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Cheeklaw Aberdeen-Angus Dispersal

The Cheeklaw Herd will be dispersed within the October Bull Sales at Stirling on Monday 23rd October. Established in 1992, the small herd has had plenty show and sale success. This is a great opportunity to purchase some of these prize winning genetics!

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Lot 127a – Cheeklaw Jacob Eric T608

Lot 129 – Cheeklaw Petrina G284

Lot 130 and 130a – Cheeklaw Joyce Erica H302 and Cheeklaw Jo Erica T594

Lot 131 – Cheeklaw Prettie H310

Lot 131a – Cheeklaw Pearl S579

Lot 132A – Cheeklaw Elgin S580

Lot 133 and 133a – Cheeklaw Phlosy J330 and Cheeklaw Pharaoh T593

Lot 134 and 134a – Cheeklaw Elsie K353 and Cheeklaw Elsa T587

Lot 135 and 135a – Cheeklaw Juli Erica K361 and Cheeklaw Jules Erica T610

Lot 136 – Cheeklaw Jenna Erica K374

Lot 137 – Cheeklaw Emily K381

Lot 137a – Cheeklaw Emrys T586

Lot 138 – Cheeklaw Ellon L385

Lot 139 – Cheeklaw Eden L386

Lot 139a – Cheeklaw Edryd T589

Lot 140 – Cheeklaw Esk L396

Lot 141 and 141a – Cheeklaw Black Betsy M417 and Cheeklaw Black Beth T597

Lot 142a – Cheeklaw Black Bisto T595

Lot 143 – Cheeklaw Poppy M421

Lot 143a – Cheeklaw Petal T585

Lot 144 – Cheeklaw Eryn M423

Lot 145 and 145a – Cheeklaw Portia M430 and Cheeklaw Pomanda T591

Lot 146 and 146a – Cheeklaw Eda M431 and Cheeklaw Ederyn T599

Lot 147 – Cheeklaw Edia M432

Lot 148 and 148a – Cheeklaw Black Bethan M433 and Cheeklaw Black Bryn T602

Lot 150 – Cheeklaw Jemma Erica M441

Lot 151 – Cheeklaw Polyanna N447

Lot 152 – Cheeklaw Pride N449

Lot 152a – Cheeklaw Paige T588

Lot 153 – Cheeklaw Jenny Erica N452

Lot 153a – Cheeklaw Jeana Erica T583

Lot 154 – Cheeklaw Peony N456

Lot 157 and 157a – Cheeklaw Jinny Erica P478 and Cheeklaw Jestus Eric T598

Lot 159 – Cheeklaw Ellie P485

Lot 160 – Cheeklaw Enya P488

Lot 161 and 161a – Cheeklaw Jipsey Erica P492 and Cheeklaw Jinty Erica T592

Lot 162 – Cheeklaw Black Bess R506

Lot 165 – Cheeklaw Erona R517

Lot 166 – Cheeklaw Black Belle R518

Lot 168 – Cheeklaw Emilia R527


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