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Stirling – Charolais

The Charolais breed topped the October Bull Sales at Stirling this week with an average of £7085 for 80 sold and a top call of 50,000gns. This was paid for the Junior Champion Balthayock Justice from Major Walter, and brought out by Davie and Tracey and Nicol.

Below are photographs of the top price , followed by a list of lots, prices and buyers…To view the full album of photographs taken at the sale, or to purchase any, see our Photo Sales section.


Balthayock Justice, 50,000gns to Gilbert Crawford and Joe Wilson


Maerdy Jerusalem sold for 28,000gns to Tweedale and Thrunton


Supreme Champion Castellmawr Jacpot made 16,000gns to J Wight & Sons, Carwood


Selling for 13,000gns to Auchorachan was Deunawd Jeff


Elrick Juno sold for 12,000gns to W Brown, Caprickhill, Kilmarnock


Marwood Journal sold for 11,500gns to OTW Chandler & Co, Abergavenny


Thrunton Javelin sold at 10,000gns to JAC Campbell, Scrabster


Balbirnie Home Farms, Fife, bought Blelack Jigsaw at 10,000gns


Female champion Goldies Illusion sold for 3500gns to WG Johnson & Son, Mallard Grange, Aldfield, Ripon

Bulls Sold

Lot 732 – Thrunton Isambard, 6500gns to J Whiteford & Son, Hilltarvit Mains, Cupar, Fife.

Lot 733 – Gretnahouse Immense, 8500gns to C Colgan, Lowick Hall, Berwick Upon Tweed.

Lot 736 – Sackville Joey, 4000gns to RF Jones, Barham, Heasley Mill, South Molton, Devon.

Lot 738 – Goldies Jubilee, 8000gns to J Wright, Pinmore Mains, Barr, Girvan.

Lot 739 – Barforth Jayceebee, 4200gns to L Lumsden, Strichen Rd, Fraserburgh.

Lot 743 – Anside Jagermeister, 7500gns to W Young & Sons, Polquhairn, Ochiltree.

Lot 745 – Elgin Jerry, 5500gns to WSL Muir, Upper Onston, Steness, Orkney.

Lot 746 – Glenericht Jackpot, 2600gns to GT & S Coghill, Muce, Birsay, Orkney.

Lot 747 – Thrunton Jason, 8800gns to Williams Bros, Penllwyn Gwent, Bridgend.

Lot 749 – Wissongton Jerome, 3000gns to JM Cochran Ltd, Banchory Farm, Kirkcaldy.

Lot 750 – Lesliepark Jacob, 4200gns to TH Stout, Kirkbrae, Westray, Orkney.

Lot 751 – Balmyle Jubilee, 4000gns to W & WI Bruges, Laighwood, Dunkeld.

Lot 752 – Balmyle Justice, 3500gns to A Porter, Carmichael, Longforgan, Dundee.

Lot 753 – Crookdake Jester, 5000gns to W Barbour, Carsegowan, New Abbey, Dumfries.

Lot 754 – Ballindalloch Jackson, 3800gns to K Moar, Betsys Farm, Park of Heddle, Orkney.

Lot 756 – Panmure Jefferson, 4800gns to J Wardlaw & Son, Haughhead, Balerno.

Lot 757 – Thrunton Javelin, 10,000gns to JAC Campbell, Scrabster, Thurso.

Lot 759 – Tillside Jackass, 8500gns to JC Millar, Kinnaniel, Kingoldrum, Kirriemuir.

Lot 760 – Balmyle Jupiter, 6500gns to MR McCornick, Boreland, Kirkcowan, Newton Stewart.

Lot 762 – Beechtree Joe, 6500gns to G Fergus & Co, Clifton, Rapness, Westray, Orkney.

Lot 763 – Firhills Jury, 2600gns to A Bell, Crofthill, Auchengray, Carnwath.

Lot 765 – Goldies Jonjo, 5200gns to PF Ross, Lenahowe, Sandwick, Stromness, Orkney.

Lot 767 – Firhills Judge, 2400gns to A Bell, Crofthill, Auchengray, Carnwath.

Lot 768 – Westcarse Jack, 4200gns to J Baird, Windsheils, Darvel, Ayrshire.

Lot 771 – Elrick Jackpot, 5200gns to A Wallace & Co, Claycrop, Kirkinner, Newton Stewart.

Lot 772 – Wissington Jaunty, 2500gns to JM Cochran Ltd, Banchory Farm, Kirkcaldy.

Lot 773 – Deunawd Jeff, 13,000gns to D & R Durno, Auchorachan, Glenlivet.

Lot 774 – Brigadoon Jaguar, 5800gns to A Ronald, East Laggan, Peninver, Campbeltown.

Lot 779 – Goldies Javelin, 6000gns to Balbirnie Home Farms, Pitillock, Freuchie, Fife.

Lot 783 – Innisrush Jagger, 3200gns to WS Paterson, Golland, Kinross.

Lot 784 – Falleninch Johnston, 5000gns to McConchie Partnership, Gatehouse of Fleet.

Lot 787 – Kersknowe Jim, 3800gns to Firm of Ross, Broadland, Cairnie, Huntly.

Lot 788 – Castellmawr Jacpot, 16,000gns to J Wight & Sons, Carwood, Biggar.

Lot 791 – Innisrush Jimbob, 3500gns to MG & A Shearer, Lythmore, Bridge of Westfield, Thurso.

Lot 794 – Elrick Jazzman, 4500gns to A & A Wright, Lagavaich, Glenlivet.

Lot 796 – Thrunton Jaguar, 8200gns to WM Barnetson & Sons, Lynegear, Watten, Wick.

Lot 797 – Clonatrig Jethro, 4000gns to A Bayne & son, Drumness, Auchterader.

Lot 798 – Maerdy Jason, 6200gns to T Smith & Son, Netherton, Whitehouse, Alford.

Lot 799 – Thrunton Jackpot, 9000gns to B Grant, Druid Temple, Inverness.

Lot 800 – Gretnahouse Jimbob, 9500gns to DM Keay & Son, East Balloch, Kirriemuir.

Lot 801 – Deeleview Jonathon, 10,000gns, JB & EJ Peile & Son, Greystoke, Penrith.

Lot 804 – Sandelford Jared, 4800gns to GR & EW Davies, Nanthir, Cwmtirmynach, Bala, Gwynedd.

Lot 806 – Solwayfirth JackDaniels, 5800gns to Clark Farms, Leemeadow, Braidwood, Carluke.

Lot 807 – Guthrie Jedburgh, 4200gns to AG Whiteford, South Keithney, Burnhervie, Inverurie.

Lot 812 – Tweedale Jackpot, 7000gns to FT Walton, Flotterton, Thropton, Morpeth.

Lot 815 – Blelack Jetstream, 3500gns to R Mackie, Goodockhill, Newhouse, Motherwell.

Lot 816 – Tweedale Jonta, 3000gns to T Fitzsimon, Sunnyhill, Dumfries.

Lot 817 – Marwood Joblot, 6800gns to Greentoft Farms Ltd, Eday, Orkney.

Lot 818 – Blelack Joker, 4000gns to AJ Ewing, Dumbretton, Annan.

Lot 819 – Blelack Justice, 6000gns to JW Slater, Yarpha, Orphir, Orkney.

Lot 820 – Marwood Journal, 11,500gns to OTW Chandler & Co, Skirrid, Llanvihangel, Abergavenny.

Lot 822 – Whitecliffe Jason, 3000gns to W Barbour, Carsegowan, New Abbey, Dumfries.

Lot 825 – Kerksknowe Joiner, 4200gns to A & J Craig, Craigton, Castle Douglas.

Lot 826 – Lesliepark Jasper, 3200gns to JC Millar, Kinnaniel, Kingoldrum, Kirriemuir.

Lot 827 – Derryharney Jumbo, 9000gns to Beattie Livestock, Glenpark Rd, Co Omagh.

Lot 828 – Tillside Jailbird, 1700gns to JPM Bews, Gorn, Westray, Orkney.

Lot 829 – Blelack Jason, 6000gns to JO & R Struthers, Greenfield, Cobbinshaw, West Calder.

Lot 833 – Balmyle Johnbull, 3800gns to R MacDonald, Castle Grant Home Farm, Grantown on Spey.

Lot 834 – Maerdy Jerusalem, 28,000gns to Redhead & Watson & Thrunton.

Lot 835 – Goldies Jazz, 4000gns to T McKinnel, Drumneil, Whauphill, Newton Stewart.

Lot 836 – Balthayock Jethro, 3500gns to GD Pate & Sons, Stobshiel Mains, Humbie, East Lothian.

Lot 837 – Solwayfirth Jaguar, 3200gns to TH Stout, Kirkbrae, Westray, Orkney.

Lot 839 – Goldies Jester, 4500gns to WSL Muir, Upper Onston, Steness, Orkney.

Lot 841 – Gretnahouse Jock, 5800gns to J Dalrymple-Hamilton, Bargany, Girvin.

Lot 842 – Guthrie Johnshaven, 4000gns to A & J Craig, Craigton, Castle Douglas.

Lot 843 – Maerdy Jon, 6200gns to P Watson, Darnford, Durris, Banchory.

Lot 844 – Mowbraypark Judge, 7500gns to A Purdon, Easterton, Caldercruix, Airdrie.

Lot 845 – Balthayock Jacobite, 5000gns to P & M Grant, Upper Blairnain, Aberlour.

Lot 846 – Maerdy Judge, 4000gns to I Anderson, Sootiewells, Laurencekirk.

Lot 847 – Bleasdale Jacob, 4500gns to A Smellie & Partner, Posso Farm, Kirkton Manor, Peebles.

Lot 852 – Corrie Jock, 4500gns to N MacInnes, Skeabost, Skye.

Lot 855 – Blackford Juniper, 9000gns to D Bryce & Son, Formal Farm, Kilry, Aylth.

Lot 857 – Fury Junior, 5000gns to Ross Farms & Co Ltd, Wester Middleton, Gorebridge.

Lot 858 – Derryharney Jumpingjack, 3000gns to RG Farriers & Co, Byrecroft, Kirkgunzeon, Dumfries.

Lot 859 – Elrick Juno, 12,000gns to W Brown, Caprickhill, Kilmarnock.

Lot 861 – Lochend Jammydodger, 7500gns to JG Callum, Ashlea, Milton of Culloden.

Lot 864 – Sackville Jeronimo, 3000gns to JPM Bews, Gorn Westray, Orkney.

Lot 865 – Balthayock Justice, 50,000gns to G Crawford, Coolnaslee, and Wilson, Newry.

Lot 866 – Maerdy Jehu, 4000gns to D Steel & Son, White Sykes, West Calder.

Lot 868 – Marwood Jago, 6800gns to JE Woodman & Son, Great Chesters, Haltwhistle.

Lot 869 – Sackville Jackpot, 3500gns to AM Bell & Co, Towie Farm, New Aberdour, Fraserburgh.

Lot 873 – Blelack Jigsaw, 10,000gns to Balbirnie Home Farms, Pitillock, Freuchie, Fife.

Lot 875 – Maerdy Jonti, 5000gns to G & J Davie, Harviesmailing, Denny, Stirling.

Lot 876 – Corrie Jinky, 7500gns to A Miller & Sons, Aimster, Thurso.

Lot 877 – Baillieston Joseph, 7800gns to JJM Sutherland & Son, Stainland, Thurso.

Lot 880 – Killdaes Jack, 5000gns to DW & J Jones, Higher North Radworthy, Heasley Mill, Devon.





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