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Blackface Tups ’17

After a hectic few weeks, here are this year’s commissioned Blackface tup portraits that we’ve taken so far…there are an odd few still to take which we hope to get in Feb/March. Hope you enjoy having a browse!

Please read our terms and conditions page – We are lucky to have the opportunity to photograph such bonny beasts, but please respect the time and effort we go to, getting them to pose for us…. © MacGregor Photography – 2017  – All Rights Reserved (Artists included!) ? 

£11,000 Achdregnie, by £4400 Tom Adams, sold to Breslin, Cronkeerin; Cannon, Crove and Mackey, Rosemount

£10,500 Achdregnie, by home-bred son of a £5000 Achdregnie, sold to Woolfords and Breslin, Cronkeerin

£10,000 Allanfauld, by £35,000 Dalchirla, sold to Glenrath and Hartside

£10,000 Allanfauld, by £2400 Auldhouseburn, sold to Livet and Shawsknowe

Allanfauld kept ‘Lukaku’, by £100,000 Elmscleugh

£8000 Auchloy, by a Crossflatt-bred son of £160,000 Dalchirla, sold to Connachan and Glen, with a share retained

£58,000 Auldhouseburn, by £85,000 Elmscleugh, sold to Elmscleugh and Glenrath with a share retained

£11,000 Auldhouseburn, by £50,000 Crossflatt, to Upper Wellwood and Greenside, with Auldhouseburn retaining a share

£8000 Auldhouseburn, by £85,000 Elmscleugh, sold to Burnhead and Dyke

Auldhouseburn Private Sale, by £85,000 Elmscleugh, sold to Hartside (Coubrough)

£7000 Balliemeanoch, by £9000 Midlock, sold to Shawsknowe

£3000 Balliemeanoch, by a Midlock sire, sold to Letar

£10,000 Blackcraig, by £25,000 Elmscleugh, sold to Nunnerie

£28,000 Blackhouse, by £25,000 Elmscleugh, sold to Glenrath

£7000 Blackhouse, by Hulk, sold to Dunruchan

£18,000 Calla, by 8000gns Paul McEvoy, sold to Achdregnie

£8000 Chirmorrie, by £3200 Knockdon, sold to Cuil

£10,000 Connachan, by £4000 Gass, sold to Craignell and Gass

£5800 Corsebank, by £2600 Auldhouseburn, sold to Dunruchan

£10,000 Craigdarroch, by £4500 Burnhead, sold to Fingland and Hartside

£9000 Craigdoo, by £35,000 Dalchirla, sold to Craig and Netherwood

£7000 Craignell, sold to Glen and Markdhu

Crossflatt ‘Tornado’ by £160,000 Dalchirla

£1000 Crossflatt, by Tornado, sold to Thomas Muirhead

£6000 Cuil ‘Bulldozer’, by £1400 Balmurrie, sold to Balmurrie and Carscreugh

Cuil Kept ‘Batman’, by £14,000 Allanfauld

£75,000 Dalchirla, by £28,000 Auldhouseburn, sold to Auldhouseburn and Glenrath

£32,000 Dalchirla, by £24,000 Connachan, sold to Allanfauld, Dyke, Harestone and Troloss

£30,000 Dalchirla, by £10,000 Nunnerie, sold to Drumgrange

£30,000 Dalchirla, by £28,000 Auldhouseburn, sold to High Staward

£22,000 Dalchirla “The Monarch”, by £24,000 Connachan, sold to Dalwyne and Lurg

£10,000 Dalwyne, by £52,000 Crossflatt, sold to Aikengall and Parkhall

£3000 Dalwyne, by £52,000 Crossflatt, sold to Ian Houston, Grobdale

Dalwyne Kept ‘Oasis’, by £52,000 Crossflatt

Dalwyne Kept, by £52,000 Crossflatt, Dam by £60,000 Midlock

Dalwyne Kept, by £52,000 Crossflatt, Dam by Buffalo

Drimsynie Kept, by Pogba

£4000 Dunruchan, by £14,000 Dalchirla, sold to Charlie Mcintyre with a share retained

£20,000 Dyke, by £15,000 Midlock, sold to Gass, Glenrath and Hartside

£14,000 Dyke, by £35,000 Dalchirla, sold to Craigdarroch

£55,000 Easter Happrew, by £85,000 Elmscleugh, sold to Blackcraig, Hartside and Milnmark

£17,000 Easter Happrew, by £18,000 Midlock, sold to Burncastle, Kirkstead and Tinnis

£25,000 Elmscleugh, by £11,000 Elmscleugh, sold to Midlock

£16,000 Elmscleugh, by £160,000 Dalchirla, sold to Moorfoot

£5500 Elmscleugh, by £10,000 Auldhouseburn, sold to Allanfauld

£4000 Elmscleugh, by £5000 Dalwyne, sold to Dunruchan

£13,000 Gass, by Tornado, sold to Aitkenhead and Elmscleugh

£6500 Gass, by Bulletin, sold to McCulloch Bros, Peter Morgan, Gerard McGinn with a share retained

£4500 Gass by a son of £12,000 Crossflatt, sold to Aberuchill and Burnhead, Darvel

£1100 Gass, by £20,000 Auldhouseburn, sold to Allanfauld

£3200 Glen, by £18,000 Greenside, sold to Larg Creetown

£42,000 Glenrath, by £6500 High Staward, sold to Blackhouse, Burncastle and WIlliamhope

£24,000 Glenrath, by £85,000 Elmscleugh, sold to Gass

£22,000 Glenrath, by £85,000 Elmscleugh, sold to Auldhouseburn and Dollarbank

£14,000 Glenrath, by £85,000 Elmscleugh, to Merkins

£13,000 Glenrath, by £85,000 Elmscleugh, sold to Blackhouse, Williamhope, Aitkengall and Burncastle

£11,000 Glenrath, by £15,000 Dyke, sold to Corsebank and Parkhall

£1400 Harestone, by a son of £62,000 Dalchirla, sold to Elmscleugh

£10,000 Hartside, by £62,000 Dalchirla, sold to Michael Ketch, Southern Ireland

£6500 Haughton, by 8500gns Mark Smyth, sold to Calla

£20,000 High Croach, by Irn Bru (Kept High Croach) sold to Drannandow, Markdhu and Nunnerie

£12,000 High Croach, by Irn Bru, sold to Drannandow and Markdhu

£4000 Larg Creetown, by £2000 Fingland, sold to Craig and Fingland

£3200 Lephinchapel, by £10,000 Arnicle, sold to Nunnerie

£45,000 Loughash, by £14,000 High Staward, sold to Auldhouseburn, Crossflatt, High Staward and Loughash

£2800 Loughash, ‘The Bargain’

£22,000 Lurg, by £4200 Connachan, sold to Dalchirla and Midlock

£4500 Markdhu ‘Dolly’, by £10,000 Cuil, sold to Cuil

£45,000 Midlock, by £100,000 Elmscleugh, sold to Elmscleugh

£40,000 Midlock, by £18,000 Auldhouseburn, sold to Blackhouse, Silloans and Williamhope

£32,000 Midlock, by Gold Blend, sold to Allanfauld, Drimsynie and Harestone

£20,000 Nunnerie, by £100,000 Elmscleugh, sold to Eoin McKenna and Charlie Phillips

£11,000 Nunnerie, by £8000 Loughash, sold to Allanfauld, Brian Harkin and Loughash

£900 Nunnerie, by £100,000 Elmscleugh, sold to Dalwyne and Ian Houston

£10,000 Silloans, by £14,000 Auldhouseburn, sold to Arnicle, Elmscleugh and Merkland

£7000 Troloss, by £13,000 Crossflatt, sold to Glenrath and Nunnerie

£5000 Troloss, by £62,000 Dalchirla, sold to Midlock

£10,000 Upper Wellwood, by £5000 Crossflatt, sold to Midlock, with a share retained

Woolfords Kept

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