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Carlisle – Aberdeen-Angus

A female from the Blelack dispersal of Autumn-calvers topped the Aberdeen-Angus sale at Carlisle yesterday at 16,000gns. This was the five-year-old cow Blelack Toplass M847, selling to J Loftus, Weeton, Preston.

The bull sale reached 12,000gns, this was paid for Gretnahouse Jack Eric R832 by S Craft, Little Balquhomire, Leslie, Fife.

Bulls averaged £4153.33 for 54 sold with the three heifers forward levelling at £2240.00. The Blelack consignment averaged £6128.68 for 19 cows and in-calf heifers.

Below are pictures of some of the the top price lots, followed by a list of prices and buyers. To view the full selection of photographs taken, see our Photo Sales section.

Top in the bull sale was Gretnahouse Jack Eric R832, selling for 12,000gns to S Craft, Little Balquhomire, Leslie, Fife

Oak Moor Lord Ivanhoe R265 made 7000gns to Dunstable Estate, Old Hall, Dunstable, Burton-On-Trent

Blelack Topclass R626 sold for 7000gns to GD Herdman, The Demesne, Edlingham, Alnwick

Gretnahouse Lord Hansa R812 made 6500gns to R Rutherford & Sons, Old Town Farm, Whitfield, Hexham

Making 6000gns was Tonley Jaguar Eric R206, selling to T Hutchinson, Lee Hall, Wark, Hexham

Also making 6000gns was Auchengray Europium R276, bought by Bosolo Farms, Clachaig, Kilmory, Arran

Another from the Gretnahouse pen, Krackpad R809 sold for 6000gns to Parkin, Home Farm, Kirkby, Maryport, Cumbria

Female Champion Duncanziemere Edwina S193 sold for 3000gns to Rand Contracting Ktd, Hatchpen Farm, Royston, Herts

Topping the sale at 16,000gns was Blelack Toplass M847, selling to J Loftus, Weeton, Preston

Also selling to J Loftus, Weeton was Blelack Pride N114 for 10,000gns


Bulls Sold…

Lot 1 – Cheeklaw Parker R514, 4500gns to C Edwards, Pwll-yr-Wratch, Colwinston, Cawbridge.

Lot 2 – Oak Moor Lord Ivanhoe R265, 7000gns to Dunstable Estate, Old Hall, Dunstable, Burton-On-Trent.

Lot 4  – Cheeklaw Editor R524, 4000gns to J Oliver & Partners, Davy Shield, Otterburn.

Lot 5  – Fell Lane Gizmo R288, 4000gns to J Sisterson, Newlands Haugh, Consett, County Durham.

Lot 6  – Haymount Grand Smith, 3500gns to P& J Don, Freefield, Insch, Aberdeen.

Lot 8  – Arms Edwin R927, 3500gns to WSL Muir, Upper Onston, Steness, Orkney.

Lot 9  – Tonley Elano R164, 4000gns to DN Sykes, New Dunsley, Brow Lane, Holmfirth, West Yorks.

Lot 10  – Threeburnford Nomad R603, 2000gns to T & EA Evans & D Myrddin, Pwlldefaid, Aberdaron, Pwllheli, Gwynedd.

Lot 11  – Thrunton Brigadier Max R906, 5000gns to RB Loders, Upper Chatto, Hownam, Morebattle.

Lot 12  – Fell Lane Prince R289, 3200gns to Crowhall Farms, Bardon Mill, Hexham.

Lot 13  – Ettrick Goldeneye R161, 5000gns to J Gray, Unthank Farm, Whittingham, Almwick.

Lot 16  – Tonley Jaguar Eric R206, 6000gns to T Hutchinson, Lee Hall, Wark, Hexham.

Lot 18  – Hallington Jaco Eric R492, 5000gns to JC Cuthbert, Bank Foot, Belsay, Newcastle.

Lot 21  – Lochdhu Charlie Brown R689, 2000gns to D & JE White, East Uppertown, Simonburn, Hexham.

Lot 22  – Lochdhu Edition R692, 3000gns to Maxwell Farming Co, Druidhall, Thornhill.

Lot 23  – Drumhill Lord Harris R661, 4200gns to TC Gillespie, Southpark, Borgue, Kirkcudbright.

Lot 24  – Haymount Even Smith R574, 3600gns to P Featherstone & Son, Allendale, High Westwood, Newcastle.

Lot 25  – Kilmaluag Ebenezer R176, 2600gns to RK & M Mainwaring, Oteley, Ellesmere.

Lot 27  – Netbank Flash R254, 5000gns to Martin, Beck Farm, Lamplugh, Workington.

Lot 28  – Haymount Wendesso R587, 4000gns to B Needham, Wool House, Marwood, Barnard Castle.

Lot 32  – Newbank Prestige R257, 4200gns to WS Davies & Son, Harwood on Teviot, Hawick.

Lot 33  – Tonley Jackson Eric R237, 3500gns to WD Adams & Son, Torhousekie, Wigtown, Newton Stewart.

Lot 35  – Wyddial Edwin R127, 1800gns to A Hall & Son, Barker House, Hexham.

Lot 36  – Auchengray Enzo R266, 2800gns to R & S Clark, Fineview, Glenluce, Newton Stewart.

Lot 37  – Wyddial Pedro R128, 1800gns to EA & N Thompson, Bromley Green, Ormsibe, Appleby-in-Westmorland.

Lot 38  – Auchengray Europium R276, 6000gns to Bosolo Farms, Clachaig, Kilmory, Arran.

Lot 39  – Haymount Piworo R611, 3500gns to RW Morris & Co, Fawside, Gordon, Berwickshire.

Lot 40  – Kilmaluag Everest R332, 2800gns to JS Shaw, West Lethans, Saline, Fife.

Lot 41  – Haymount Gerallo R612, 3800gns to MJ Hutchinson, Red Gap Farm, Wolviston, Billingham, Cleveland.

Lot 42  – Gretnahouse Trackpad R809, 6000gns to Parkin, Home Farm, Kirkby, Maryport, Cumbria.

Lot 44  – Gretnahouse Lord Hansa R812, 6500gns to R Rutherford & Sons, Old Town Farm, Whitfield, Hexham.

Lot 46  – Haymount Gear Smith R619, 2700gns to JV Hodgson & Son, Piercebridge, Darlington.

Lot 51  – Blelack Topclass R626, 7000gns to GD Herdman, The Demesne, Edlingham, Alnwick.

Lot 55  – Blelack Eventime R632, 4000gns to Jenkinson Ltd, Whingill, Hartley, Kirky Stephen.

Lot 57  – Crew Defender R155, 3800gns to R & W Moffat, Bowridge, Carluke, Lanark.

Lot 58  – Gretnahouse Jack Eric R832, 12,000gns to S Craft, Little Balquhomire, Leslie, Fife.

Lot 62  – Rulesmains Elephant R 745, 3800gns to I Craig, Tritlington Old Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland.

Lot 63  – Carruthers Energizer S811, 4000gns to JC Thwaite & Son, Cragg Hill, Lartington, Barnard Castle.

Lot 65  – Yearsley Euro Enterprise R245, 3000gns to MW & JH Gaitskell, High Field, Boustead Hill, Burgh-by-Sands.

Lot 68  – Borewell Black Bionic S852, 5000gns to AR & BA Wilson, West High Wood, Langleydale, Barnard Castle.

Lot 71  – Rulesmains Gaslight S763, 2200gns to E Halliwell, Keysmount, Blackford, Carlisle.

Lot 72  – Tree Bridge Polzeath S574, 1800gns to M & J Thistlethwaite, Newfield, Goosnargh, Preston.

Lot 74  – Borewell Elijah S877, 4000gns to SRUC/SAC Consulting.

Lot 75  – Borewell Prosper S879, 3100gns to Penbedw Farms, Nannerch, Mold, Flintshire.

Lot 77  – Retties Dick Emery S352, 3200gns to PJ & B Miller, Scalehill, Lazonby, Penrith.

Lot 78  – Tree Bridge Enigma S579, 3000gns to G Roddam & Partners, Blackars, Humshaugh, Hexham.

Lot 79  – Casino Pogba S004, 3500gns to RW Morris & Co, Fawside, Gordon.

Lot 80  – Borewell Eric S883, 3000gns to JW Coulthard & Son, Brisco Hill, Longtown, Carlisle.

Lot 81  – Linton Gilbertines Extra S023, 4600gns to RG Farries & Co, Byrecroft, Kirkgunzeon, Dumfires.

Lot 83  – Linton Gilbertines Legend S026, 4500gns to G Hyslop & Son, Maxwellton, Irongray, Dumfries.

Lot 86  – Wyddial Kent S136, 1800gns to JH Atkinson, Mosergh Farm, Selside, Kendal.

Lot 89  – Tonley Agger S261, 2800gns to Chandler Farms Ltd, Highfields, Long Clawson, Melton Mowbray.

Lot 90  – Duncanziemere Musketeer S182, 3000gns to H & A Hiddleston, Park Farm, Crochmore, Irongray, Dumfries.

Lot 91  – Rawburn Evolution S345, 4000gns to M Metcalfe, Westgate Farm, Westgate in Weardale, County Durham.


To view the full gallery from the sale, see our Photo Sales section.




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