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Aberdeen-Angus – Carlisle

Yesterday’s Spring Show and Sale of Aberdeen-Angus cattle at Carlisle, saw 57 bulls sell to average £3706.32, and seven maiden heifers level out at £1941.

Here are some of the top priced lots, followed by a full list of prices and buyers…


Lot 44 (Overall Champion) – Belhaven Dundee N088 – 8000gns to D. Lindsay, Baldovie, Kirriemuir.


Lot 35 (Overall Reserve Champion) – Gretnahouse Jonty N640 – 6200gns to Hoddam and Kinmount Estate


Lot 23 – Hallington Excalibur N401 – 6000gns to GW Green & Sons, Wandon, Wooler


Lot 83 – Rawburn El Nino P882 – 5700gns to Wilson Bros, Ingram, Alnwick


Lot 93 (Female Champion) – Duncanziemere Miss Belinda P097 – 4300gns to Messres Colville, Bishop Staunton, Hereford


Bulls sold

Lot 1 – Stouphill Elba N053, 4200gns to G Sordy & Sons, Alnham, Whittingham, Alnwick

Lot 2 – Tree Bridge Eskett N424, 3200gns to JL Gledson, Buteland, Bellingham, Hexham

Lot 3 – Chapelton Ermine N390, 1800gns GR & SK Meek, Eland Hall, Ponteland, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Lot 5 – Stouphill Pablo N058, 4000gns to Messrs Robson, Middle Whitehill, Kirkwhelpington, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Lot 6 – Balgay Freddie N222, 2200gns to FR Henderson & Son, Kirkbride, Auldgirth, Dumfries

Lot 7 – Carruthers Emperor N417, 3400gns to Maxwell Farming Co, Druidhall, Thornhill, Dumfries

Lot 11 – Rawburn Lone Star N739, 4000gns to G Hyslop & Son, Maxwellton, Irongray, Dumfries

Lot 12 – Tree Bridge Emery N434, 5200gns to J Melville & Sons, Ardwell, Girvan, Ayrshire

Lot 13 – Balgay Equador N239, 3300gns to J & N Blaylock & Son, Hallburn, Longtown, Carlisle

Lot 15 – Hallington Piper N396, 4000gns to GH Bain, Low Road, Bowes, Barnard Castle

Lot 16 – Newton-Struthers Justin Eric N757, 2700gns to W & J Borland, Castlehill, Gelston, Castle Douglas

Lot 17 – Carruthers Geezer N426, 5200gns to WC & D Copland, Nether Collinhirst, Ecclefechan, Lockerbie

Lot 18 – Stouphill Elvis N068, 2700gns to DT Shanks & Sons, Brackenhurst, Glenmavis, Airdrie

Lot 19 – Auchengray Eric N041, 3000gns to J Drinkall Ltd, Manor House, Anglezarke, Chorley

Lot 20 – Auchengray Prince N046, 4800gns to J Steele & Son, Walston Mill, Carnwath, Lanark

Lot 23 – Hallington Excalibur N401, 6000gns to GW Green & Sons, Wandon, Wooler, Northumberland

Lot 26 – Housesteads Eric N476, 3900gns to PG Nixon & Partners, Little Whitington, Hallington, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Lot 27 – Threeburnfold Proud Gunner N541, 2800gns to David Wilson & Son, Marwhirn, Moniave, Thornhill, Dumfries

Lot 30 – Oak Moor Lord Iman N186, 5100gns to JI Rogerson, Overgrass, Newton-On-The-Moor, Morpeth

Lot 31 – Tree Bridge Paddington N452, 3600gns to W & ME Paisley & Sons, Micklewaite, Aikton, Wigton

Lot 34 – Lochdhu Exciseman N008, 2900gns to RE Howard & Sons, Littlemorton, Retford

Lot 35 – Gretnahouse Jonty N640, 6200gns to Hoddam & Kinmount Estates, Lockerbie

Lot 36 – Tree Bridge Escrick N455, 3000gns to G Roddam & Partners, Blackcarts, Humshaugh, Hexham

Lot 37 – Hallington Jubilant Eric N420, 5200gns to Sean Farrell, Crossmeglen, Newry, County Down

Lot 38 – Newbank Duke N203, 4000gns to L R Howatson, Corriemains, Corrie, Lockerbie

Lot 39 – Haymount Watesso N391, 4500gns to MJ Hutchinson, Red Gap, Wolviston, Billingham

Lot 40 – Haymount Wavoro N398, 3300gns to Davies Bros, Trefere Uchaf, Penparc, Dyfed

Lot 41 – Halbeath Premier N521, 3400gns to AJ McKie, New House, East Chisenbury, Wiltshire

Lot 42 – Halbeath Knockout N524, 4300gns to AJ & T Snaith, Great Tosson, Morpeth

Lot 43 – Haymount Wavoro N408, 4000gns to Maxwell Farming Co, Druidhall, Thornhill

Lot 44 – Belhaven Dundee N088, 8000gns to D Lindsay, Baldovie, Kingoldrum, Kirriemuir

Lot 45 – St Fort Pageant N292, 2000gns to R & A Whittam, Dunnabie, Waterbeck, Lockerbie

Lot 47 – St Fort Pagan 318, 1800gns to HME Griffiths, Graigwen, Felinfach, Ceredigion.

Lot 48 – Oak Moor Proud Dominator N207, 4600gns to IR McKeand, Broomhill, Carnwath.


Lot 52 – Billinge Magic Jovian Eric N263, 3600gns to AR Bell, Burnside, Kirkton, Hawick.

Lot 53 – Haymount Wistallo N424, 4100gns to B & M Owen, Bodrach Farm, Carmel, Llanrwst.

Lot 55 – Border Lyne George N302, 1600gns to JC & JW Tulloch, Rigfoot, Uplawmoor, Glasgow.

Lot 57 – Gretnahouse King Peter N664, 3400gns to G & MA Lawn, None Go Bye Farm, Stirton, Skipton.

Lot 58 – Hallington Lord Harvey N427, 3300gns to G Roddam, Blackcarts Farm, Humshaugh, Hexham.

Lot 59 – Linton Gilbertines Rocket N827, 4700gns to Dalhanna Farming, Over Cairn, New Cumnock.

Lot 61 – Border Lyne General P130, 2800gns to PG Nixon, Little Whittington Farm, Hallington.

Lot 62 – Mosston Muir Toy Boy P341, 4000gns to Brackenbarrow Farms, Croftlands, Deanscales, Cockermouth.

Lot 63 – Gretnahouse Black Crusader P667, 5000gns to KW Brown, Craigowmill Farm, Milnathort, Kinross.

Lot 64 – Water End Mr Bojangles P113, 2400gns to Strong Ltd, Street House, Bolton, Appleby-in-Westmorland.

Lot 66 – Newbank Eddie P220, 1900gns to AC Pugh, Yellow Oak Farm, Pen Y Lan, Wrexham.

Lot 67 – Jerusalem Wordsworth P287, 2500gns to RS Mackay, Westhills, Rothbury, Morpeth.

Lot 68 – Borewell Elmark P667, 2000gns to JS Shaw, West Lethans, Saline, Dunfermline.

Lot 70 – Water End Mr Biggles P116, 2300gns to AM Robertson, Birgidale Knock, Rothesay.

Lot 72 – Borewell Black Bertie P674, 2000gns to J & E McIntyre, Glenlea, Whauphill, Newton Stewart.

Lot 73 – Jerusalem Lord Hyperion P290, 2800gns to JS Shaw, West Lethans, Saline, Fife.

Lot 74 – Water End Earthquake P117, 2200gns to RW Morris, Fawside, Gordon.

Lot 77 – Borewell Kansas P684, 3400gns to R Tennant, Hemplands Farm, Conistone, Skipton.

Lot 81 – Jerusalem Mr Mistoffelees P305, 3500gns to W & WJ Jardine, Newbigging, Lockerbie.

Lot 83 – Rawburn El Nino P882, 5700gns to Wilson Bros, Ingram Farm, Ingram, Alnwick.

Lot 85 – Tree Bridge Parity P470, 2100gns to WJ Kerr & Son, Gamerigg Farm, Parkgate, Dumfries.

Lot 86 – Borewell Black Becker P726, 2600gns to Baltier Farming Company, Whithorn, Newton Stewart.

Lot 87 – Elliot Touchdown P911, 3400gns to Messrs Douglas, Nether Tofts, Hawick.

Lot 89 – Jerusalem Mr Aramis P309, 2500gns to Messrs Miller, Tarn Lodge Farm, Heads Nook, Brampton.


Females sold

Lot 93 – Duncanziemere Schelda P096, 4300gns to Messrs Colville, Grange Road, Bishop Stauton.

Lot 94 – Duncanziemere Miss Belinda P097, 2200gns to Messrs Colville.

Lot 95 – Shelau Jan Erica P245, 1080gns to AM Robertson, Birgidale Knock, Rothesay.

Lot 96 – Shelau Jetelle Erica P249, 1180gns to S Short, Highcliffe, Long Lane, Halifax.

Lot 97 – Shelau Brindini P251, 1080gns to HME Griffiths, Graigwen, Felinfach, Ceredigion.

Lot 98 – Shelau Kutie P252, 1400gns to HME Griffiths.

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