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Shrewsbury – Hereford – April ’23

The Hereford Society’s Spring show and sale at Shrewsbury, peaked at 12,000gns, with the 38 bulls selling to average £4302 (a 91% clearance). Females topped at 8000gns, averaging £3400 for 21.

Below are pictures of the top priced lots. To view the full selection of photographs taken at the event, or to purchase any, head to our Photo Sales.

Normanton 1 Whiskey topped the sale at 12,000gns selling to Porton House

Top priced female was Grifford 1 True Lush selling for 8000gns to Fellow Hills

Havenfield 1 Wilf made 7500gns to Bowendu

Making 7000gns, Auckvale 1 Winchester 2133W sold to W Shaw, Westings, Pickering

Normanton 1 Willywonka sold for 5800gns to AI Services, NI

Selling at the same price was Rempstone 1 Waspy, going home with Spartan, Grove Farms

Grifford 1 True Breaker sold for 5500gns, also to Fellow Hills

Midford 1 Whistlejacket made 5200gns, selling to JR & JK Pike, Durlett, Chippenham

Pepperstock 1 Vanquish made 5000gns, selling to Stonecroft Farm Enterprises, Reading

Porton House 1 Duchess 2nd sold for 4300gns to Bethanfield

Female Champion Moralee 1 Kylie KS268 made 4100gns to Lewis Richard

Harveybros 1 Crocus Vanilla made 3300gns to H Davies, Garreg Fair, Amlwch

The Normanton pen that averaged £5915

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