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Blackface Tups ’21

Trade at the Blackface tup sales has been particularly strong this year – with four six-figure sellers and many, many more at five and four-figure prices. Here are the 2021 tups…prints, framed prints and gift ware of all these images and more, can be ordered from the Photo Sales section.

Any breeders or buyers requiring digital images of their sheep (included in the price for taking the portrait), contact Lynsey on

£130,000 Allanfauld (By Strike) to Auldhouseburn and Nunnerie

£32,000 Allanfauld (by £3500 Dalchirla) to Blackhouse, Burncastle and Tinnis

£12,000 Allanfauld (by £3500 Dalchirla) to Glenrath

£7000 Allanfauld (by 30,000gns MCurdy) to Jimmy McCurdy

£4000 Allanfauld (by £200,000 Dalchirla) to Craigdarroch and Dyke

£10,000 Arnicle (by £9000 Veronica Fullerton) to Pole, with a half share retained

£26,000 Ashcraig (by £3800 Elmscleugh) to Crosswoodhill, Dryhope and Mount Benger

£30,000 Auldhouseburn (by £15,000 High Staward) to Blackhouse, Merkland and Silloans

£18,000 Auldhouseburn (by £70,000 Harestone) to Towiemore, with a half share retained

£8500 Auldhouseburn (by £70,000 Harestone) to Laigh Ballernock

Auldhouseburn ‘Marvellous Mo’ (by £70,000 Harestone) sold privately to Mitchellslacks

Auldhouseburn kept (by a son of £13,000 Glenrath)

£9000 Blackcraig (by h-b son of £22,000 Elmscleugh) to Craig, Dalwyne and Gass

£8000 Blackcraig (by £8000 Glenrath) to Dalwyne and Greenside

£7000 Blackhouse (by £48,000 Blackhouse) to Burncastle

£40,000 Burncastle (by £42k Glenrath) to Kirkstead and Moorfoot

£16,000 Burncastle (by £42,000 Glenrath) to Ballaggan

£4500 Burncastle (by £42,000 Glenrath) to Crosswoodhill

£10,000 Burnhead, Kilsyth (by £17,000 Midlock) to Kingledores

£18,000 Calla (by £8500 Thomas Harkin) to Scar Hill

£4200 Clonrae (by £34,000 Crossflatt) to Littleport

£4000 Connachan (by the Duke) to Amulree and Pole

£2000 Crackaig (by £15,000 Crossflatt) to R and I Shaw, Acharonich

£11,000 Craigdarroch (by £38,000 Dyke) to Dyke and Livet

£8500 Craigdarroch (by £14,000 Dyke) to Dudlees and Westhills

£2400 Crossbrae (by £1100 Nunnerie) to Dalwyne

£22,000 Crossflatt (by 30,000gns McCurdy) to Drumgrange and James McCurdy

£14,000 Crossflatt – Highlander (by 30,000gns McCurdy) to Lurg and Marbrack

£10,000 Crossflatt (by 30,000gns McCurdy) to Elmscleugh

£10,000 Crossflatt (by £150,000 Auldhouseburn) to J McCurdy and South Cobbinshaw

£7000 Crossflatt (by h-b Crossflatt) to Hatton, Outerwards and Pole

£6000 Crossflatt (by h-b sire) to Lurgan

£10,000 Cuil (by a son of the Belter) to Craigdarroch and Milnmark

£10,000 Culdoach (by £4000 Dalblair) to Milnmark

£32,000 Dalblair (by £13k Glenrath) to Blackhouse, Burncastle, Glenrath and Williamhope

£14,000 Dalblair (by £13,000 Glenrath) to Balrazzie, with a half share retained

£5000 Dalblair (by the Bodyguard) to Dunruchan

£35,000 Dalchirla ‘Fury’ (by h-b son of Boris) to Hill of Errol and Lurg

£24,000 Dalchirla (by £200,000 Dalchirla) to Glenmore Estate

£24,000 Dalchirla (by a h-b son of £160,000 Dalchirla) to Dyke and Elmscleugh

£10,000 Dalchirla (by £24,000 Connachan) to Hartside Lamington, Madrissa and Waterhead

£20,000 Dalwyne (by a son of The Muskateer) to Midlock

£3800 Dalwyne (by Rhino) to Elmscleugh

£9000 Drannandow (by £3200 Hartside) to Blackcraig, Fingland and Milnmark

£7000 Drumbrdeddan (by £10,000 Allanfauld) to Craig

Drumgrange Kept (by Tornado)

£11,000 Dudlees (by £3200 Allanfauld) to Corsebank

£60,000 Dyke (by £17,000 Midlock) to Elmscleugh

£40,000 Dyke (by £17,000 Midlock) to Dalchirla and Midlock

£12,000 Dyke (by £45,000 Nunnerie) to Burnhead, Kilsyth

£4800 Dyke (by £17,000 Midlock) to Balliemeanoch

£2500 Dyke (by £4200 Dalwyne) to Craignell and Dalwyne

Dyke Kept (by £15,000 Crossflatt)

£3200 Eallagro (by £10,000 Nunnerie) to Lynemore – record price for a tup out the Wester Isles

£30,000 Elmscleugh (by £15,000 Dalchirla) to Milnmark

£18,000 Elmscleugh (by £13,000 Glenrath) to Crossflatt and High Staward

£13,000 Elmscleugh (by £80k Allanfauld) to Allanfauld, Dalblair and Hartside

£10,000 Elmscleugh (by £80,000 Allanfauld) to Charlie Harkin and Brian Devine

£4000 Elmscleugh (by £15,000 Gass) to Balliemeanoch

£4500 Fingland (by £13,000 Glenrath) to Dunruchan

£26,000 Veronica Fullerton ‘Tar-mac’ (by £18,000 Allanfauld) to Allanfauld and Arnicle

£13,000 Gass ‘Headbanger’ (by £14,000 Craigdarroch) to Craigdarroch, Dalchirla and Glen Gatehouse

£4200 Gass (by £20,000 Auldhouseburn) to Connachan

£40,000 Glenrath (by £100,000 Nunnerie) to Dalchirla and Nunnerie

£14,000 Glenrath (by £100k Nunnerie) to Ashcraig, Blackhouse, Burncastle and Kingledores

Greenside Kept ‘Handy Andy’ (by Upper Wellwood ‘The Drover)

£5000 Hartside (by h-b son of £16,000 Dyke) to Craig

£11,000 High Staward (by £15,000 Elmscleugh) to Elmscleugh

£10,000 Hillhead of Morinsh (by 8500gns Thomas Harkin) to Doldy and Woolfords

£7000 Hillhead of Morinsh (by £3800 Achdregnie) to Achdregnie and Auchnacloich

£11,000 Hill of Errol (by £1200 Nunnerie) to Gosland

£5000 Kirkstead (by £2800 Parkhall) to Aikengall and Parkhall

£13,000 Kirkstead (by £14,000 Glenrath) to Parkhall

£9000 Kirkstead (by £14,000 Cuil) to Milnmark

£6000 Kirkstead (by £14,000 Glenrath) to Stroangassel

£7000 Little Larg (by £160,000 Dalchirla) to Elmscleugh

£5500 Little Larg (by £24,000 Elmscleugh) to Fingland and Kirkmabreck

Littleport kept (by £6000 Merkland)

Littleport kept (by g-son of £1800 Dalchirla)

£14,000 Livet (by £5200 Elmscleugh) to Mitchellhill

£100,000 Loughash (by £38,000 Dalchirla) to Auldhouseburn with half share retained

£82,000 Loughash (by £20,000 Loughash) to Auldhouseburn

£6000 Lurg (by £3200 Midlock) to Loughash

24,000gns McCurdy to Auldhouseburn and Orchilmore

£20,000 Merkland (by £34,000 Crossflatt) to Glenmore Estate

£11,000 Merkland (by £34,000 Crossflatt) to Blackcraig, Craignell and Greenside

£11,000 Merkland (by £34,000 Crossflatt) to Dollarbank, The Glen and Upper Wellwood

£5000 Merkland (by £34,000 Crossflatt) to Beoch and Burnfoot, Sanquhar

£1200 Merkland (by £34,000 Crossflatt) to Crossflatt and Dalwyne

£100,000 Midlock (by £45,000 Nunnerie) to Dalchirla, Glenrath and Nunnerie, with a quarter share retained

£48,000 Midlock (by £45,000 Nunnerie) to Allanfauld, Blackcraig and Gass

£28,000 Midlock (by £200,000 Dalchirla) to Glenmore Estate

£26,000 Midlock (by £60,000 Loughash) to Hartside (Lamington) and Mitchellslacks

£26,000 Midlock (by £60,000 Loughash) to Achnafree, Connachan and Highland Livestock

£17,000 Midlock (by £45,000 Nunnerie) to Hartside Lamington

£15,000 Midlock (by £45,000 Nunnerie) to Dalwyne

£13,000 Midlock (by Stag) to Elmscleugh and Williamhope

£9000 Midlock (by £60,000 Dalchirla) to Dyke

£6500 Midlock (by £60,000 Loughash) to Drimsynie, Highland Livestock and Pole

Midlock Kept – The Buck (by a home-bred son £24,000 Connachan)

Midlock Kept – Sparky (by £60,000 Loughash)

Midlock Kept (an ET out of Stag’s dam, by £60,000 Loughash)

£6000 Milnmark (by £16,000 Dyke) to Normangill

£10,000 Mitchellslacks (by £20,000 Auldhouseburn) to Tennis

£4000 Moorfoot (by £160,000 Dalchirla) to Burnhead, Darvel and Kypehill

£125,000 Nunnerie (by £80,000 Allanfauld) to Crossflatt, Elmscleugh and High Staward

£62,000 Nunnerie (by £80,000 Allanfauld) to Allanfauld, Dalblair, Dyke and Harestone

£30,000 Nunnerie (by The Unit – home-bred son of £6k Elmscleugh) to Allanfauld, Dyke and Midlock

£16,000 Nunnerie (by £60,000 Loughash) to Crammie and Lurgan

£4000 Parkhall (by £16,000 Aikengall) to Aikengall

£9000 Pole (by £30,000 Loughash) to Lynemore

Pole kept (by £30,000 Loughash)

£6500 Shawsknowe (by £3500 Dalchirla) to Merkland

£9000 South Cobbinshaw (by Crossflatt loan) to Hartside (Lamington) and Mitchellhill

£13,000 Tinnis (by £14,000 Glenrath) to Yatesfield

£40,000 Upper Wellwood (by Crossflatt loan) to Glenrath, Williamhope and third share retained

£7000 Upper Wellwood (by Crossflatt loan) to C McAteer

£4500 Upper Wellwood (by Crossflatt loan) to Greenside and Lephinchapel

£10,000 Whelphill (by £38,000 Allanfauld) to East Bracklinn and Little Letar

£8500 Williamhope (by £26,000 Williamhope) to Yatesfield

£18,000 Woolfords (by home-bred son of £15,000 Calla) to Charlie Gallagher and Billy Grant

£7000 Woolfords (by £6500 Harkin) to James Carson and Kevin McAleer

£6000 Woolfords (by £4000 Woolfords) to Brian Curran

£6000 Woolfords (by £4000 Woolfords) to Brian Curran, Paul McEvoy, Thomas Harkin and James McDermottt

£4000 Woolfords (by Brian Curran’s National Show champ) to Billy Grant

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