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Cheerbrook Aberdeen-Angus Dispersal

The dispersal of Andrew Shufflebotham’s Cheerbrook herd of pedigree Aberdeen-Angus cattle, will take place on Monday, 21st October, during the Stirling Bull Sale.

The herd was established 19 years ago, with embryos from leading Canadian herds. This is a chance to buy into some great breeding lines.

Below are pictures of some of the lots on offer – to view the animal’s pedigree, click on its name. To view the full catalogue click here.

Lot 210 – Cheerbrook Miss Essence M026
Lot 211 – Cheerbrook Miss Essence R062
Lot 212 – Cheerbrook Miss Essence T101
Lot 213 – Cheerbrook Miss Essence K013
Lot 214 – Cheerbrook Miss Essence P054
Lot 214a – Cheerbrook Marvin V131
Lot 215 – Cheerbrook Miss -Essential L024
Lot 216 – Cheerbrook Miss Essential T093
Lot 217 – Cheerbrook Miss Essential N043
Lot 218a – Cheerbrook Blackbird V124
Lot 219 – Cheerbrook Blackbird U115
Lot 220 – Cheerbrook Emblynette R073
Lot 222 – Cheerbrook Emblynette U108
Lot 223 – Liley Ebony N060 & Cheerbrook Elysium V141
Lot 225 – Fernhill Pammy M823
Lot 226 – Cheerbrook Pam S083 & Lot 226a Cheerbrook Profile V123
Lot 227 – Fordel Empress N615 & Lot 227a Cheerbrook Equinox V130
Lot 228 – Schivas Lady N133
Lot 229 – Schivas Lady U606
Lot 230 – Wall Erilla L870
Lot 231 – Cheerbrook Errila U110
Lot 232a – Cheerbrook Evas Honey V137
Lot 233 – Cheerbrook Diva T095

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