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Blackface Tups ’22

Here are this year’s Blackie tups, taken over the past few weeks. We still have a few to do so keep your eyes peeled!

Prints, framed prints and gift ware of all these images and more, can be ordered from the Photo Sales section and sent out to yourself or buyers  (Breeders will be invoiced separately for taking the photographs).

Any breeders or buyers requiring digital images of their sheep, that don’t have them already (included in the price for taking the portrait), contact Lynsey on

£15,000 Aberuchill (by £4000 Midlock) sold to Midlock

£48,000 Allanfauld (by £30,000 Nunnerie) to Hartside, Harestone & third share retained

£30,000 Allanfauld (by Tarmac) to The Rock & Stonebreck

£22,000 Allanfauld (by £16k Midlock) to Elmscleugh

£14,000 Allanfauld (by Strike) to Wester Crosswoodhill

£13,000 Allanfauld (by £200k Dalchirla) to Hartside

£10,000 Allanfauld (by Tarmac) to Little Port

£10,000 Allanfauld (by £48k Midlock) to N Shaw, with a share retained

£10,000 Allanfauld (by £30k McCurdy) to Little Port

£3800 Allanfauld (by Tarmac) to Little Port

£7000 Arnicle (by 9k Fullerton) to Midlock

£4800 Ashcraig (by £26k Ashcraig) to Elmscelugh

£3800 Ashcraig (by£26k Ashcraig) to Flemington & Traquair Hill

£52,000 Auldhouseburn (by £82k Loughash) to Dyke & Elmscleugh

£28,000 Auldhouseburn (by £82k Loughash) to D McSwiggan

£20,000 Auldhouseburn (by £82k Loughash) to Glenmore & Loughash

£11,000 Auldhouseburn (by £20k Merkland) to Laigh Balernock & Little Port

£10,000 Auldhouseburn (by £82k Loughash) to J Harkin & V Fullerton

£5000 Auldhouseburn (by £82k Loughash) to Crammie and Lurgan

Auldhouseburn, private sale to Martin Boone, by £82k Loughash

£9000 Balrazzie (by £14k Dalblair) to Elmscleugh

£16,000 Blackhouse (by £30k Auldhouseburn) to Allanfauld, Auldhouseburn, Glenrath and Nunnerie

£11,000 Blackhouse (by £32k Dalblair) to Craignell & Fingland

£8000 Blackhouse (by £30k Auldhouseburn) to Craig

£1100 Blackhouse (by £15k Merkland) to Crosswoodhill

£3000 Clonrae, by £34,000 Crossflatt, sold to Penchrise

£12,000 Connachan (by £3800 Auldhouseburn) to Aberuchill and Lynemore

£16k Correen (McCurdy) (by h-b son of Comanche) to Auldhouseburn, Crossflatt & Share retained

£8200 Craigdarroch (by £2k Midlock) to Aikengall & Hartside

£7000 Craigdarroch (by £10,000 Allanfauld) to Croughly

Crammie kept (by £3500 Crossflatt)

£65,000 Crossflatt (by £125,000 Nunnerie) to Allanfauld, Dalblair, Upper Wellwood, Craigdoo, Glenmore and Sabbath Hill

£30,000 Crossflatt (by a home-bred sire) to Auldhouseburn & Midlock

£18,000 Crossflatt (by £125k Nunnerie) to Auldhouseburn & Mitchellslacks

Crossflatt kept (by £125k Nunnerie)

Croughly kept (by son of £5500 Burncastle)

£2000 Culdoach (by £5k High Staward) to Dalwyne

£85,000 Dalblair (by £13k Glenrath) to Dyke, with half retained

£52,000 Dalblair (by £13k Glenrath) to Drumgrange, Pole & J McCurdy

£78,000 Dalchirla (by son of £45k Nunnerie) to Glenrath & Williamhope

£70,000 Dalchirla (by son of £160k Dalchirla) to Merkins

Dalwyne (bred by Andrew McMillan) ‘The Big Single’ (by £2800 Crossbrae)

Dalwyne kept ‘The Wee Twin’ (by The Big Single)

Dalwyne ‘Casino’ by £500 Balrazzie, sold to Balliemeanoch

£8000 Drannandow (by £9000 Dyke) to Larg, Creetown

£4500 Drumbreddan (by £4000 Parkhall) to Drannandow

£160,000 Dyke (by son of £17k Midlock) to Auldhouseburn, Crossflatt & Glenrath, with quarter retained

£75,000 Dyke (by £17k Midlock) to Dalchirla, Midlock & Nunnerie

£55,000 Dyke (by £17k Midlock) to Allanfauld, Blackcraig & Gass

£32,000 Dyke (by son of £17k Midlock) to Burnhead (Kilsyth), Dollarbank, The Glen & Mains of Burnbank

£24,000 Dyke (by £45k Nunnerie) to Hill of Errol & Nunnerie

£20k Dyke (by son of £17k Midlock) to Connachan, Merkland & Silloans

£10,000 Dyke (by £45k Nunnerie) to Yatesfield

£8000 Dyke (by £4500 Dyke) to Clonrae

£32,000 Elmscleugh (by £60k Loughash) to Dyke, Craigdarroch & Merkland

£28,000 Elmscleugh (by £80k Allanfauld) to Drannandow & Little Larg

£16,000 Elmscleugh (by £38k Allanfauld) to Allanfauld & Blackhouse

£16,000 Elmscleugh (by £38k Allanfauld) to Auchnafree, Connachan & Tay and Torridon Estate

£16k Elmscleugh (by £20k Orchilmore) to Ashcraig & Mitchellhill

£14,000 Elmscleugh (by £80k Allanfauld) to Drumbreddan & Greenside

£11,000 Elmscleugh (by £15k Dalchirla) to Tinnis

£4000 Elmscleugh (by £38k Allanfauld) to Dalwyne

£25,000 Gass (by £8000 Glenrath) to Elmscleugh & Mitchellslacks

£7500 Gass (by £6000 Dyke) to Drannandow & Markdhu

2600gns Glenbeg (by £22k Dalchirla) sold to Balliemeanoch

900gns Glenbeg (by son of £22k Dalchirla ‘Jaws’) to Balliemeanoch

£32,000 Glenrath (by £200k Dalchirla) to Aikengall, Burncastle, Crosswoodhill & South Cobbinshaw

£28,000 Glenrath (by son of £100k Nunnerie) to Blackhouse & Williamhope

£4800 Glenrath (by £40k Upper Wellwood) to Crosswoodhill

£3000 Gosland (by £6500 Auldhouseburn) to Craigdarroch & Kirkland

£13k Greenside ‘Flashlight’ (by £11k Merkland) to Lurg

£9000 Hartside Lammermuir (by son of £16k Dyke) to Tinnis

£4200 Haystoun (by son of £2200 Glenrath) to Drumbreddan & Barlure

£7000 High Balyett (by Drumbreddan loan) to Cuil & Drannandow

£16,000 Kirkland (by £11k Craigdarroch) to Cuil

£30,000 Loughash (by £100k Loughash) to Glenmore Estate

£14,000 Loughash (by £24k Dalchirla) to Elmscleugh

£12,000 Lurg (by £10,000 Loughash) to Marbrack and Culbae with a third share retained

‘Auch Eye’ (an Auch loan at the Lurg)

£1400 Lurgan (by £38k Crossflatt) to Aitkenhead

Lurgan kept (by £6k Crossflatt)

£6500 Lynemore (by £14k Allanfauld) to Blackhouse & Glenrath

£16,000 Marbrack (by £2200 Dalchirla – 2 Shear purchased from Dean Aitken) to Grimmet & Hartside

£38,000 Merkland (by £30k Auldhouseburn) to Auldhouseburn

£6500 Merkland (by £4800 Auldhouseburn) to Midlock

£6000 Merland (by £34k Crossflatt) to Crossflatt

£2000 Merkland (by £34k Crossflatt) to Aitkenhead

£40,000 Midlock (by £20k Dalwyne) to Elmscleugh

£32,000 Midlock (by son of £60k Dalchirla) to Drumbreddan & Milnmark

£30,000 Midlock (by £200k Dalchirla) to Loughash

£18,000 Midlock (by son of £24k Connachan) to Normangill

£2600 Midlock (by £200k Dalchirla) to Connachan, Dalwyne and Dullator

£11,000 Milnmark (by £22k Lurg) to Craigdarroch & Kirkland

£9000 Milnmark (by £26k Williamhope) to Sewingshields & Stell Green

£5800 Mitchellhill (by £42k Dyke) to Ashcraig

Nisbet £12,000 (by £1100 Elmscleugh) to Allanfauld & Nunnerie

£15,000 Nunnerie (by £130k Allanfauld) to Allanfauld & Burnhead

£8000 Pole (by £4k Midlock) to Fingland, Little Larg, Marbrack & Milnmark

£19,000 Tullykeeren (by £15k Elmscleugh) to Dalchirla, Midlock & Nunnerie

£6500 Upper Wellwood (by £40k Upper Wellwood) to Little Port

£15,000 Waterhead (by £3200 Dalchirla) to Blackhouse & Burncastle

£13,000 Williamhope (by £60k Glenrath) to Glenrath


£5000 Auchnacloich (by £10k Woolfords) to Calla

£7000 Avonside (by £1200 Scar Hill) to Auchnacloich

£14,000 Calla (by £8500 Thomas Harkin) to Craigneich

£8000 Craigneich (by £1400 Calla) to Doldy

£9000 Hillhead of Morinsh (by £1400 Craigneich) to Conway Bros & Woolfords

£14,000 Sam Adams (by Mark Smyth loan) to Auchnacloich, Calla & Woolfords

£10,000 Woolfords (by £4000 Woolfords) to P McEvoy, S McCusker & K McAleer

£5000 Woolfords (by £4k Woolfords) to Corriecravie, Arran

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