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Stirling – Aberdeen-Angus

Angus bulls sold to 11,000gns at United Auctions’ Stirling sale this week, with 30 bulls levelling out at £5391, an increase of £847 on the year.

Making the top price was Drumhill Lord Hatfield R532, a Nightingale Proud Jake son from Jonathan and Lisa Doyle, Cookstown, Northern Ireland.

Below are photographs of the top priced lots, followed by a list of bulls sold and buyers. To view the full selection of pictures taken, see our Photo Sales section.


Sale top, Drumhill Lord Hatfield R532, sold at 11,000gns to K McOscar, Island Farm, Cookstown, NI


Second top, Linton Gilbertines Masterpiece R941, sold for 10,000gns to Messrs Kelly, Bellarena, Limavady


Making 9000gns, Tonley Podolski R162, sold to Prendwick Farm, Whittingham, Alnwick


Duncanziemere Jura R139 sold at 8200gns to Tillyfour Farms, Wardes, Kintore


Wyddial Black Bruno R111 sold for 8000gns to Messrs Steele, Goddens, Pitroddie, Perth


Top price female (outwith the Blelack consignment), Retties Diana JFK P295, sold at 7000gns to the Adams at Newhouse of Glamis, Forfar


Lot 1 – Tonley Jose Enrique N957, 6200gns to Messrs Dobie, Easter Middleton, Gorebridge.

Lot 2 – Spittal Shore Pele P379, 3000gns to Messrs Kerr, Balegreggan, Campbeltown.

Lot 3 – Culrain Fugaro P590, 5800gns to The Moss, Moss Lane, Fornby.

Lot 4 – Drumhill Lord Hampton R414, 5000gns to Messrs Robertson, Nightingale, Bishampton.

Lot 5 – Newton-Struthers Epic R049, 3500gns to Messrs Grant, Pathcondie Farm, Letham.

Lot 7 – Linton Gilbertines Lord Rufus R914, 4000gns to Glenkiln Farms, Bettyknowes, Crocketford.

Lot 8 – Linton Gilbertines Black Bonzo R917, 5200gns to Messrs McMillan, Tallant, Bowmore, Islay.

Lot 11 – Chapelton Prospero R101, 2500gns to Messrs Dobie, South Cassingray, Largoward, Fife.

Lot 14 – Wolflaw Proud Imran R584, 3200gns to GT Coghill, Muce, Birsay, Orkney.

Lot 15 – Rulesmains Black Rebel R652, 5200gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud, Inverness.

Lot 17 – Idvies Jackson Eric R684, 3000gns to Messrs Slimon & Son, Breakachy, Newtonmore.

Lot 18 – Drumdow Patriot R096, 2600gns to Messrs Weir and Sons, Gateside Farm, Ayr.

Lot 20 – Idvies Emerald R686, 2500gns to Messrs Stewart, Knockoyd, Kirkcolm, Stranraer.

Lot 22 – Drumdow Ernie R100, 3500gns to Messrs Rhodes, Starwood Manor, York.

Lot 23 – Fiddlehall Eden R009, 4000gns to Messrs Reid, The Laws, Kingennie, Broughty Ferry.

Lot 24 – Drumhill Lord Hatfield R532, 11,000gns to K McOscar, Island Farm, Cookstown, NI.

Lot 25 – Tonley Rudolf R148, 4000gns to Messrs Fraser and Son, Torachilty, Contin, Strathpeffer.

Lot 26 – Linton Gilbertines Masterpiece R941, 10,000gns to Messrs Kelly, Bellarena, Limavady.

Lot 27 – Tonley Benteke R150, 4000gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud.

Lot 28 – Tonley Pizarro R154, 3000gns to Messrs Bell, Balneil, Collinsburgh, Fife.

Lot 29 – Wyddial Jeweliot Eric R107, 4000gns to Messrs Mackay, Skitten, Wick.

Lot 32 – Tonley Podolski R162, 9000gns to Prendwick Farm, Whittingham, Alnwick.

Lot 35 – Wyddial Black Bruno R111, 8000gns to Messrs Steele, Goddens, Pitroddie, Perth.

Lot 37 – Tonley Alves R190, 4800gns to Messrs McCorkindale and Son, Macharioch, Southend, Campbeltown.

Lot 39 – Wyddial Ebony R114, 5200gns to Pitgaveny Farms, Elgin.

Lot 40 – Balgay Elder Kindred R425, 2500gns to A Ewing, Drumbretton, Annan.

Lot 42 – Gretnahouse Black Badboy R762, 4000gns to Messrs Tomlinson and Son, Sunnyside Farm, Knitsley.

Lot 44 – Duncanziemere Jura R139, 8200gns to Tillyfour Farms, Wardes, Kintore.

Lot 46 – McCornick Dude R134, 4800gns to Messrs Duncan, Jacobshall, Gamrie, Banff.

Lot 47 – McCornick Keystone R144, 4200gns to Messrs Mitchell and Sons, Tullymurdoch House, Alyth.




To view the full selection of pictures taken, see our Photo Sales section.

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