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Royal Welsh Show ’15

That’s us finished up at the Royal Welsh Show for another year… again we were down covering various breed societies and private customers. Anyone looking for the official RWAS show images please click here, otherwise as usual our own customers can find their images in our Gallery.

In the beef sections, clinching the overall supreme inter-breed title was the much admired Limousin champion, Frogmore Helen, from Chris White, whilst reserve went to Kevin Ellis’ Welsh Black bull, Graig-Goch-Berwyn 75th.

The ‘Elite’ junior bull championship went to Foxhillfarm Jasper, the Alfords’ overall Royal Highland Show Limousin champion. Standing reserve was Castellmawr Jacpot from A & M Williams (the reserve supreme Charolais champion). In the junior heifer inter-breeds, it was the Aberdeen-Angus Meadowbrook Frances from Mark Haistead which came up trumps in the native section, whilst the Limousin from Messrs Jenkinson, Whinfellpark Jade, picked up the champion rossette in the continental section and went on to take overall inter-breed junior heifer champion.

Winning the FitzHugh beef pairs was the Limousin duo – supreme beef champion Frogmore Helen, and breed male champion Dinmore Immense. It was Limousins again clinching the championship in the very impressive group of five competition, consisting of pairs winners Frogmore Helen & Dinmore Immense,  also Dinmore Glorious, Foxhillfarm Justtheone and Foxhillfarm Ivy.

Day three saw Michael, Malanie & Charlotte Alford pick up the exhibitor bred pairs title with their Limousins Foxhillfarm Jasper and Foxhillfarm Ivy,  the Aberdeen-Angus pair of heifers from Mark Haistead stood reserve.  The Alfords then went on to win the exhibitor bred team of three with Foxhillfarm Jasper, Ivy and Justtheone, whilst George Harvey’s Hereford team from Scotland stood reserve.  Moving on to the final day in the beef rings, winning the junior bull interbreed was Foxhillfarm Jasper with the Hereford Nicholashayne 1 Kingkong from Keith Prettejohn and Angela Kerslake standing in reserve.  The native breed championship went to the Hereford group, followed on by the Welsh Black team in reserve.  Lastly, Phil Brindley picked up the females of the future pairs championship with his British Blue pair, followed on by the Limousins in reserve. Scroll down further for all news from the sheep rings!

All commissioned images can be viewed in our GALLERY, but here are some of the highlights captured in the beef and sheep sections…


Cattle inter-breed winner, the Limousin, Frogmore Helen, from Chris White


Reserve overall in the cattle, Ken Ellis’ Welsh Black bull, Graig-Goch-Berwyn 75th


Leading the Aberdeen-Angus section, Linton Gilbertines Bold Ruler P855, from the Gordon Brooke Trust. See all the Angus prizewinners in our Photosales Section


Reserve Aberdeen Angus Champion from John Elliot – Elliot Red Tyra N736


Meadowbrook Frances – Junior Native Heifer Interbreed Champion and Reserve Overall Heifer Champion from Mark Halstead


Whinfellpark Jade – Junior Continental Interbreed Heifer Champion & Overall Junior Heifer Champion


Best in the Charolais section, Kevin Thomas’ five-year-old cow, Gretnahouse Fannabel, shown with her heifer calf at foot. See all the Charolais winners in our Photosales Section


Overall Reserve Charolais Champion, Male Champion and Reserve Overall Elite Beef Champion – Castlellmawr Jacpot from A & M Williams


Commercial winner, Tydr Edwards’ home-bred heifer, Biwt


Longhorn champion, Thea Wollat’s bull, Gupworthy Neville


Shorthorn champion, Meonhill Skjaklin Cara, a two-year-old heifer from Richard Bartle, Mary Cormack & Paul Dawes


Salers winner, the Pritchard family’s imported bull, Forez


The Highland Champion – Princess Analena 1st of Reilth Top from James Williamson & Jacky Harrison


Best in the Simmentals, Williams Crystal’s Fleur, a yearling heifer from the Clarke family. See all the Simmental winners in our Photosales Section


The Clarke family also took reserve Champion in the Simmental ring with Williams Fawkes


FitdHugh beef pairs champion – Limousin duo, supreme beef champion Frogmore Helen, and breed male champion Dinmore Immense.


Group of Five – Team Limousin – Foxhillfarm Justtheone, Foxhillfarm Ivy, Dinmore Immense, Dinmore Glorious and Frogmore Helen


Group of Five – Rear view!


Exhibitor Bred Pairs Champion – Mike and Melanie Alfords duo, Foxhillfarm Ivy and Foxhillfarm Jasper


Exhibitor Bred Team of Three Champions from Mike, Melanie & Charlotte Alford – Foxhillfarm Justtheone, Ivy and Jasper


Reserve Champion Exhibitor Bred Team of Three from George Harvey – Harveybros 1 Crocus L4, 1 Venture Lady & 1 Leonard


Foxhill Farm Jasper, interbreed junior bull winner


Reserve interbreed junior bull, Nicholashayne 1 Kingkong from Keith Prettejohn and Angela Kerslake


The native breed championship winners, the Hereford group of Coley 1 Clara, Dendori Jennifer 15th and Normanton 1 Lionel


Females of the future pairs champions Blue Mist Inca and Blue Mist Inepaisse from Phil Brindley


In the enormous sheep section, where no less than 50 different breeds were out on show, it was the Texel champion, a one-crop ewe from Procters Farm which picked up the supreme inter-breed title, with John Sinnett’s Suffolk gimmer in reserve.

The sheep pairs championship went to the Ingram family’s Charollais pair, including the Charollais breed champion shearling ram and their 2013 RWS Interbreed Champion ewe. Reserve in the pairs was John Sinnet’s Suffolk duo.

The native upland champion went to the North Country Cheviot from Ifan Hughes, with the Kerryhill champion from Derek Knowles and Daryl Brown in reserve. Standing reserve to the Suffolk in the Native Lowland section was the Hampshire Down from Jennifer Borsey, whilst reserve to the Texel in the continental section was the Berrichon from Gareth and Ifan Thomas.

Finally on day four from the sheep rings, Jennifer Curtis picked up the interbreed group championship with her Charollais and also went on to pick up the interbreed ewe lamb championship over Gwilym Parry’s North Country Cheviot. Lastly, the interbreed ram lamb championship went to E and B Jones’ Hampshire with Andrew Froggatt’s Blue Texel standing reserve.


Texel champion was this one-crop ewe from Procters Farm, by Scholars Twenty Twelve. See all the Texel winners in our Photosales Section


Reserve Overall Texel – Michael and Nia James’ ram Meinspride Usain


Suffolk champion & Reserve Overall Interbreed Champion was this gimmer from John Sinnett. See all the Suffolk winners in our Photosales Section


Reserve Overall Suffolk Champion – NAT:15:01887 from Dafydd Jones’


Overall Sheep Pairs Champion – Ingram family’s Charollais’, including the Charollais breed champion shearling ram and their 2013 RWS Interbreed Champion ewe


Reserve Overall Sheep Pairs – John Sinnet’s Suffolk duo


Beltex champion, Harry Wood’s gimmer by Cree Sparticus


North Country Cheviot and Native Upland Champion from Ifan Hughes


Kerryhill Champion and Reserve Overall Native Upland Champion from Derek Knowles and Daryl Brown


Hampshire Down Champion and Reserve Overall Native Lowland Interbeed from Jennifer Borsey


Berrichon Champion and Reserve Continental Inter-breed from Gareth and Ifan Thomas


Charollais champion from Logie Durno


Jennifer Curtis’ winning interbreed group of three


Interbreed Ewe Lamb winner, also from Jennifer Curtis

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