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Lanark – Blackface – Shearlings

Great first day at Lanark today with shearlings topping at £30,000 for Jimmy and Donald MacGregor, Dyke.  Ring 1 saw 267 rams sold to average £2280, up £83 on the year for three more sold, with ring 2 selling 217 to average £501, down £56 on the year for 48 less sold!

Pictured below are most of the five figure tups sold…

£30,000 Dyke, sold to Blackhouse, Burncastle and Tinnis, by £14,000 Dyke

£26,000 Dyke, sold to Dalchirla, Midlock and Nunnerie, by £6500 Dyke

£20,000 Midlock, sold to Dalchirla and Glenrath, by £7000 Midlock

£16,000 Glenrath, sold to Aitkengall, Ashcraig, Burncastle and Mountbenger, by £18,000 Midlock

£14,000 Williamhope, sold to Midlock, by £25,000 Elmscleugh

£13,000 Blackhouse, sold to Dryhope, Kirkstead and Tinnis, by son of £24,000 Allanfauld

£12,000 Glenrath, sold to Merkins, by £85,000 Elmscleugh

£12,000 Hartside, sold to Aitkengall, Elmscleugh and Parkhall, by £8,000 Elmscleugh

£12,000 Langhaugh, sold to Chirmorrie, by £85,000 Elmscleugh

£12,000 Nunnerie, sold to Blackcraig and Loughash, by Nunnerie Wisecrack

£11,000 Glenrath, sold to Aitkengall and Dunruchan, by £18,000 Midlock

£10,000 Tinnis, sold to Dryhope and Kirkstead, by £12,000 Kirkstead

£10,000 Tollishhill… Camera Shy! By £25,000 Elmscleugh, sold to Elmscleugh and Aitkengall



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