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Blackface Tups ’23

Below are the 2023 Blackie tups, taken on-farm over the past couple of weeks. We still have many to do and will add them here as they’re taken – so keep an eye out for new additions if there are any you’re waiting to see!

Prints, framed prints and gift ware of all these images and more, can be ordered from the Photo Sales section and sent out to yourself or buyers (breeders will be invoiced separately for taking the photographs).

Any breeders or buyers requiring digital images of their sheep, that don’t have them already (included in the price for taking the portrait), contact Lynsey on

£11,000 Allanfauld, by £16,000 Midlock, to Midlock and Nunnerie

£38,000 Allanfauld, by £13,000 Allanfauld, to Williamhope, with a share retained

£18,000 Allanfauld, by Tarmac, to Aberuchill, Crackaig and Peter Junor

£5000 Allanfauld, by £16,000 Elmscleugh, to Innisaig

Allanfauld kept ‘Kolisi’, by £48,000 Midlock

Allanfauld HB 'Sparky', by £65,000 Crossflatt

Allanfauld kept ‘Sparky’, by £65,000 Crossflatt

Allanfauld loan

£55,000 Auldhouseburn, by £160k Dyke, to Fullerton, Glenbeg, Loughash and McSwiggan

£45,000 Auldhouseburn, by £30,000 Crossflatt, to Blackcraig, Balrazzie, Little Larg and Milnmark

£32,000 Auldhouseburn, by £160,000 Dyke, to Orchilmore, Merkland, Mitchellslacks and Dalblair

£18,000 Auldhouseburn, by £160,000 Dyke, to Gass

£15,000 Auldhouseburn, by £160,000 Dyke, to Dalwyne

£10,000 Auldhouseburn, by £160k Dyke, to Craigdoo, Quintenvale & Sabbath Hill

£5500 Blackhouse, by £30,000 Auldhouseburn, to Hartside

£11,000 Clonrae, by £8000 Dyke, to Dall

£700 Connachan, by £4000 Connachan, to Dalwyne

£600 Connachan, by son of £40,000 Dalchirla, to Drannandow and Markdhu

£8000 Corriedow, by a Midlock sire, to Blackcraig, Blackhouse and Glenrath

£28,000 Corsebank, by £1000 South Cobbinshaw, to Aikengall, Hartside and Parkhall

£11,000 Craigdarroch, by £2200 Midlock, to Dudlees and Yatesfield

£7500 Craigdarroch, by £4000 Allanfauld, to South Cobbinshaw

£18,000 Craignell, by £11,000 Merkland, to Auldhouseburn

£1700 Crammie, by a son of £3500 Crossflatt, to Dalwyne

£10,000 Crossflatt ‘Mr Cooley’ by £160,000 Dyke, to Elmscleugh and Mitchellslacks

£3200 Crossflatt, by £160,000 Dyke, to Lephinchapel

Crossflatt private sale, by £30,000 McCurdy, to Saulmore

£14,000 Cuil, by £9000 Elmscleugh, to Elmscleugh and Tinnis

£10,000 Culdoach, by son of £5000 High Staward, to Barlaes and High Balyett

£6200 Dalblair, by £85,000 Dalblair, to Corsebank

£5000 Dalblair, by £85,000 Dalblair, to Drimsynie

Dalblair kept ‘Aviator’ by £85,000 Dalblair

£90,000 Dalchirla, by g-son of £45,000 Nunnerie, to Glenrath, Midlock and Nunnerie

£38,000 Dalchirla, by £45,000 Nunnerie, to Burncastle, Tinnis and Mitchellhill

£36,000 Dalchirla, by g-son of £45,000 Nunnerie, to Burncastle, Blackhouse, Gass and Milnmark

£30,000 Dalchirla, by £160,000 Dalchirla, to Elmscleugh and Glenrath

£23,000 Dalchirla, by son of £45,000 Nunnerie, to Lurg

£22,000 Dalchirla, by son of Jock, to Crossflatt, Lephinchapel and Pole

£18,000 Dalchirla, by £22,000 Dalchirla, to Aberuchill and Dollarbank

£6500 Dalchirla, by £100,000 Midlock, to Crackiag and Peter Junor

£3200 Dalchirla, by h-b son of £45,000 Nunnerie, to Balliemeanoch

Dalwyne kept, by £2000 Culdoach

£4500 Drannandow, to Gass and Milnmark

£12,000 Drumbreddan, by £2800 Milnmark, to Williamhope

£5200 Drumgrange, by £52,000 Dalblair, to McCurdy and Crammie, with share retained

Drumgrange kept, by £22,000 Crossflatt

Drumgrange kept, by £52,000 Dalblair

£10,000 Dunruchan, by £4200 Fingland, to Larg and Fingland

£32,000 Dyke, by £17,000 Midlock, to Dunruchan, Kirkstead and Tinnis

£22,000 Dyke, by £160,000 Dyke, to Craigdarroch, Kirkland and third retained

£22,000 Dyke, by £160,000 Dyke, to Dalblair, Nunnerie and Upper Wellwood

£17,000 Dyke, by sire of £160,000 Dyke, to McKenna, NI

£12,000 Dyke, by £4000 Allanfauld, to Allanfauld and Nunnerie

£11,000 Dyke, by £30,000 Nunnerie, to Livet

£4500 Dyke, by £17,000 Midlock, to Crosswoodhill

£1200 Eglish (Thomas Harkin), by £100,000 Loughash, to Gartincaber

£15,000 Elmscleugh, by £14,000 Loughash, to Gass and Loughash

£14,000 Elmscleugh, by £32,000 Elmscleugh, to Hill of Errol, Midlock and Nunnerie

£10,000 Elmscleugh, by £80,000 Allanfauld, to Gosland

£9000 Elmscleugh, by £14,000 Loughash, to Burnhead and Dyke

£8800 Elmscleugh, by £5000 Elmscleugh, to Parkhall

£4200 Fechan, by £10,000 Elmscleugh, to Elmscleugh

£13,000 Fingland, by £8000 Dalchirla, to Blackcraig, Chrimorrie and share retained

£2200 Gartincaber, by £7000 Loughash, to Lurg

£26,000 Gass, by £48,000 Midlock, to Dalchirla, Midlock and Nunnerie

£14,000 Gass, by £48,000 Midlock, to Earlshaugh

£15,000 Gass, by £48,000 Midlock, to Auldhouseburn and Glenrath

£2000 Gass, by £11,000 Midlock, to Dalwyne

Gass private sale ‘Danny Boy’ by £48,000 Midlock, to Allanfauld and Loughash with share retained

£90,000 Glenrath, by £32,000 Dalblair, to Auldhouseburn and Elmscleugh

£11,000 Glenrath, by £100,000 Midlock, to Corsebank and Overburns

£10,000 Glenrath, by £100,000 Midlock, to Dyke and Midlock

£10,000 Glenrath, by £160,000 Dyke, to McGuigan, McEldowney and Allanfauld

£4500 High Baylett, by £3500 Gass, to Upper Kidston

£7500 High Baylett, by Drumbreddan loan, to Barlaes, with share retained

£12,000 High Staward, by £18,000 Elmscleugh, to Dunruchan

£4000 Innisaig, by £10,000 Allanfauld, to Craignell and Chirmorrie

£10,000 Kirkstead, by £40,000 Burncastle, to Corsebank

£5000 Kirkstead, by £6000 Dalblair, to Yatesfield

£8000 Knockeen, by £5000 Allanfauld, to Drannandow

£20,000 Lephinchapel, by £32,000 Dalchirla, to Upper Kidston

£9000 Little Larg, by £15,000 High Staward, to Aberuchill and Lurg

£10,000 Loughash, by £20,000 Auldhouseburn, to McSwiggan, Fullerton, Gallagher and quarter retained

£10,000 Loughash, by £30,000 Midlock, to Dyke and Midlock

£3000 Loughash, by £20,000 Auldhouseburn, to Gartincaber and Pole

Lurg ‘the Keeper’, by £14,000 Crossflatt

£12,000 Lurgan, by £5000 Auldhouseburn, to Colm McAteer

£3500 Mains of Mause, by £5000 Elmscleugh, to Elmscleugh

£11,000 McCurdy, by £52,000 Dalblair, to Pole, with a share retained

£16,000 Merkins, by £6000 Nunnerie, to Hartside and Nunnerie

£12,000 Merkins, by a son of £10,000 Elmscleugh, to Elmscleugh

£36,000 Merkland, by £34,000 Crossflatt, to Blackhouse, Burncastle and Glenrath

£6500 Merkland, by Air Raid, to Merkins and Fidden

£3000 Merkland, by £30,000 Auldhouseburn, to Balliemeanoch

Merkland kept, by £30,000 Auldhouseburn

£45,000 Midlock, by £30,000 Nunnerie, to Elmscleugh and Hill of Errol

£20,000 Midlock, by £30,000 Midlock, to Hartside

Midlock kept ‘Emperor’ by home-bred son of £30,000 Crossflatt

Midlock kept ‘Emperor’ by home-bred son of £30,000 Crossflatt

Midlock kept ‘Buckfast’ by home-bred son of £30,000 Nunnerie

Midlock kept ‘Avenger’ by home-bred son of £30,000 Crossflatt

Midlock £4000, to Dalwyne, Eallagro and John Angus MacCusbic

£2000 Midlock, by a son of £200,000 Dalchirla, to Dalwyne, Culbae and Culdoach

£16,000 Milnmark, by £32,000 Midlock, to Kirkstead and Hartside (Kay)

£13,000 Milnmark, by £10,000 Cuil, to Craig

£6200 Mitchellhill, by £9000 South Cobbinshaw, to Moorfoot

£3200 Mitchellslacks, by £150,000 Auldhouseburn, to Shankhead

Mitchellslacks kept, by £82,000 Loughash

£5800 Moorfoot, by £40,000 Burncastle, to Glenrinnes

£1100 Moorfoot, by £40,000 Burncastle, to Upper Kidston

£35,000 Orchilmore, by £82,000 Loughash, to Auldhouseburn, Mitchellslacks and Towiemore

£7000 Orchilmore, by £82,000 Loughash, to Mitchellslacks

Orchilmore kept, by a home-bred son of Abby

£7500 Parkhall, by £13,000 Kirkstead, to Kirkstead

£15,000 Pole, by £52,000 Dalblair, to Craignell and Glen Gatehouse

£14,000 Pole, by £52,000 Dalblair, to South Cobbinshaw, Burnhead Darvel and Kingledores

£5000 Pole, by £52,000 Dalblair, to McCurdy

£5000 Pole, by £4000 Connachan, to Balliemeanoch and Lurg

£11,000 Upper Wellwood, by Crossflatt Felix, to Elmscleugh

Sidlaw private sale, by £35,000 Dalchirla, to Dalwyne and Marbrack, with a share retained

£4500 Silloans, by £30,000 Auldhouseburn, to Gosland

£5800 The Yett, to Aikengall

£14,000 Tinnis, by £9000 Hartside, to Blackhouse and Hartside (Kay)

£18,000 Wester Crosswoodhill, by £9000 Glenrath, to Ashcraig, Dryhope and Crosswoodhill

£8000 Williamhope, by £1500 Whelphill, to Milnmark

£7000 Williamhope, by son of £60,000 Glenrath, to The Yett

North type

£3500 Achdregnie, by £2800 Achdregnie, to Conway Bros

£4500 Achdregnie, by £7000 Hillhead, to Calla

£5000 Achdregnie, by £550 C Breslin, to G Breslin

£9000 Auchnacloich, by son of £8000 Hillhead, to Woolfords

£5000 Breslin, by £2600 T Adams, to Hillhead of Morinsh and Achdregnie

£8000 Hillhead of Mornish, by £6000 Eastmill, to Bomakelloch

£8000 Scarhill, by £18,000 Calla, to Woolfords

£5000 Scarhill, by £18,000 Calla, to McEvoy and McAleer

£20,000 Woolfords, by son of £4000 Woolfords, to Craigneich

£7000 Woolfords, by £3500 Achdregnie, to Scarhill, Achdregnie and Avonside

£4000 Woolfords, by £10,000 Woolfords, to G Mullen

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