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Foulrice Celebration Charollais Sale – Skipton

As part of the Charollais Sheep Society’s Skipton female sale, on Saturday 13th October, the Marwood family will be holding a ‘Celebration Sale’ of 70 females from their Foulrice flock. Pictures of some of the lots are shown below – to view the catalogue, click here. The sale kicks off at 11am at Craven Cattle Marts, Skipton.

Lot 15 – Foulrice 17DG07660, by Foulrice Osprey

Lot 18 – 17DG07150, by Hyde Radio5Live

Lot 19 – Foulrice 17DG07159, by Foulrice Osprey

Lot 24 – Foulrice 17DG07473, by Bronwydd Ready To Rumble

Lot 40 – Foulrice 17DG07682, by Cwm Dunrig Nelson

Lot 46 – Foulrice 17DG07714, by Lowerye Neil’s Favourite

Lot 57 – Foulrice 17DG07767, by Cwm Dunrig Nelson

Lot 64 – Foulrice 18DG08000, by Dalby Sherman

Lot 66 – Foulrice 18DG08282, by Dalby Sherman

Lot 67 – Foulrice 18DG08004, by Hyde Radio5Live

Service sire – Sheldon Supreme

Service sire – Dalby Sherman

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