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Kitrob Texel Sale

Kitrob Texels are holding a production sale at Carlisle this Saturday, 23rd September, selling 19 ewes, 34 gimmers and 30 ewe lambs.

Below are a few of the sale lots offered, to view an animals pedigree just click on it’s name. The full catalogue, including many more photographs, is available here on the Harrison and Hetherington website.

Lot 464 – JOK1701077

Lot 409 – JOK1400738

Lot 417 – JOK1500840

Lot 406 – JOK1400730

Lot 453 – JOK1601055

Lot 462 – JOK1701066

Lot 474 – JOK1701113

To view the full sale catalogue, click here

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