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Aberdeen Angus Judge - Ian Campbell

Stirling Bull Sales – Aberdeen-Angus

Averages rose by £925 on the year at the sale of Aberdeen-Angus bulls at Stirling, where 82 bulls peaked at 18,000gns and averaged out at £6107. The 18 females levelled out at £3435 and sold to a top of 8500gns.

Lot 209 Haymount Precursor - 18,000gns to AG Houston, Gretnahouse

Lot 209, Haymount Precursor – 18,000gns
Sold to AG Houston, Gretnahouse

Lot 104 Wedderlie Ebsolution sold for 17,000gns to DES Donegan, Galway

Lot 104, Wedderlie Ebsolution – 17,000gns
Sold to DES Donegan, Galway

Lot 149 Hallington Edition sold for 17,000gns to A Hodge, Rulesmains

Lot 149, Hallington Edition – 17,000gns
Sold to A Hodge, Rulesmains

Lot 103 Balmachie Black Bard

Lot 103, Balmachie Black Bard M135 – 15,000gns
Sold to AR Grieve, Carlhurlie

Lot 191 Belhaven Perthshire, sold for 15,000gns to WS Robson & Co, Yatesfield

Lot 191, Belhaven Perthshire – 15,000gns
Sold to WS Robson and Co, Yatesfield

 Lot 223 Haymount Walarlo, sold for 14,000gns to K&M Howie, Cairnton

Lot 223, Haymount Walarlo – 14,000gns
Sold to K and M Howie, Cairnton

Lot 155 Tonley Essex, sold for 13,000gns to M&S Wilson, Newbank

Lot 155, Tonley Essex – 13,000gns
Sold to M and S Wilson, Newbank

Lot 97 Inkstack Ely, sold for 12,000gns to FJ Fraser & Son, Idvies

Lot 97, Inkstack Ely – 12,000gns
Sold to FJ Fraser and Son, Idvies

Lot 107 Wedderlie Eboman, sold for 11,000gns to G&J Archiebald, Craigens

Lot 107, Wedderlie Eboman – 11,000gns
Sold to G and J Archiebald, Craigens

Lot 212 Hallington Justice Eric, sold for 10,000gns to ESH Harcus Ltd, Orkney

Lot 212, Hallington Justice Eric – 10,000gns
Sold to ESH Harcus Ltd, Orkney

Lot 4 Tonley Elma M850, sold for 8500gns to H Emslie & L Evans, Kinknockie

Lot 4, Tonley Elma M850 – 8500gns
Sold to Emslies Livestock, Kinknockie

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Lot 88 –   Idvies Euris L534, 3000gns to BJC Smalley and Co, West Kyloe, Berwick On Tweed

Lot 94 – Idvies Paramount M540, 1900gns to E Mitchell, Kinpurney,Blairgowrie

Lot 95 – Tonley Ronaldo M831, 3000gns to T W Telford and Son, Pasture Hill, Northumberland

Lot 97 – Inkstack Ely M501, 12,000gns to F J Fraser and Sons, Idvies Farms

Lot 98 – Logie Justifier M222, 3000gns to Longford Farms Ltd, Salisbury

Lot 100 – Duncanziemere Jockey M006, 6000gns to A King, Wolfstar, East Lothian

Lot 101 – Idvies Jasin Eric M544, 2800gns JC Marshall, The Ferme, Strathaven

Lot 102 – Inkstack Puma M507, 3000gns WS Agnew, Balwherrie, Stranraer

Lot 103 – Balmachie Black Bard M135, 15,000gns to AR Grieve, Carlhurlie

Lot 104 – Wedderlie Ebsolution M570, 17,000gns to DES Donegan, Galway

Lot 105 – Chapelton Evoque M048, 2800gns to C Macdonald, Wester Achvochkie, Advie

Lot 106 – Ballathie Emblem M702, 9000gns to D and FM Luxton & Partners, North Alfordon,Devon

Lot 107 – Wedderlie Eboman M575, 11,000gns to G and& J Archibald, Craigens, Islay

Lot 108 – Glassel Jason Eric M909, 5200gns to DES Donegan, Galway

Lot 110 – Cheeklaw Justin Eric M419, 4200gns to D Bailey, White Walls,Wilts

Lot 112 – Rawburn Landmark M450, 6000gns to DT and C Mycock, Ellemford, Rigfoot Farm, Duns

Lot 114 – Cairnton Electorate M336, 5000gns to GT and S Coghill, Orkney

Lot 118 – Drumdow Powerplus M871, 4500gns to WSL Muir, Orkney

Lot 121 – Blelack  Black Diamond M852, 3500gns to JS Shaw, West Lethans, Dunfermline

Lot 123 – Tonley Kalou M839, 3000gns to V Wallace, Garvagh, Co Londonderry

Lot 124 – Glassel Duke M914, 4200gns to Longford Farms, Salisbury

Lot 125 – Auchengray Papadopolous M948, 9000gns to AR Mackenzie, Heathmount, Tain

Lot 126 – Logie Direction M256, 4000gns to AH Kerr, Scarrabus Farm, Isle Of Islay

Lot 127- Blelack Black Blizard M865, 4500gns to Harehope Farms Ltd, Northumberland

Lot 128 – Blelack Bulldog M873, 4500gns to P Booth, Killone, Co Laons

Lot 129 – Cherrybank Panache M441, 3000gns to T Roulston,Bready, Strabane

Lot 130 – Cherrybank Edward M442, 2800gns to T Roulston, Bready, Strabane

Lot 132 – Loganbar Drop Goal M784, 2500gns to J Mcwhirter, Wolfcrooks Farm, Lanark

Lot 134 – Logie Justootaellon Eric M260, 4000gns to RC Turnbull and Son, Foxfoot Hay Farm, Coxwold

Lot 135 – Haymount Gileiger M219, 4000gns to Scottish Government, Bull Stud, Knocknagael

Lot 138 – Ballathie Master Byron M763, 5500gns to GWB Fullerton & Sons, Cockburn, Duns

Lot 141 – Liley Jock M024, 5800gns to Longford Farms, Salisbury

Lot 142 – Morven Kilo Master M896, 7500gns to CR Graham and Sons, Carruthers Farm, Lockerbie

Lot 144 – Blelack Buckfast M894, 6500gns to W Gunn, Murza, Wick

Lot 145A – Lochdu Extra M576, 2400gns to J Kennedy and Son, Groughfoot Farm, Linlithgow

Lot 146 – Idvies Polaris M553, 2000gns to T Gillespie, Graplin Farms, Borgue

Lot 147 – Eastfield Jedi M382, 4200gns to P Sutherland, Framhill Farm, Morpeth

Lot 148 – Eastfield Eli M383, 3800gns to Fairfield Farms, per JC Neil, Balneil, Fife

Lot 149 – Hallington Edition M362, 17,000gns to A Hodge, Rulesmains Farm, Duns

Lot 150 – Blelack Jubilant Eric M908, 8500gns to Rockside Farms, Isle Of Islay

Lot 152 – Logie Reputation M269, 6000gns to B and J Menzies, Baledmund, Ballenluig

Lot 153 – Belhaven Range Rider M051, 3800gns to R and R Stevenson, Muirside Of Kinneddar, Dunfermline

Lot 154 – Belhaven Rocks M053, 2500gns to JR and A Duffin, Cottage Farm, Lincs

Lot 155 – Tonley Essex M855, 13,000gns to M and S Wilson, New Bank, Dumfries

Lot 156 – Threeburnford Boris M497, 3000gns to Colin Lowrie and Partners, Blegbie, Humbie

Lot 158 – Eastfield Jed M396, 7000gns to S and J Fisher, Bush Of Ewes, Dumfries

Lot 159 – Idvies Eugene M556, 4200gns to R Mitchell and Sons, Whitriggs, Hawick

Lot 161 – Tonley Jose Eric M859, 4000gns to AH Kerr, Scarrubus Farm, Isle Of Islay

Lot 163 – Haymount Gomeiger M232, 4000gns to Longford Farms, Salisbury

Lot 164 – Glenbuchat Elliot M334, 7000gns to WM Barnetson and Sons, Lynegar , Caithness

Lot 165 – Haymount Gallagher M236, 5200gns to Longford Farms Ltd, Salisbury

Lot 166 – Cheeklaw Pierre M437, 3800gns to ACM Nicolson, Meikle Camoquhill, Balfron

Lot 167 – Threeburnford Nimrod M502, 3000gns to J and T Parkin, Daviesdykes, Wishaw

Lot 168 – Blelack Lord Blacky M939, 3000gns to G Watson and Sons, Middlemuir, New Pitsligo,

Lot 172 – Blelack Excellence M949, 5000gns to DA Ralston, Castlehill Farm, Torrance

Lot 173 – Cardona Fergus M832, 8500gns to N Gillanders, Newfield, Peterhead

Lot 174 – Tofts Doddy M963, 3500gns to RG Barbour and Sons, Crailinghall, Jedburgh

Lot 177 – Duncanziemere Magic Boy M021,3600gns to  B and S Slater, Newbigging, Orkney

Lot 179 – Drumdow Prefect M906 , 3200gns to B and J Mackay, Skitten, Wick

Lot 183 – Thrunton Panther M413, 6800gns to Longford Farms,  Salisbury

Lot 184 – Haymount Elsigno M225, 5000gns to Otter Estate, per NKS Willis, Kilfinan, Argyll

Lot 185 – Logie Limited Edition M280, 8000gns to Glenrinnes Farms Ltd, Dufftown, Banffshire

Lot 186 – Idvies Evulse M562, 2000gns to D and M Macaulay, Braendam Farm, Stirling

Lot 187 – Cardona Eclipse M840, 3500gns to Balnabroich Farms, Dundee, Angus

Lot 188 – Billinge Magic Judge Eric M202,  3800gns to IO Warren, Lower Broadbridge, Horsham

Lot 189 – Blelack Lord Highball M979, 3500gns to H and K Farms, Lockerbie

Lot 190 – Haymount War Star M243, 6800gns to AC Grant and Son, Middlefield, Morayshire

Lot 191 – Belhaven Perthshire M056, 15,000gns to WS Robson and Co, Yatesfield, Otterburn

Lot 193 – Blelack Edition M980, 4800gns to R Brewis, Chesterhill, Northumberland

Lot 194 – Cheeklaw Jasper Eric M440, 4000gns to JC and J Helm, Haltree, Heriot

Lot 195 – Thrunton Revolver M419, 5500gns to Elsick Estate, Mains Of Newhall, Stonehaven

Lot 196 – Hallington Panasonic M373, 3000gns to WSL Muir, Orkney

Lot 197 – Duncanziemere Judge M030, 7200gns to A Mcgregor, Auchenhuive, Aberdeenshire

Lot 199 – Rawburn Black Boaz M584, 8500gns to WAL Lawson, Tullynessle, Alford

Lot 202 – Cardona Edwin M845, 3200gns to A and H Grant, Pathcondie Farm, Fife

Lot 205 – Glassel Joker Eric M931, 3800gns to ESH Harcus Ltd, Quanterness , Orkney

Lot 207 – Glenbuchat  Black Barney M351, 4500gns to Richard Suttons Settled Estates, Hall Farm Lincolnshire

Lot 209 – Haymount Precursor M255, 18,000gns to AG Houston, Gretna House

Lot 211 – Haymount Playboy M262, 5600gns to AS Hogg and Partners, Birkenside, Lauder

Lot 212 – Hallington Justice Eric M378, 10,000gns to ESH Harcus Ltd, Quanterness ,Orkney

Lot 214 – Blelack Lord Hoy M012, 4500gns to G Watson and Sons, Middlemuir, New Pitsligo,

Lot 215 – Haymount Pereiger M282, 3000gns to T Clark, Over Roxborough, Kelso

Lot 216 – Mountjoy Poldark M021, 5200gns to W Willox, Home Farm, Druminnor,Rhynie

Lot 217 – Duncanziemere Jake M039, 4000gns to Scottish Government, Knocknagael, Inverness

Lot 223 – Haymount Walarlo M303, 14,000gns to K and M Howie, Cairnton,Lumphanan, Aberdeenshire

Lot 227 – Liley Elder M073, 2500gns to CAH Rodger, 4 Comlongon Mains Cottage, Clarencefield

Lot 228 – Moncur Jackson Eric M205, 3000gns to JC Bell, Balneil, Fife

Lot 229 – Moncur Jubilee Edward N210, 4900gns to D Murray Lyle, Mid Cambushinnie, Dunblane


Lot 1 – Eastlands Black Ballarinabell L339, 16,000gns to Agnew and Sons, Balwherrie

Lot 2 – The Moss Black Angelina L070, 2500gns to Robertson, Birgidale, Rothesay

Lot 4 –  Tonley Elma M850, 8500gns to Emslies Livestock, Kinknockie, Mintlaw

Lot 6 – Belhaven Promise M052, 4000gns to HB and I Hodge and Son, Glenshochie, Perth

Lot 7 – The Moss Queen Bessie M192, 2000gns to A and S Thomson, South Carse Of Coldoch Farm, Stirling

Lot 8 – Belhaven Italian M057, 2000gns to DES Donegan, Galway

Lot 9 – Windyedge Jewjet Erica M153, 3500gns to S Dick, Westerton, Stirling

Lot 11 – Ettrick Pam M118, 2000gns to P Booth, Killone, Co Laons

Lot 13 – Tonley Equidora M911, 2000gns to Highland Wagyu, Dunblane

Lot 15 – The Moss Felicia G739, 5000gns to DES Donegan, Galway

Lot 16 – Rawburn Duchess Prairielane L292, 5000gns to Highland Wagyu, Dunblane

Lot 17 – Rawburn Duchess Windsor L361, 4800gns to Highland Wagyu, Dunblane

Lot 18 – Rawburn Blackbird L388, 5800gns to J Robson, 27 Glenhoy Road, Co Tyrone

Lot 20 – Belhaven Eye Candy M061, 2000gns to DES Donegan, Galway

Lot 21 – Belhaven Queen M062, 2200gns to DES Donegan, Galway

Lot 22 – Belhaven Tigress M064, 1800gns to DES Donegan, Galway

Lot 23 – Belhaven France M065, 2000gns to DES Donegan, Galway

Lot 24 – Belhaven Eclipse M066, 2300gns to DES Donegan, Galway

Lot 25 – Belhaven Rossellini M068, 2200gns to DES Donegan, Galway

Lot 26 – Belhaven Eston Anne M071, 2200gns to DES Donegan, Galway

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