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HW Beef Shorthorn Dispersal – Stirling

The complete herd dispersal of the HW Beef Shorthorn herd will be held at UA’s Stirling Market on Saturday 15th September. Below are pictures of some of the exciting lots on offer – click on the animal’s name to view its pedigree.

The full online catalogue can be viewed here

Lot 78a – HW Cheerleader

Lot 81a – HW Margo 2nd

Lot 88a – HW Veronica 6th

Lot 104a – HW Marigold

Lot 120 – HW Proud Muriel

Lot 130 – HW Lovely Laura

Lot 131 – HW Tessa 2nd

Lot 136 – HW Foxglove Flake

Lot 140 – HW Elegant Irania

Lot 141 – HW Eva Broadhooks

Lot 147 – HW Georgina

Lot 151 – HW Broadhooks 861

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