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Lanark – Blackface Females

Blackface females sold to 11,000gns at Lanark, with a one-crop ewe from Auldhouseburn leading the way, selling to High Staward. Overall, 63 lots sold to average £1451.17, with 18 ewes levelling at £2356.67 and 45 gimmers averaging out at £1088.97.

Below are pictures of the top priced lots, followed by a list of leading prices and buyers.

Sale topper, a one-crop ewe by £90k Blackhouse from Auldhouseburn which made 11,000gns to High Staward

This one-crop ewe from Loughash, by £40k Loughash, sold at 6000gns to Veronica Fullerton

The pre-sale champion, a gimmer from Robert Cockburn, Hill if Errol, made 5600gns to Lurg

This gimmer from Loughash, by £5500 Dalwyne, sold at 3800gns to Messrs Crawford, Northern Ireland

From Dalwyne, this gimmer by Davinci, sold at 3200gns to Malcolm Coubrough, Whelphill

This gimmer from Allanfauld by the Beast, also made 3200gns, to Tom Bagan, Waterlands

This one-crop ewe from Lurg, by £2400 Lurg, sold at 3000gns to Rhona Munro, Mull

From Loughash, this one-crop ewe by£24k Elmscleugh, made 2800gns to Veronica Fullerton, Northern Ireland

Other leading prices:

2200gns –  Crossflatt (two-crop by McCoy), to Messrs Fraser, Balgowan, Lagganbridge. 

1900gns – Burncastle (gimmer by £7500 Burncastle) to CC MacArthur, Nunnerie, Elvanfoot.

1900gns – Lurg (two-crop by £11,000 Gass), to D Harrison, Annalong, Co Down.

1900gns – Grains (gimmer by Gold Blend), to I and G Davidson, Larne, Northern Ireland.

1800gns – Whelphill (two-crop by £10,000 Dalchirla), to Curran Bros, Culmore, Derry, Northern Ireland.

1700gns – Dyke (three-crop by £24,000 Elmscleugh), to J and C Harkin, Loughash, Strabane.

1600gns – Dyke (one-crop by £25,000 Crossflatt), to C Toner, Castlewellan, Co Down.

1600gns – Midlock (four-crop, reserve champion, by £90,000 Dalchirla), to D Harrison, Annalong, Co Down.

1500gns – Allanfauld (three-crop by Gee Whizz), to Conway Bros, Prumbridge, Northern Ireland.

1500gns – Blackhouse (gimmer by £1400 Auldhouseburn), to A Orr.

1400gns – Mitchellhill (gimmer by £1800 Silloans), to S Heads, Aitkenhead, Fenwick.

1400gns – Midlock (gimmer by a son of £40,000 Dalchirla), to Messrs McCarry, Northern Ireland.

1300gns – Uppercleugh (two-crop by £26,000 Crossflatt), to C Toner, Castlewellan, Co Down.

1300gns – Midlock (gimmer by £800 Dalchirla), to Messrs McCarry, Northern Ireland.

1100gns – Auldhouseburn (gimmer by £160,000 Dalchirla), to E McKenna, Ballyknock, Maghera.

1000gns – High Staward (gimmer by £50,000 Crossflatt), to W Stevenson, Balrazzie, Ballantrae.

1000gns – Lurg (one-crop by a home-bred son of £13,000 Loughash), to J and C Harkin, Loughash.

1000gns – Uppercleugh (two-crop by £5200 Elmscleugh), to Messrs Breslin, Northern Ireland.

1000gns – Nunnerie (gimmer by £36,000 Midlock), to C Gallacher, Cattry, Co Donegal.

1000gns – Crossflatt (gimmer by £18,000 Gass), to Messrs Fraser, Balgowan, Lagganbridge.

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