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Stirling – Aberdeen-Angus

Aberdeen-Angus bulls peaked at 18,000gns at Stirling, with 111 bulls selling to average £5735 (a 76% clearance). Females, Meanwhile, sold to 9500gns and levelled out at £3163 for 24 (80% clearance).

Below are pictures of the top price lots, followed by a list of prices and buyers. To view the full selection of photographs taken, see our Photo Sales section.

Balmachie Jack Eric R206 sold for 18,000gns to J Elliot, Roxburgh Mains, Kelso

Blelack Pontius R599 made 16,000gns to J & J Campbell, Wedderlie

Duncanziemere Judge R170 sold for 15,000gns to A Hodge, Rulesmains

Selling to Schivas Estate for 15,000gns was Gretnahouse Exocet R770

Eastfield Jockey R820 made 13,000gns selling to J Coultrip, Wingfield Farm, Stalisfield, Kent

Another from Gretnahouse, Gretnahouse Black Ballboy R763, made 13,000gns to Glympton Farms Ltd, Glympton

Cheeklaw Jake Eric R535 made 10,000gns to NA & J De Cogan, Killanuckey Farm, Castle Martyr, Co Cork

Blelack Blue Jay R631 sold at 10,000gns to AW Neish, Rodmead Farm, Warminster, Wilts

Duncanziemere Scotstoun R148 made 9500gns to J & J Campbell, Wedderlie, Gordon

Eastfield Fiddler R788 sold at 9000gns to RW Flaws, Nisthouse, Evie, Orkney

Rawburn Miss Essence J050 made 8000gns to Hannah Heerema, Balavil Estate, Kingussie, while her 10-month-old calf, Rawburn Miss Essence S326 sold at 9500gns to Brailes Livestock, Upper Brailes, Banbury, Oxfordshire

A weel kent face… William McLaren of Netherton attending his 80th February bull sale


Lot 1 – Tonley Essien N955, 5200gns to BG & J Abbott, Duich Farm, Bowmore, Islay.

Lot 2 – Haymount Gallo P540, 3000gns to ID Salmon, Mains of Logie, Montrose.

Lot 4 – Balmachie Kojak R193, 4500gns to Mossburnford Farm, Jedburgh.

Lot 5 – Ballndalloch Eurostar R448, 3500gns to WSL Muir, Upper Onston, Stromness, Orkney.

Lot 6 – Rodmean Primero R746, 4000gns to C & E McCombie, Auchincrieve, Rothiemay, Huntly.

Lot 7 – Newton-Struthers Elonso R058, 3600gns to W & WJ Jardine, Newbiggings, Boreland, Lockerbie.

Lot 9 – Logie Leader R544, 2600gns to WSL Muir, Orkney.

Lot 11 – Newton-Struthers Rico R069, 2300gns to R Mitchell & Sons, Whitriggs, Hawick.

Lot 12 – Cheeklaw Edwin R510, 3500gns to TN Cavers, Sorbie Farm, Ewes, Langholm.

Lot 13 – Tonley Elgar R134, 7000gns to R Forrest Ltd, Preston, Duns, Berwickshire.

Lot 15 – Tillyfour Picos R898, 3800gns to Gellan Farms, Mill of Gellan, Coul, Aboyne.

Lot 17 – Ballindalloch Eagle R453, 3500gns to J Grant, West Mains of Auchterhous, Lundie.

Lot 18 – Logie Edition R548, 3500gns to West Brough Farms, Sanday, Orkney.

Lot 20 – Rulesmains Finnick R651, 5200gns to GWB Fullerton & Son, Cockburn, Duns.

Lot 22 – Idvies Kansas R683, 3800gns to Glenrinnes Farms Ltd, Duffton.

Lot 24 – Logie Draught R549, 3500gns to D Strang Steel, Sluie, Banchory.

Lot 25 – Balgay Elfhelm R368, 2800gns to CJ Hutchings & Sons, Kings Brompton Farm, Somerset.

Lot 26 – Stouphill Eclipse R113, 3500gns to Harehope Farms Ltd, Alnwick.

Lot 30 – Wrae Bold Buddy R282, 2500gns to J & DL Picken, Milton Farm, Kirkcudbright.

Lot 32 – Cheeklaw Elbar R523, 5000gns to E MacKinnon, Hillcrest, Tiree.

Lot 34 – St Fort Ptarmigan R509, 4000gns to GT & S Coghill, Muce, Birsay, Orkney.

Lot 35 – Haymount Guard Smith R564, 4200gns to JS Robertson & Son, Lathrisk Farm, Freuchie.

Lot 37 – Stouphill Elbar R117, 3200gns to R Johnston & Sons, Roughlands, Falkirk.

Lot 41 – Stouphill Panther R122, 3500gns to C Lawrie & Partners, Blegbie, Humbie.

Lot 42 – Idvies Evolution R691, 5800gns to Balcaskie Farms, Lochty Farm, Anstruther.

Lot 43 – Shawtonhill Niagra R504, 3250gns to W Hamilton & Son, Hyndsidehill, Gordon.

Lot 46 – Linton Gilbertines Prowler R944, 5800gns to A Smith & Sons, Haughton, Glenkindie.

Lot 47 – Eastfields Pongo R774, 3500gns to GT & S Coghill, Orkney.

Lot 48 – Rulesmains Jimo Eric R666, 6200gns to Rowantree Farms, Windypike, Gisburn.

Lot 50 – Inkstack Powerhouse R641, 4000gns to W Manning, Dirnanean, Blairgowrie.

Lot 51 – Alewater Proud Innes R352, 3500gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud, Inverness.

Lot 52 – Stouphill Evolution R128, 3200gns to Messrs Duff, Colliston, Fordoun, Laurencekirk.

Lot 53 – Rawburn El Macho R117, 8000gns to Behringer, Carinthia Angus Herd, Austria.

Lot 55 – Tonley Pawett R166, 4500gns to Fairfield Farms, Balneil, Collinsburgh, Fife.

Lot 56 – Balmachie Bellboy R202, 4500gns to DC Moss & Son, Gotham Farm, Curzon, Notts.

Lot 58 – Windy Gowl Red Gambit R232, 6500gns to J Morton & Son, Kaeside, Melrose.

Lot 59 – Balmachie Boxer R203, 6000gns to DJ Hull, Turncole Farm, Southminster, Essex.

Lot 61 – Rawburn Duke Winchester R128, 6000gns to J & L Greer, Tildarg House, Ballyclare, N Ireland.

Lot 62 – Eastfield Fiddler R788, 9000gns to RW Flaws, Nisthouse, Evie, Orkney.

Lot 63 – Eastfield Earl R794, 6200gns to AJ Maclean, Heylipol Farm, Tiree.

Lot 64 – Balmachie Jack Eric R206, 18,000gns to J Elliot, Roxburgh Mains, Kelso.

Lot 66 – Shawtonhill Elvis R505, 3000gns to MA Bell, Wallaceton Farm, Cardross.

Lot 67 – Wyddial Blackbeard R112, 8000gns to JS Fleming, Castle Sinniness, Glenluce.

Lot 69 – Hallington Panther R476, 3000gns to J Barrie, Rumbleton Farm, Greenlaw, Duns.

Lot 71 – Cherrybank Panasonic R197, 2300gns to TC Stewart & Sons, Marshill Farm, Lesmahagow.

Lot 72 – Thrunton Panther R907, 4500gns to S Allardyce, East Town Farm, Tarland, Aboyne.

Lot 75 – Gretnahouse Black Ballboy R763, 13,000gns to Glympton Farms Ltd, Glympton, Woodstock.

Lot 76 – Glassel Blackbeard R002, 7000gns to South Eastern Cattle Breeding Society, Dovea, Co Tipperary.

Lot 77 – Hallington Emperor R478, 6000gns to AB Huxley, Hotel Farm, Grindley Brook, Shropshire.

Lot 78 – Balgay Elrond R428, 3200gns to DC Smith, Cloffrickford Farm, Auchnagatt, Ellon.

Lot 79 – Cardona Jewel Eric R963, 4000gns to Fairfield Farms, Balneil, Fife.

Lot 80 – Glassel Jeremy Eric R006, 4500gns to R Brewis, Chesterhill, Easington Grange, Northumberland.

Lot 81 – Tonley Einstein R198, 5000gns to R Wallace & Sons, Titwood Farm, Dunlop.

Lot 82 – Shawtonhill Nacho R509, 4800gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud.

Lot 84 – Gretnahouse Exocet R770, 15,000gns to Schivas Estate, Ythanbank, Ellon.

Lot 86 – Eastfield Jockey R820, 13,000gns to J Coultrip, Wingfield Farm, Stalisfield, Kent.

Lot 89 – Airedale Kommander R407, 2000gns to A Young & Sons, Barshare Farm, Cumnock.

Lot 90 – HW Frederic R542, 5500gns to S & J Fisher, Bush of Ewes, Longholm.

Lot 91 – Idvies Ernest R712, 4000gns to DJ Hull, Turncole Farm, Essex.

Lot 92 – Ettrick Bellman R165, 3000gns to RSPB, Loch Gruinart, Islay.

Lot 93 – Kersquarter Ellisland R204, 5000gns to JS Fleming, Castle Sinninass, Genluce.

Lot 95 – HW Ambassador R549, 3200gns to WF Hunter & Son, Craigend, Stow, Galashiels.

Lot 97 – Cheeklaw Jake Eric R535, 10,000gns to NA & J De Cogan, Killanuckey Farm, Castle Martyr, Co Cork.

Lot 99 – Cheeklaw Black Balfour R536, 3000gns to E Caffrey, Carnduff, Enniscrone, Co Sligo.

Lot 100 – Balmachie Fred R208, 3200gns to D & FM Luxton & Partners, North Alfordon, Okehampton, Devon.

Lot 101 – Logan Bar Extraspecial R974, 3000gns to DJ Hull, Turncole Farm, Essex.

Lot 102 – Balmachie Bertie R209, 6200gns to CW Brooke, Midfearn Farm, Ardgay.

Lot 103 – Idvies Babi Heath R715, 4200gns to AS Hogg & Partners, Birkenside, Earlston.

Lot 104 – Gretnahouse Jim Eric R779, 5800gns to Garvald Mains Farm, Galvard, Haddington.

Lot 105 – Drumdow Ranger R135, 3000gns to GT & S Coghill, Orkney.

Lot 107 – Duncanziemere Scotstoun R148, 9500gns to J & J Campbell, Wedderlie, Gordon.

Lot 109 – Keirsbeath Papparazzi R536, 4500gns to K & B Lang, Starr Farm, Cupar.

Lot 111 – Hallington Eurostar R484, 4000gns to E Carse & Son, South Ord Farm, Berwick Upon Tweed.

Lot 112 – McCornick Dual R147, 6000gns to V Wallace, Garvagh, Co Londonderry.

Lot 113 – Blelack Equador R549, 4000gns to RI & SA Little, The Bogue, Dalry, Castle Douglas.

Lot 114 – Drumhill Lord Harry R635, 8500gns to P Cahill, Shankhill, Lower Cavan, Co Cavan.

Lot 115 – Elliot Excalibur R177, 8000gns to The Duke of Fife, Elsick Estate, Stonehaven.

Lot 116 – Roscoe Peroni R663, 4800gns to RW Morris & Co, Fawside, Gordon, Berwickshire.

Lot 117 – HW Jebel Eric R561, 5500gns to WSL Muir, Orkney.

Lot 118 – Logie Leroy R590, 3000gns to Auchenheart.

Lot 119 – Duncanziemere Jack Daniels R159, 8500gns to Huntlyhill Farms, Lanark.

Lot 120 – Retties Eurostar R319, 2800gns to M Thomson, Denmuir Farm, Newburgh.

Lot 121 – Cardona Punch R975, 5500gns to WR & L Murray, Skate Farm, Mochrum.

Lot 122 – Retties Phoenix R320, 4000gns to GT & S Coghill, Orkney.

Lot 123 – Linton Gilbertines Empire R964, 6500gns to H & K Farms, Hoddom, Lockerbie.

Lot 126 – Comlongon Jumbo Eric R066, 4500gns to H & K Farms.

Lot 127 – Duncanziemere Mr Bond R161, 6200gns to Messrs McIntosh, Stranraer.

Lot 132 – Blelack Excalibur R580, 7000gns to FJ Fraser & Sons, Idvies, Forfar.

Lot 133 – Idvies Frank R720, 4000gns to J Blackwood, Culdrain, Dalbeattie.

Lot 135 – Blelack Latitude R591, 8000gns to Glenbervie Home Farm Ltd, Drumlithie, Stonehaven.

Lot 136 – Eden Vale Destry R463, 3500gns to M Fleming & Sons, Winfield Farm, Berwick Upon Tweed.

Lot 137 – Retties ACDC R324, 4500gns to IE MacFadyen, Ballymeanach Farm, Mull.

Lot 138 – Haymount Gang Smith R580, 6000gns to AM Shepherd, Orbliston, Fochabers.

Lot 139 – Gretnahouse Blackrod R803, 6000gns to D Walker, Galcantray, Cawdor, Nairn.

Lot 140 – Bankier John Eric R082, 3200gns to SH Spours & Sons, Twizell Farm, Belford, Northumberland.

Lot 141 – Woodvale Kool Profit R876, 3000gns to DG Hull & Partners, Turncole Farm, Essex.

Lot 142 – Keirsbeath Kingsland R537, 5800gns to R Lamb, Limetree Farm, Rich Hill, Co Armagh.

Lot 143 – Liley Lambo R205, 3500gns to CJ Hutchings & Sons, Kings Brompton Farm, Somerset.

Lot 144 – Bankeir Earl R083, 3000gns to E Campbell, Steall Camaghael, Fort William.

Lot 145 – Blelack Pontius R599, 16,000gns to J & J Campbell, Wedderlie, Gordon.

Lot 146 – Linton Gilbertines Ernie R979, 6200gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud.

Lot 148 – Blelack Pedro R601, 7000gns to FT Walton, Flotterton, Thropton, Morpeth.

Lot 149 – Duncanziemere Evasion R168, 6000gns to The Duke of Fife.

Lot 151 – Blelack Lord Bertram R605, 4000gns to W Pate & Partners, Marvingston Farm, Gifford.

Lot 153 – Keirsbeath Phenomenal R538, 6500gns to UM & RJ Venner, Woodington, Devon.

Lot 155 – Blelack Black Blazer R610, 4500gns to JS Shaw, West Lethans, Saline.

Lot 156 – Fiddlehall Embar R011, 3800gns to W & J Thomson, Hownam Grange, Yetholm.

Lot 157 – Duncanziemere Judge R170, 15,000gns to A Hodge, Rulesmains, Duns.

Lot 159 – Grove Grazer Polo Pershore R332, 3000gns to S O’Neil, Fashglusha Road, Dungannon.

Lot 160 – Haymount Wenwaro R605, 5000gns to RJ & LA Acton, Bradley Farm, Hexham.

Lot 161 – Tree Bridge Pastor R570, 5000gns to D & P Murray, Wolflaw, Forfar.

Lot 162 – HW Boss R586, 7500gns to D Burrell, Broome Park, Wittingham, Alnwick.

Lot 163 – Linton Gilbertines Black Brando R989, 5000gns to V & S Lyell, Auchleish, Forfar.

Lot 165 – Wedderlie Evenkeel R268, 8000gns to G Raeburn, Lodge Hill Farm, East Kilbride.

Lot 167 – St Fort Post Man R570, 2000gns to RC Turnbull & Son, Foxfoot Hay Farm, Coxwold, York.

Lot 169 – Blelack Blackrock R622, 4500gns to E Caffrey, Co Sligo.

Lot 170 – Blelack Pontius R624, 4000gns to C & E McCombie, Auchencrieve.

Lot 173 – Tonley Fabio R245, 3000gns JS Shaw, West Lethans, Saline.

Lot 174 – Blelack Blue Jay R631, 10,000gns to AW Neish, Rodmead Farm, Warminster, Wilts.

To view the full selection of photographs taken, see our Photo Sales section


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