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Stirling – Simmental

On Tuesday at Stirling 66 Simmental bulls were sold, averaging £5969 and selling to a top of 18,000gns for Anne MacPherson’s Junior Champion bull Blackford Findhorn.

Below are photographs of the top priced lots, with a list of lots sold, prices and buyers below…To view the full selection of pictures taken at the sale, or to purchase any, please have a look at our Photo Sales section.


Top Price at 18,000gns was Blackford Findhorn selling to Guy Van Der Gucht, Gloucestershire


Overall Champion Ranfurly Formula 1 made 15,000gns to the judge David Donnelly


Selling for 12,000gns to Snaigow Farming Partnership was Blackford Finch


Corskie First Caper sold for 12,000gns to Robinson Farms, Norfolk


Woodhall Freeman sold at 11,000gns to M Ward & Sons, West Mains, Carnwath


Newbiemains Fame & Fortune sold to Pitgaveny Farms, Elgin, for 11,000gns


Islavale Fagan made 11,000gns to Bridget Borlase, Sacombe


Also making 11,000gns was Overhill House Fife, selling to WJ Millar, Hunting Fields, Tealing, Dundee


Islavale Fraser sold to Orkney, to JI & WN Stout, Whitehall, Stronsay, for 10,000gns


Female champion Annick Trixibelle 15th sold for 4800gns to Tom Henderson, Dargill


Bulls Sold

Lot 602 – Corskie Evander, 7500gns to AD Sutherland, Connachie, Elgin.

Lot 603 – Corskie Exotic, 3200gns to RA Austin, Boreland of Girthon, Gatehouse of Fleet.

Lot 605 – Ruaig Echo, 4500gns to G Angus & Co, Binzian, Forgandenny, Perth.

Lot 606 – Newbiemains El Paso, 6000gns to GT & S Coghill, Muce, Birsay, Orkney.

Lot 607 – Corskie Fabio, 6000gns to Remony Estate, Aberfeldy.

Lot 613 – Kilmore Franko, 3500gns to JW Thomson & Son, Blackcastle, Innerwick, Dunbar.

Lot 614 – Pitmudie Finn, 3000gns to R Fraser, Tombain, Dunphail, Forres.

Lot 615 – Pitmudie Fergie, 3000gns to RA Austin, Boreland of Girthon.

Lot 616 – Corskie First Caper, 12,000gns to Robinson Farms, Lugden Hill, Docking, Norfolk.

Lot 617 – Pitmudie Freeman, 4500gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud.

Lot 618 – Corskie Fin, 7500gns to G McConnach & Sons, Drumneachie, Aboyne.

Lot 619 – Williams Fudge, 2200gns to W & J McGill, Carsloe, Crosshill, Maybole.

Lot 620 – Pitmudie Franco, 3500gns to GMR & FM Sandison, Hindatoon, Harray, Orkney.

Lot 622 – Cosrkie Fable, 6000gns to A Nicolson, Relucas Mains, Dunphail, Forres.

Lot 623 – Shawsmill Flint, 3000gns to G Berwick & Son, Barbarafield, Cupar, Fife.

Lot 624 – Williams Fawkes, 5200gns t0 TW Telford & Son, Pasture Hill, Seahouses, Northumberland.

Lot 625 – Sapling Fordyce, 2200gns to W & J McGill, Carlsloe.

Lot 630 – Muirmouth Freedom, 5200gns to H MacDonald, Mains of Dalvey, Advie, Morayshire.

Lot 632 – Team Flasher, 4000gns to Scottish Government Bull Stud.

Lot 633 – Team Fergus, 9000gns to D & R Durno and Sons, Auchorachan, Glenlivet.

Lot 634 – KPS Formidable, 4000gns to W Pate & Partners, Marvingston, Gifford, East Lothian.

Lot 637 – Saltire Ferrari, 5200gns to W Nelson & Co, West Brackly, Kinross, Fife.

Lot 640 – Woodhall Freeman, 11,000gns to M Ward & Sons, West Mains, Carnwath.

Lot 641 – Woodhall Fulbright, 3000gns to T Millar & Son, Ballanan, Ringford, Dumfries.

Lot 642 – Auchorachan Facebook, 4600gns to E Innes & Sons, Deskie, Glenlivet.

Lot 643 – Saltire Fortune, 4800gns to I & M Steele, Blakewell, Easington, Hull.

Lot 644 – Newbiemains Fame & Fortune, 11,000gns to Pitgaveny Farms, Elgin.

Lot 645 – Bawny FormulaOne, 2600gns to W Walton & Sons, Dunns Houses, Otterburn.

Lot 646 – Broombrae Fifer, 4200gns to Robinson Farms, Lugden Hill.

Lot 647 – Blackford Finch, 12,000gns to Snaigow Farming Partnership, Hillocks of Clunie, Blairgowrie.

Lot 648 – Saltire Finlay, 4000gns to T & M Cannon & Son, Little Torhouse, Wigtown.

Lot 650 – Corskie Fergus, 8500gns to D Cadzow & Co, Duncrahill, Pencaitland, East Lothian.

Lot 651 – Ranfurly Formula 1, 15,000gns to D Donnelly, Atlow House, Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Lot 652 – Kilbride Farm Fergus, 3000gns to DP Hopkins & Co, Trebarried, Llandefallw, Brecon.

Lot 655 – Kilbride Farm Finbar, 2600gns to A Brown & Co, Auchorrie, Midmar, Aberdeenshire.

Lot 656 – Strathisla Falcon, 3200gns to P Douglas, Ruletownhead, Hawick.

Lot 657 – Auchorachan Fiddich, 6500gns to K Russell, Crouse, Wigtown.

Lot 658 – Islavale Fletcher, 8000gns to A & J Craig, Craigton, Castle Douglas.

Lot 661 – Hazelden Fabio,  2800gns to R McShane, Smallmuir, Whauphill, Newton Stewart.

Lot 662 – Drumsleed Firestorm, 5000gns to I Duncan Millar, Tirinie, Aberfeldy.

Lot 663 – Islavale Fraser, 10,000gns to JI & WN Stout, Whitehall, Stronsay, Orkney.

Lot 665 – Strathisla Frenchman, 5800gns to Fleming Farmers, Whitsome Laws, Duns.

Lot 666 – Strathisla Frontier, 2800gns to J Stewart & Sons, Meikle Cultain, Fordyce, Banff.

Lot 667 – Drumsleed Fresco, 4500gns to EJ Leslie, Keithmore, Dufftown.

Lot 668 – Strathisla Findhorn, 3000gns to J & H Chisholm & Co, Wester Moy, Urray, Muir-of-Ord.

Lot 669 – Auchorachan Fearless, 5000gns to Kiloran Farmers, Isle of Colonsay, Argyll.

Lot 670 – Kersknowe Fergus, 4000gns to WS Agnew & Sons, Balwherrie, Leswalt, Stranraer.

Lot 671 – Dirnanean Foreman, 5800gns to HC Maitland, Grange of Lindores, Cupar, Fife.

Lot 673 – Kilbride Farm Ferdinand, 2400gns to BJ Harding, Cornerfields, Deholm, Bucks.

Lot 674 – Kilmore Fitz, 6000gns to A & D Clark, Stratheast, Holm, Orkney.

Lot 675 – Blackford Findhorn, 18,000gns to G Van Der Gucht, Appely Court, Gloucestershire.

Lot 679 – Innerwick Frankie, 3200gns to A Jackson & Co, Cockrig, Cleghorn, Lanark.

Lot 680 – Kilbride Farm Finlay, 5000gns to J Cameron, Balmacan, Drumnadrochit.

Lot 681 – Kilbride Farm Fantastic, 4000gns to C Thomson, Wester Tulloch, Midmar.

Lot 682 – Overhill House Fraser, 6800gns to J Gunn, Carsgoe, Halkirk, Caithness.

Lot 684 – Islavale Fagan, 11,000gns to BA Borlase, Sacombe, Warron at Stone, Herts.

Lot 685 – Hiltonstown Frontman, 2600gns to JA Taylor, Skirling Craig, Biggar.

Lot 686 – Hiltonstown Fernando, 4500gns to R Brown, Strageath Mains, Muthill, Crieff.

Lot 687 – Newbiemains Flamin Brilliant, 4800gns to J Campbell, Dinnans, Whithorn, Newton Stewart.

Lot 688 – Dellfield Firstclass, 3000gns to I & E Thomson, Overton, Fetternear, Inverurie.

Lot 689 – Greencap Forth, 4200gns to AD Sutherland, Connachie, Elgin.

Lot 690 – Drumsleed Falcon, 7000gns to D Geddes, Netherton, Aberlour.

Lot 692 – Corksie Finnie, 5500gns to A Henry, Knockallan, Crossmichael, Castle Douglas.

Lot 694 – Blackford Forester, 5000gns to Prendwick & Rothill Farms, Whittingham, Alnwick.

Lot 696 – Omorga Ferrari, 3000gns to P Hogan, Rathnashannagh, Bennekerry, Co Carlow.

Lot 697 – Feglish Five Star, 2900gns to W Dunsmore, South Woodend, Bonnybridge, Stirling.

Lot 698 – Skerrington Fashion, 4500gns to Broadfield Farms, Eastington, Glos.

Lot 699 – Overhill House Fife, 11,000gns to WJ Millar, Hunting Fields, Tealing, Dundee.

Lot 700 – Skerrington Fireman, 6000gns to VM Baillie & Sons, Mixbury Hall, Brackley, Northants.

Lot 703 – Westridge Flame, 6200gns to AD Sutherland, Connachie, Elgin.






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