daljedburgh, Girvan

Lot 390 – Anside Hancock, 7200gns to J Lyon, Little Kilchattan, Isle Of Bute

Lot 391 – Emslies Hadfodlas, 4000gns to R Finnie, Bush, Ballater

Lot 392 – Tweeddale Harrier, 5200gns to JM Strother and Son, Fowberry Moor, Northumberland

Lot 393 – Shaws Hollister, 4200gns to Osborne Farms, Main Of Balmadies, c/o Bell Ingram, Forfar

Lot 394 – Ronick Hiphop, 5000gns to RA Cadzow, Inland Pasture, Berwick On Tweed

Lot 395 – Walkers Hallmarksman, 3600gns to J&J Lawrie, Upperwhitestones, Dunblane

Lot 397 – Spittalton Hummer, 6500gns to Glasgow University, Clydebank

Lot 398 – Walkers Hermes, 3800gns to D and J Smith, Fallaw Farm, Angus

Lot 399 – Allanfauld Highland Park, 10,000gns to B Baillie, Orkney

Lot 400 – Allanfauld Herald, 4000gns to RI Famelton, Newbiggin Farm, Morpeth

Lot 401 – Tweeddale Harley, 3000gns to Macdonald, Croftlands, Argyll

Lot 403 – Tweeddale Hector, 3000gns to AR and E Edmonstone, Hawkswell, Ulverston

Lot 404 – Newhouse Black Harvey, 3500gns to D and V Lyell, Auchleish, Forfar

Lot 405 – Walkers Huntsville, 4800gns to W and P Urquhart, Headrooms Farm, Fraserburgh

Lot 407 – Tweeddale Heineken, 2800gns to WSL Muir, Orkney

Lot 408 – Glenturk Hustler, 5200gns to WT Hendry and Son, Back O Muir, Stirling

Lot 411 – Newhouse Hamish, 4500gns to GT and S Coghill, Orkney

Lot 412 – Ballinloan Hector, 3200gns to B Miskelly, Boulintogle, Caithness

Lot 413 – Ballinloan Hadrian, 3000gns to G Nairn, Fersit, Inverness-Shire

Lot 414 – Burnbank Houston, 3000gns to T Meiklem and Sons, Lochran Farm, Kelty

Lot 415 –  Ballinloan Harley, 3400gns to Dykes Farm, Auchinleck, Ayrshire

Lot 417 –  Newhouse Hartley, 12,000gns to R McNee, Over Finlarg, Dundee

Lot 419 – Lodge Highlander, 7200gns to G Yarr, Witton Farmhouse, Brechin

Lot 420 – Newhouse Black Humbug,  3800gns to Ardnamurchan Estates, Argyll

Lot 422 – Newhouse Black Hocco, 4500gns to JS Fleming, Castle Sinniness, Newton Stewart

Lot 423 – Newhouse Black Hoodlum, 4800gns to Huntlyhill Farms, Lanark

Lot 425 – Grahams Harris, 5500gns to Manby Farms Ltd, Grimsby, Lincs

Lot 426 – Newhouse Black Hercules, 3800gns to K and B Lang, Starr Farm, Cupar

Lot 427 – Ronick Hitec, 4200gns to JM Ingleby, Malling Farm, c/o Mcfarlane Gray, Stirling

Lot 428 – Ronick Hiho, 4000gns to R Simpson and Son, Mains Of Creuchies, Alyth

Lot 430 – Grahams Henry, 3500gns to A Moore, Drummond, Dingwall

Lot 433 – Westhall Black Happyharry, 5800gns to A Paton and Co, Craig Farm, Ayrshire

Lot 435 – Redpaths Henry, 6000gns to MG Reid, Gyratesmyre, Fordoun, Aberdeenshire

Lot 436 – Newhouse Hopscotch, 6400gns to J Mackay, Home Farm, Aberlour

Lot 438 – Ythanvale Huntly, 4800gns to JC Innes, Dunscroft, Huntly

Lot 440 – Goldies Harvester, 4800gns to JH Sloan and Son, Dormieston, Ayrshire

Lot 442 – Ronick Highflyer, 2500gns to Ardnamurchan Estates, Argyll

Lot 443 – Decourcy Hagan, 4000gns to T and M Sinclair, Reaster, Caithness

Lot 444 – Lauder Hamish, 3000gns to RJ McIntosh, Tarryblake, Huntly

Lot 445 – Goldies Heritage, 2800gns to R Warnock, High Bent Farm, Strathaven


Lot 447 – Normande Goya, 2500gns to M Cruickshank, Cowford, Lanark

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