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Balmoral Show 2017

We enjoyed a sunny one-day visit to Balmoral Show this week, covering the Aberdeen-Angus, British Blue, Charolais and Simmental classes.

Below are the main winners from those breeds – to view the full selection of photographs taken on the day, see our Photo Sales section.

Angus champion – Carlhurlie Epic P021 from James Porter

Reserve champion – Cheeklaw Emlyn P480 from S & S Matchett

Overall Angus champion and reserve

Female champion – Belhaven Zephyr L370 from Iain Colville

Reserve female, Junior champion & exhibitor bred – Ember Princess Lil S144 from Freddie Davidson

Reserve junior champion – Dartrey Elliott S467 from Brian Johnston & Hylda Mills

Winner of class 573 – Rawburn Evergreen P899 from James Alexander

Winner of class 574 – Old Glenort Precious Pollot R955 from James Porter

Best pair of females, from Brian Johnston and Hylda Mills

Reserve pair of females, from John and Ann Henning

British Blue champion – Springhill King Kong, from James & Sam Martin

Reserve champion – Springhill Karla, from James & Sam Martin

British Blue champion and reserve

Reserve male champion – Bavan Knight, from Trevor Dodds

Reserve female champion – Bavan Lady Rose, from Trevor Dodds

Charolais champion – Woodpark Lottie, from Will Short

Reserve champion – Gretnahouse Lord, from Brendan and Greg Feeney

Overall Charolais champion and reserve

Reserve female & Junior champion – Bessiebell Millie, from SJ Smyth

Reserve male & reserve Junior – Coolnaslee Marlow, from Gilbert Crawford

Best group of three

Winner of class 587 – Altnaveigh Eclipse, from S & R Thompson

Simmental champion – Lisglass Goddess, from JL & CJ Weatherup

Reserve champion and Junior champion – Ashland Humdinger, from P Kelly

Overall Simmental champion and reserve

Reserve female and reserve Junior – Ranfurly Weikel 18th, from WD & JD Hazelton

Best pair, from W Gubbins

Winner of class 598 – Cleenagh Gem, from TW Abraham

Winner of class 597 – Slievenagh Flirt, from JN Glasgow

To view the full selection of photographs taken on the day, see our Photo Sales section

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