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50 Shades of Sheep – Online Sale Preview

The Fifty Shades of Sheep online sale, featuring the Beltex, Texel, Badger Face Texel and Dutch Spotted breeds, takes place through H&H, between 24th and 26th May 2022.

Below are some of the excellent lots available. Click here to view them all and the breeding details. Buyers must register with H&H before bidding.

Lot 3 – Auchmantle For Your Eyes Only (Blue Texel gimmer)

Lot 4 – Auchmantle Flawless (Blue Texel gimmer)

Lot 17 – Auchmantle Gee Whizz (Blue Texel ewe lamb)

Lot 18 – Auchmantle Gone Girl (Blue Texel ewe lamb)

Lot 19 – Auchmantle GI Joe (Blue Texel ram lamb)

Lot 46 – Brown & Mason Cupis (Badger Face Texel gimmer)

Lot 53 – Brown & Mason Divine (Badger Face Texel ewe lamb)

Lot 54 – Brown & Mason Dude (Badger Face Texel ram lamb)

Lot 74 – Top Spot Flower (Dutch Spotted ewe lamb)

Lot 75 – Top Spot Fierce (Dutch Spotted ram lamb)

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