MacGregor Photography

Galloways For Sale – Feb ’23

The Spring show and sale of Galloway cattle takes place at Wallets Marts, Castle Douglas, on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th February. The following pictures are of a great selection of cattle heading there, from the Blackcraig and Trolossé herds. For breeding details and to view the full catalogue, click here.


Lot 32 – Blackcraig Drover

Lot 34 – Blackcraig Dyker

Lot 74 – Blackcraig Diana

Lot 78 – Blackcraig Dora May

Lot 79 – Blackcraig Moss Rose C1203

Lot 80 – Blackcraig Blondchen

Lot 88 – Blackcraig Bertha

Lot 89 – Blackcraig Foxglove

Lot 92 – Blackcraig Moss Rose C1253


Lot 8 – Quattro of Trolossé

Lot 11 – Quartz of Trolossé

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