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Blue Texel Sales – Carlisle

Blue Texels met a strong demand at Carlisle last week. At the Festive Fireworks sale, the overall champion Kingscaird (import) 26102-17370 from Stasa Moyse led the trade at 3200gns, selling to the judge Rhys Cooke, for his Nantyderri flock.

Overall, 13 aged ewes averaged £858.57, while 19 shearling ewes levelled at £895.26 and eight ewe lambs averaged £485.62.

Meanwhile, at the Sapphire sale, held the same day, trade peaked at 3000gns twice, for shearling ewes from Paul Tippetts and Christine Williams’ Hackney flock. At the end of the day, the Whatmore flock sold eight shearling ewes to average ​£1040.81, while Hackney sold eight shearling ewes to level at £2303.43 and 10 ewe lambs to average £957.60. Jonsland sold seven shearling ewes to average ​£919.50 and eight ewe lambs to level at £551.25.

Below are pictures of the top priced lots – to view the full selection of photographs taken, see our Photo Sales section.

Overall champion and sale topper, lot 762, which made 3200gns to the judge, Rhys Cooke

Selling at 2700gns, also from Stasa Moyes, Kingscaird Ba Ba, which went to the Grahams at Burnbank, Stirling

Selling at 3000gns from Hackney, lot 920, Hackney (ET) HAC/17/01401, which went to ​Henry Jewitt, Co Durham

Also at 3000gns, Lot 921​, Hackney (ET) HAC/17/01406, which sold to Messrs Hamilton, Lanarkshire

At 2600gns, Lot 923, Hackney HAC/17/01427, sold to ​Messrs Dodd, Dumfries

Making 2500gns, Hackney HAC/17/01407, to an undisclosed purchaser

Selling at 2400gns, the ewe lamb, Hackney HAC/18/01579, sold to Messrs Pyman, Cumbria

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