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Newark – Limousin Day

Females led the trade at the Limousin Day at Newark Mart, with the in-calf heifer, Brockhurst Holy from Doug Mash, selling for the top price of 5800gns. A Wilodge Vantastic daughter, due to Ardglasson Highlander, she sold to Andrew Gammie, Drumforber, Laurencekirk.

Best of the bulls was Ewdenvale Ivanhoe, a Wilodge Tonka son which sold at 5500gns to Andrew Bishop, Pitfield Farm, Eldersfield.

Averages: Three senior bulls, £3045; 13 intermediate bulls, £2978.85; 20 junior bulls, £3252.38; 21 cows with calves, £2699; nine heifers with calves, £2669.33; 11 in-calf cows, £1699.09; 31 in-calf heifers, £2282.90; 79 maiden heifers, £1658.47; seven commercial bulls, £885.71; 126 commercial heifers, £995; 160 commercial steers, £1022.81.

Photographs of the top priced lots are shown below, followed by a list of leading prices and buyers. To view the full selection of pictures taken, or to purchase any, see our Photo Sales section.


Sale topper, Brockhurst Holy, sold at 5800gns to Andrew Gammie, Drumforber, Laurencekirk


Maiden heifer, Coachhouse Ibiza, sold at 4200gns to GC Bowring, Mansfield


Top price bull, Ewdenvale Ivanhoe, made 5500gns to Andrew Bishop, Pitfield Farm, Eldersfield


Coachhouse Infielder sold at 4800gns to RF Turner & Son, Bassingbourn Farm, Fordham, Cambridgeshire


Gascoines Iain made 4500gns to FS Knight, Wells Farm, Stoke Doyle, Oundle, Peterborough

Leading bull prices:

Lot 9 – Millington Impala, 3400gns to Lattenbury Farming Co, Lattenbury Hill, Godmanchester.

Lot 18 – Gascoines Iceman, 3800gns to S & CM Jones & Sons, Alton Manor Farm, Idridgehay, Belper.

Lot 23 – Gascoines Iain, 4500gns to FS Knight, Wells Farm, Stoke Doyle, Oundle, Peterborough.

Lot 29 – Coachhouse Ion, 3500gns to FS Knight.

Lot 30 – Hannem Imacelebrity, 3800gns to Lattenbury Farming Co.

Lot 41 – Whiskey Ivor, 3000gns to G & J Hadfield, Coldeaton Farm, Alsop Enledale, Ashbourne.

Lot 42 – Coachhouse Illyria, 4500gns to Frank Page, Lodge Farm, Yelvertoft Road, Northampton.

Lot 45 – Coachhouse Intelligent, 4000gns to Bill Stewart, Greenfold, Bridge of Marnoch, Huntly.

Lot 46 – Ternvalley Ivan, 3000gns to Bill Stewart.

Lot 47 – Ewdenvale Ivanhoe, 5500gns to Andrew Bishop, Pitfield Farm, Eldersfield, Gloucs.

Lot 48 – Coachhouse Infielder, 4800gns to RF Turner & Son, Bassingbourn Farm, Fordham, Cambridgeshire.

Lot 51 – Newroddige Imperial, 4500gns to Bill Stewart.

Lot 60 – Scorboro Inc, 3800gns to Bill Stewart.

Lot 71 – Hannem Jaguar, 3000gns to P Bacon, Oakwood Farm, Gayton, Kings Lynn.


Leading female prices:

Cow & Calf

Lot 88 – Mereside Ebony & Mereside JCB, 4000gns to F & SM Stamper, Salome Lodge Farm, Leighton Bromswold, Cambridgeshire.

In-calf heifers

Lot 133 – Brockhurst Harmonica, 3400gns to TP Jarman, Church Farm, Trefeglwys, Powys.

Lot 140 – Brockhurst Honeycomb, 3200gns to M Webster, Grange Farm, Westerdale.

Lot 142 – Brockhurst Holy, by Wilodge Vantastic, 5800gns to A Gammie, Drumforber, Laurencekirk.

Maiden heifers

Lot 178 – Roughley Izzy, 3000gns to RJ Mawby, Fields Farm, Lower Green, Rugby.

Lot 207 – Coachhouse Ibiza, 4200gns to GC Bowring, The Park, Nether Langwith, Mansfield.

Lot 214 – Coachhouse Isette, 3000gns to RF Turner & Son, Bassingbourn Farm.





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