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Keasden Commercials

Here are a selection of heifers and bullocks from the Keasden herd forward for the ‘Kirkby Classic’ sale of show potentials on Monday 8th March and the ‘Craven Champions’ sale at Skipton on 16th & 17th March. They are all home-bred, tested negative for BVD and Johne’s, are TB4, Farm Assured and have passed pelvic measuring. They are available for export to Ireland after completing a residency period at home after the sale.
If you’d like any more information look for the ‘Keasden Head‘ page on Facebook or get in touch with Caroline Brown on 07940 053 603.

KIRKBY STEPHEN ‘Kirkby Classic’ Monday 8th March

LOT 2 – Limousin X bullock, 11-months-old

LOT 10 – Limousin X heifer, 11-months-old

LOT 13 – British-Blue X bullock, 14-months-old

LOT 17 – British-Blue X heifer, 14-months-old

SKIPTON ‘Craven Champions’ Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th March

Limousin X heifer, 8-months-old

British Blue X heifer,  10-months-old


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