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Castle Douglas – Galloway

Galloway bulls topped at 5000gns twice on Friday at Castle Douglas. Bulls (21) sold averaged £2512, up £155 on the year for 5 more sold, Bulling Heifers (14) were up £73 to average £1350 for 2 less sold, and 12 In-calf Heifers levelled at £2107, up £550 for one less sold.

To view all photographs taken at the sale please visit our Photo Sales page, here are a few of the highlights…

Joint top price of 5000gns, Louis of Balgray sold to HH Kraft, Ottrau, Germany

Also selling for 5000gns was Xavi of Kilnstown, to J Roberston & Son, Becks

Troloss Knockout made 4500gns to JM & D Maxwell, Blairvockie, Rowerdennan

Pre-sale Champion Blackcraig Caliber sold at 4000gns to WF Welsh, Lochurr

Selling for 4000gns to DW Gourlay & Co, Craigmuie was Zorro of Romesbeoch

Blackcraig Bertha W560 topped the heifers at 4400gns, selling to Balavil Estates, Kingussie

Also going to Balavil Estates was Blackcraig Star W584, selling for 3800gns


Bulls Sold…

Lot 1 – Kirkstead Warrior, 1800gns to S Langdon, Criptor, Sandford, Spiney.

Lot 2 – Barlaes Online, 3600gns to RKG Farms, Irelandton, Twynholm, Kirkcudbright.

Lot 3  – Barlaes Onward, 4000gns to Roskilly Farms, Nutely, Tavistock, Devon.

Lot 5  – Leo of Balgray, 3000gns to HH Kraft, Am Lohe, Ottrau, Germany.

Lot 6  – Ben Lomond Tarndhu, 1600gns to WJ Henderson, Whitehill, Corrie, Lockerbie.

Lot 7  – Troloss Kasabian, 300gns to ZG Muetzel & Geige, Dr Pfahl Strasse, Biebermuend, Germany.

Lot 8  – Unthank Aeden, 1100gns to H Seehusen, Brebel Holz Strasse, Steinfeld, Germany.

Lot 9  – Troloss Knockout, 4500gns to JM & D Maxwell, Blairvockie, Rowerdennan, Drymen.

Lot 11  – Ballavair Inspiration, 800gns to H O’Donnell, Dunfries, Clondany.

Lot 12  – Bowanhill William Wallace, 2000gns to RA & JP Cornelius, West Rose, St Breward, Bodmin.

Lot 13  – Louis of Balgray, 5000gns  to HH Kraft.

Lot 14  – Ballavair Idealist, 1000gns to S Smith, Thesmeak, Alturnun, Launceston, Cornwall.

Lot 15  – Xola of Romesbeoch, 1600gns to FC Yeo, Bowlick, House, Launceston.

Lot 16  – Messi of Fingland, 1400gns to R Mcintosh & Co, Outer Huntly, Ashkirk, Selkirk.

Lot 17  – Laird of Balgray, 1600gns to Eskdalemuir Forestry Ltd, Hart Manor, Langholm.

Lot 20  – Xavi of Kilnstown, 5000gns to J Roberston & Son, Becks, Langholm.

Lot 22  – Klondyke Zoltar, 2000gns to NJ & AM Barrett, Glenakiff, Avon Rd.

Lot 23  – Blackcraig Xcaliber, 4000gns to WF Welsh, Lochurr, Moniaive, Thornhill.

Lot 24 – Blackcraig Xpel, 2600gns to Smith, Wylliesyke, Gilsland, Carlisle.

Lot 27  – Yorker of Romesbeoch, 1800gns to Troloss Farms, Elvanfoot.

Lot 28  – Zorro of Romesbeoch, 4000gns to DW Gourlay & Co, Craigmuie, Moniaive.

To view all photographs taken at the sale please visit our Photo Sales page

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