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Ravensworth Charolais Dispersal – Preview

The dispersal of WS Oates’ Ravensworth Charolais herd takes place on Monday 17th October at UA Stirling Mart.

Dating back to the first importation of Charolais into the UK in the 1960s, the herd has always strived to maintain excellent maternal rates, calving ease and good temperaments in the breeding females, while also focussing on commercial attributes of growth and muscling through careful selection of stock bulls. The herd has gained recognition at national shows over the years and has sold bulls up to 13,000gns.

Below are pictures of a selection of the cattle heading to the sale – an excellent opportunity to acquire proven, productive cattle. Click on the animal’s name to view its pedigree.

Lot 531 – Ravensworth Gerty

Lot 532 – Ravensworth Jasmin

Lot 534 – Ravensworth Lucy

Lot 535 – Ravensworth Lunar and her calf, Lot 535A – Ravensworth Tara

Lot 535A – Ravensworth Tara

Lot 538 – Ravensworth Matilda and her calf, Lot 538A – Ravensworth Treen

Lot 540 – Ravensworth Nora and her calf, Lot 540A – Ravensworth Shane

Lot 540A – Ravensworth Shane

Lot 543 – Ravensworth Nice and her calf, Lot 543A – Ravensworth Tron

Lot 545 – Ravensworth Nikita

Lot 546 – Ravensworth Olivia and her calf, Lot 546A – Ravensworth Toby

Lot 548 – Ravensworth Phoebe

To view the full sale catalogue, click here.


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