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Newark – Limousin

Limousin bulls prices reached 6000gns this weekend at Newark, with Calogale Lionheart topping the sale for Gareth Lee & Catrin Lloyd. The 29 bulls sold averaged £3662. Female trade saw a top of 4500gns, paid for the maiden heifer Absolute Melody from Richard Bartle and Mary Cormack.

Below are pictures of the top price lots, followed by a list of prices and buyers. To view the full selection of photographs taken, see our Photo Sales section

Calogale Lionheart sold for 6000gns to JT Mitchell & Sons, Norfolk

Loosebeare Lumpy, 5800gns to J & JR Appleby, Louth

Sportsmans Ferguson, 5000gns to H Kelsey & Son, Doncaster

Pre-sale champion Gascoines Lawrence made 4500gns to Fristling Hall Farms, Stock, Essex

Absolute Melody sold for 4500gns to M & JC Gould Ltd, Grange Farm, Bomere Heath, Shrewsbury

Mereside Herena & bull calf sold for 4400gns to DJ Summers & Son, Hall Farm, Somerby, Gainsborough

Female Champion Lesly, sold for 3500gns to N Darling, Intwood Farm, Norwich

Bulls Sold…

Lot 1 – Sportsmans Ferguson, 5000gns to H Kelsey & Son, Highfields, South View Farm, Beltoft, Doncaster.

Lot 4 – Brockhurst Lido, 2400gns to A Smith, Hobsic Farm, Selston, Notts.

Lot 6 – Bonshaw Black Leopard, 4000gns to A & B Simpson, Woodcroft, The Hills, Bradwell.

Lot 8 – Twilyte Logo, 2200gns to AC Walton, Cranwell, Sleaford.

Lot 10 – Brockhurst Limitless, 2800gns to Redgate Farms, Coney Grey Farm, Brinsley.

Lot 12 – Brockhurst Lionel, 3000gns to S Wagstaff & Sons, Sydnope Hall, Two Dales, Matlock.

Lot 14 – Gascoines Lawrence, 4500gns to Fristling Hall Farms, Stock, Essex.

Lot 16 – Clifftown Lynx, 4000gns to H & S Nefield, Rosemarys Cottage, Paley Farm, Cranbrook.

Lot 17 – Calogale Lionheart, 6000gns to JT Mitchell & Sons, Station Farm, Thursford, Fakenham, Norfolk.

Lot 18 – Loosebeare Lucas, 3800gns to F & SM Stamper, Salome Lodge, Leighton Bromswold, Huntingdon.

Lot 20 – Threaphurst Lenny, 3600gns to AW Lewis & Son, Coronation Farm, Grainthorpe.

Lot 22 – Coachhouse Leveller, 3600gns to WH Houlbrook & Sons, Ockeridge, Colwall, Malvern.

Lot 23 – Coachhouse Lyle, 3800gns to A Peacock & Sons, Laneham Field Farm, East Drayton, Retford.

Lot 25 – Loosebeare Login, 4500gns to CE Hardcastle & Son, Park Farm, Little Ponton, Grantham.

Lot 27 – Loosebeare Lumpy, 5800gns to J & JR Appleby, The Grange Farm, South Somercotes, Louth.

Lot 30 – Fieldson Lordofthering, 3500gns to S Higgott & Son, Crown Farm, Nailstone, Nuneaton.

Lot 31 – Coachhouse Lotus, 3200gns to W Jackson & Sons, Hill Farm, Carlton-on-Trent, Newark.

Lot 33 – Threaphurst Lotus, 3800gns to GJ & JH Byard, Bramble Farm, Pilsley, Chesterfield.

Lot 34 – Ewdenvale Luke, 4000gns to R Dunthorne, Hill Farm, Limpenhoe, Norwich.

Lot 36 – Ewdenvale Lancaster, 3500gns to R Dunthorne.

Lot 37 – Lucien, 2800gns to JB Dodds, Graby Farm, Sleaford.

Lot 38 – Fieldson Lordship, 3800gns to S Higgott & Son.

Lot 39 – Leeschampdor Legend, 3200gns to H Hodgkinson & Sons, Harley Grange, Earl Sterndale, Buxton.

Lot 40 – Beaconsfield Lucius, 3200gns to GD Stephenson & Sons, Londesborough Wold Farm, York.

Lot 41 – Scorboro Legend, 3100gns to Hasselby & Hall, Decoy Farm, Rawcliffe Bridge, Goole.

Lot 42 – Tomschoice Lancer, 3400gns to SW & AN Stubbs, Hall Farm, Wiverton, Bingham.

Lot 43 – Scorboro Lomu, 3600gns to J Booth, Vine Farm, Sutton Doncaster.

Lot 44 – Cornsay Lion, 2500gns to M Cheney, Peatling Lodge Farm, Peatling Magna.

Lot 46 – Gascoines Laurence, 3000gns to J Mills & Son, Winwick Grange, Winwick.

Lot 47 – Beaconsfield Loki, 2800gns to AJ Parker & Son, Derbyhills Farm, Ticknall.

To view the full gallery, please see our Photo Sales section

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