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Stirling – Simmental

Averages rose by £391 on the year at this week’s show and sale of Simmental bulls at Stirling, with 120 levelling out at £6066. Top price was 21,000gns, with a total of 14 bulls hitting five-figure prices.

Below are pictures of the top price lots, followed by a list of prices and buyers. To view the full selection of photographs taken, see our Photo Sales section

Overhill House Guinness topped the sale at 21,000gns to an undisclosed buyer

Dirnanean Grafter made 20,000gns to Strathisla Farms

Aultmore Goliath sold at 16,000gns to R McCulloch, Over Hill House

Denizes Gallant made 15,000gns to R & P McAlister, Langalbuinoch, Kingarth, Bute

Also selling for 15,000gns was Wolfstar Gold Digger, going to MR & MT Quarm, Holehouse Farm, Annick Estate, Irvine

Pre-sale Champion Islavale Gambler sold for 13,000gns to Backmuir Trading Ltd, Keith

Kilbride Farm Goldstar made 12,000gns to E Grant, Dellfield

Wolfstar Gordy made 11,000gns to GW Smith, Drumsleed

Drumacritten George sold for 11,000gns to J Jeffrey, Kersknowe

Corskie Grantown made 11,000gns to J Innes & Son, Dunscroft, Huntly

Dellfield Goldeneye sold for 11,000gns to J Duff & Son, Broomknowe, Brechin

Kilbride Farm Gregor sold for 10,000gns and is off to Orkney

Islavale Golden Boy also made 10,000gns, he sold to J Duff & Son, Broomknowe, Brechin

Kilbride Farm Gruffalo sold for 10,000gns to Messrs Sutherland, Sibmister & Stainland Farms, Thurso


Simmental bulls sold…

Lot 80 – Pitmudie Gambler, 3000gns to Broadfield Farms, Eastington, Northleach, Glos.

Lot 81 – Auchorachan Goldenboy, 4200gns to Strathmore Farming Co, Glamis Forfar.

Lot 85 – Drumsleed Genesis, 4000gns to A & R Paton, Easter Greenhill, Avonbridge, Falkirk.

Lot 89 – Islavale Gambler, 13,000gns to Backmuir Trading Ltd, Keith.

Lot 91 – Grangewood Galahad, 4000gns to AG Whiteford, South Keithney, Inverurie.

Lot 92 – Dirnanean Gerald, 4200gns to JC Kinnaird & Son, Papple, Haddington.

Lot 93 – Kersknowe Gurkha, 3600gns to NJ Eynon, Gwerngenny, Wormbridge, Hereford.

Lot 94 – Drumsleed Guard, 3000gns to I Campbell & Son, Aird Farm, Ardfern, Lochgilphead.

Lot 96 – Boswell Guardian, 4200gns to Kincraigie Farms, Lumphanan, Banchory.

Lot 97 – Overhill House Gentry, 6400gns to WSL Muir, Upper Onston, Stenness, Orkney.

Lot 98 – Rockytop Gigabyte, 6000gns to J Hunter & Co, Braehead, Bainshole, Huntly.

Lot 99 – Drumsleed Galway, 3000gns to JW Thompson & Son, Blackcastle, Innerwick, Dunbar.

Lot 100 – Islavale Giles, 6000gns to Ormsary Farmers, Ormsary Estate, Lochgilphead.

Lot 102 – Overhill House Guinness, 21,000gns to an undisclosed buyer.

Lot 103 – Islavale Gethin, 8500gns to AR Strathdee, Langlanburn, Deskford, Cullen.

Lot 104 – Greencap Gallant, 5500gns to JW Hogg, Longyester, Gifford.

Lot 106 – Kyleston Grafite, 3000gns to J Brown & Partners, Milldam, Dingwall.

Lot 109 – Wolfstar Gordy, 11,000gns to GW Smith, Drumsleed, Fordoun.

Lot 111 – Corskie Godwin, 8500gns to Craigkelly Farm Ltd, North Glassmount, Kinghorn, Kirkcaldy.

Lot 112 – Skerrington Gulliver, 2800gns to J & S Barr, Leyden Farm, Kirknewton.

Lot 114 – Denizes Gigolo, 4000gns to Redhouse Farms, Oldmeldrum, Inverurie.

Lot 115 – Camus Gaelic, 4200gns to D Bryce & Sons, Cowden Farm, Stirling.

Lot 117 – Pitgaveny Gizmo, 3600gns to GT & S Coghill, Muce, Birsay, Orkney.

Lot 118 – Drumacritten George, 11,000gns to J Jeffrey, Kersknowe, Kelso.

Lot 119 – Kyleston Geronimo, 9500gns to JW Hogg, Longyester, Gifford.

Lot 122 – Wolfstar Grampian, 8500gns to Cushnie Farms, Wardes, Kintore.

Lot 124 – Braegarrie Gambler, 4000gns to M Orr & Sons, Bangour Farm, Dechmont, Broxburn.

Lot 125 – Fallhills Gunther, 7000gns to Broadfield Farms.

Lot 126 – Fallhills Genesis, 6500gns to J & AR Reid, Pictstonhill, Perth.

Lot 127 – Kilbride Farm Glynn, 3500gns to AH Mackay, West Greenland, Castletown, Caithness.

Lot 128 – Denizes Grenadier, 4800gns to C McGucken, Lyking Farm, Sandwick, Orkney.

Lot 129 – Denizer Guardsman, 7500gns to AG Stephen & Co, Burnside of Idoch, Turriff.

Lot 130 – Overhill House Guardian, 4000gns to D & P Gunn, Borgie Mains, Castletown, Caithness.

Lot 131 – Overhill House Gherkin, 7200gns to Philiphaugh Estates, Old Mill Farm, Selkirk.

Lot 132 – Manor Park Gabriel, 2200gns to SJ & J Hodgeson & Son, Tottlebank Farm, Greenodd, Cumbria.

Lot 136 – Lisglass Goliath, 4800gns to Broadfield Farms.

Lot 137 – Ashland Gingerboy, 6500gns to M Cruickshank, Parkfield, Oldmeldrum.

Lot 138 – Rooklea Glen, 2200gns to E Auld, Little Aiden Farm, Kilcreggan.

Lot 139 – Saltire Glenkinchie, 4000gns to J White & Sons, Middle Steads, Selkirk.

Lot 140 – Castlemount Goldsmith, 3500gns to WSL Muir, Upper Onston, Orkney.

Lot 141 – Kilbride Farm Gleneely, 7500gns to Messrs Sutherland, Sibmister & Stainland Farms, Thurso.

Lot 142 – Kilbride Farm Goldbar, 2600gns to J & E Cunningham, Hillsborough, Co Down.

Lot 145 – Springfield Gunner, 3200gns to J & TF MacFarlane, Flass, Westruther, Gordon.

Lot 146 – Strathisla Gremlin, 3000gns to Marshall Farms, Chapel Works, Bucksburn.

Lot 147 – Greencap Galaxy, 8500gns to AC Burke, Nether Stewarton, Eddleston.

Lot 148 – Berga Goliath, 5000gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud, Inverness.

Lot 152 – Drumagarner Gallagher, 8000gns to D Goldie, Barnford, Dalrymple.

Lot 155 – Rehall George, 2200gns to AH Mackay, Strath Farm, Watten, Wick.

Lot 156 – Newbiemains Gold Dust, 4500gns to D Bell & Son, Kincraigie, Strathmiglo.

Lot 159 – Denizes Gallant, 15,000gns to R & P McAlister, Langalbuinoch, Kingarth, Bute.

Lot 162 – Incheoch Gallant, 4000gns to DP Nicholson, Quoys, South Ronaldsay.

Lot 163 – Hiltonstown Gideon, 3500gns to A Anderson & Son, Nether Tillygarmond, Finzean, Banchory.

Lot 164 – Incheoch Garrison, 3800gns to Redhouse Farms, Oldmeldrum.

Lot 165 – Incheoch Gus, 3000gns to Connon Brae Farms, Torgorm, Conon Bridge, Dingwall.

Lot 166 – Newbiemains Goodyear, 6000gns to JH Logan & Co, Dalfask Farm, Girvan.

Lot 167 – Dirnanean Garvie, 5200gns to Hugh Sloan, Meadowflatt Farm, Thankerton.

Lot 168 – Hiltonstown Gareth, 3000gns to A Anderson & Son, Nether Tillygarmond.

Lot 169 – Kilbride Farm Gregor, 10,000gns to Orkney.

Lot 170 – Ranfurly Gerrard, 6500gns to J Maxwell, Jaw Farm, Fintry.

Lot 171 – Dirnanean Grafter, 20,000gns to Strathisla Farms, Moolies, Ruthven, Blairgowrie.

Lot 175 – Drumsleed Grouse, 3000gns to A Maclachlan, Dalquhurn, Renton.

Lot 176 – Kilbride Farm Goldstar, 12,000gns to E Grant, Dellfield, Inverness.

Lot 179 – Innerwick Gregor, 7500gns to Messrs Gill & Co, Brucefield, Portmahomack.

Lot 185 – Corskie Grantown, 11,000gns to J Innes & Son, Dunscroft, Huntly.

Lot 188 – Knockreagh Geronimo, 6000gns to D Brims, Brabsterdorran Mains, Bower, Wick.

Lot 191 – Ranfurly Gomez, 3500gns to H Greer, Gelvan View, Fossoway, Kinross.

Lot 193 – Lisglass Gladstone, 5000gns to JB Paterson & Co, Hartbush, Amisfield, Dumfries.

Lot 194 – Kilbride Farm Gino, 3000gns to Marshall Farms, Chapel Works, Bucksburn.

Lot 195 – Chestermann Graduate, 4000gns to WJ McHarrie, Duchra Farm, Stranraer.

Lot 196 – Kilbride Farm Gladiator, 4500gns to Goldenlea Farmers, Gryffewraes, Bridge of Weir.

Lot 198 – Corskie Galloway, 5000gns to JW Sutherland & Son, Granton Mains, Bower, Wick.

Lot 199 – Kilbride Farm Grand Master, 4000gns to WJF Ramsay & Sons, Cardryne, Drummore, Stranraer.

Lot 202 – Corskie Goofy, 4800gns to G Stewart & Sons, Strathmore, Coull, Aboyne.

Lot 203 – Corskie Golden Boy, 8000gns to Ardhuncart Farms, Kildrummy, Alford.

Lot 204 – Chestermann Geraint, 6500gns to S McClymont, Tinnis, Yarrow.

Lot 205 – Tilbrook Governor, 4000gns to DL Nelson, Cuttlehill Farm, Crossgates, Fife.

Lot 206 – Corskie Galice, 7000gns to J & MH Brims, Thurster Mains, Wick.

Lot 207 – Kilbride Farm Glenwherry, 3800gns to GT & S Coghill, Muce, Birsay, Orkney.

Lot 208 – Harestone Goodman, 3000gns to A & CB Millar, Baidlandhill Farm, Dalry.

Lot 209 – Woodhall Glenmore, 5500gns to John Lawrie, Tillyrie, Milnathort.

Lot 211 – Lisglass Gladiator, 4200gns to N Gourlay, Auchencheyne, Moniaive.

Lot 212 – Dargill Gerald, 3000gns to J & TF MacFarlane Ltd, Flass, Westruther, Gordon.

Lot 213 – Westridge Genius, 3500gns to A Struthers, Greenbank, Carluke.

Lot 215 – Auchorachan Gladiator, 5200gns Alexander Farms Ltd, Cluny Crichton, Banchory.

Lot 216 – Denizes Geronimo, 5000gns to JD Loftus, Mount Farm, Singleton, Blackpool.

Lot 217 – Aultmore Gaffer, 6200gns to R Garden, Culfosie, Echt.

Lot 218 – Hiltonstown Grayson, 2800gns to A & B Kerr, East Cairnbeg, Laurencekirk.

Lot 219 – Aultmore Goliath, 16,000gns to R McCulloch, Over Hill House, Armadale.

Lot 220 – Corskie Google, 5500gns to B Morrison, Easter Urray, Muir of Ord.

Lot 221 – Cwarre Graduate, 3200gns to A Haggart, Muirmouth, Madderty, Crieff.

Lot 222 – Corskie Grizzly, 5200gns to Grove Farms, Meikle Barncleugh, Irongray.

Lot 223 – Woodhall Grouse, 6000gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud.

Lot 224 – Dargill Govner, 4000gns to MJ & J McLaren, Fintalich, Muthill, Crieff.

Lot 226 – Rockytop Geronimo, 7500gns to D & G Manson & Sons, Brodieshill, Alves, Forres.

Lot 229 – Corskie Glen, 5000gns to M Poland, Lower Preshaw House, Upham, Southampton.

Lot 231 – Crudie Goliath, 4800gns to W Gunn, Murza Farm, Bower, Wick.

Lot 232 – Denizes Glenlivet, 8200gns to D Cleland, Glebe Farm, Dinedor, Hereford.

Lot 233 – Dellfield Goldeneye, 11,000gns to Heather Duff, Pitmudie, Brechin.

Lot 234 – Corskie Gerrard, 4800gns to NW Graham & Son, Tortolocate Farm, Haile, Egremont.

Lot 235 – Crudie Geoffry, 2200gns to JW Thompson & Son, Blackcastle, Innerwick.

Lot 236 – Drumsleed Gallant, 5000gns to J Coventry & Sons, Newbarns Farm, Forfar.

Lot 237 – Islavale Gangster, 5000gns to G Wealleans & Son, Angel Row, Greenlaw, Duns.

Lot 238 – Kilbride Farm Governor, 4000gns to AH Mackay, Strath Farm, Watten, Wick.

Lot 239 – Denizes Glenfiddich, 3200gns to DR & JL Duncan, South Flaws, South Ronaldsay.

Lot 240 – Corskie Godber, 3500gns to Kincraigie Farms.

Lot 241 – Drumsleed Goldsmith, 4500gns to B Ross, Torran Farm, Delny, Invergordon.

Lot 242 – Peasiehill Gulliver, 3000gns to J Barrie, Rumbleton Farm, Greenlaw, Duns.

Lot 245 – Pitmudie Goodyear, 2800gns to KG Holliday, Strudda Bank, Calderbridge, Cumbria.

Lot 246 – Corskie Goseed, 3400gns to TC Brown & Sons, Trowdale, Bridge of Urr, Castle Douglas.

Lot 247 – Auchorachan General, 4000gns to Housebay Farms, Stronsay, Orkney.

Lot 249 – Kilbride Farm Guinness, 2800gns to Marshall Farms, Chapel Works, Bucksburn.

Lot 251 – Corskie Glissando, 7500gns to S Durno & Son, Croftbain, Tomnavoulin.

Lot 252 – Scribby Farms George, 2200gn to A Soutar & Son, Suttieside, Forfar.

Lot 253 – Delfur Golden Boy, 3000gns to Housebay Farms.

Lot 254 – Islavale Golden Boy, 10,000gns to Heather Duff, Pitmudie, Brechin.

Lot 255 – Kilbride Farm Gruffalo, 10,000gns to Messrs Sutherland, Sibmister & Stainland Farms, Thurso.

Lot 257 – Westridge Gavin, 2600gns to J & TF MacFarlane, Flass, Westruther, Gordon.

Lot 263 – Kilbride Farm Gizmo, 3000gns to JI & WN Stout, Whitehall, Stronsay, Orkney.

Lot 265 – Drumsleed Glenbarr, 8000gns to JW Fullerton & Sons, Corsbie, Earlston.

Lot 266 – Islavale Geldolf, 6200gns to TW Hamilton & Co, Kirkton of Crawford.

Lot 268 – Overhill House Guardsman, 7200gns to Mulholland Contracts, Ettrickshaws, Selkirk.

Lot 270 – Stralongford Gladiator, 2800gns to GT & S Coghill, Orkney.

Lot 272 – Kilbride Farm Grenadier, 3500gns to A & B Kerr, East Cairnbeg, Laurencekirk.

Lot 274 – Wolfstar Gold Digger, 15,000gns to MR & MT Quarm, Holehouse Farm, Annick Estate, Irvine.

Lot 275 – Lisglass Goldstar, 2600gns to GL Clark, Broombrae, Auchtermuchty.

Lot 278 – Islavale Gilmore, 6500gns to S McClymont, Tinnis, Yarrow.

To view the full selection of photographs taken, see our Photo Sales section

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