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Newark – English Premier Sale

Trade topped at 10,000gns at the English Premier show and sale of pedigree cattle at Newark Livestock Market today.

Fetching this price was Michelle Wilde’s British Blue outfit, Cromwell Gemini and bull calf Ridge Dean Jazz. The breed averaged £3507 for five bulls sold and £5355 for the three females.

Meanwhile, 11 Lincoln Red bulls sold to average £2825.45 and 48 females went on to average £1301.56. Four Aberdeen-Angus bulls sold to average £2677.50 with the females levelling out at £1240.31 for eight sold. Lastly, Simmental bulls averaged out at £3192 for five sold,  and 13 females went through the ring averaging £1671.92.

Below are some of the top priced lots… the full selection of pictures are available to view in our Photo Sales section.


Lot 142 – Cromwell Gemini, 10,000gns to Swindells Livestock Ltd


Lot 10 – Theberton Electric, 4000gns to PD Player


Lot 4 – Tree Bridge Jentry N425, 3000gns to SDJ Blagg


Lot 6 – Eckington Evan N227, 3000gns to CW Foster


Lot 9 – Rathlee Ben, 3000gns to JL Mee


Lot 13 – Storersmith Einstein, 3000gns to WR Eales and Son


Lot 91 – Westacre Bianca S25, 2200gns to CS Page


Bulls and Females Sold:

Aberdeen-Angus Bulls

Lot 1 – St Fort Poldark N243, 2000gns to W Buxton, Dumbles, Bulcote.

Lot 4 – Tree Bridge Jentry N425, 3000gns to SDJ Blagg, Safewater, Husbands Bosworth.

Lot 6 – Eckington Evan N227, 3000gns to CW Foster, Fordham, Garrowby Hill, Bishop Wilton, York.

Lot 7 – Rotherwick Pluto P106, 2200gns to Bartram, Meadowhurst, Grandley, Stowe by Chartley.

Lot 9 – Rathlee Ben, 3000gns to JL Mee, Broadoak, Red Lane, Brinsley.

Simmental Bulls

Lot 10 – Theberton Electric, 4000gns to PD Player, Whatton Manor Stud, Whatton in the Vale.

Lot 12 – Loxton Edward, 2600gns to Bartle Bros, Sturton High House, Clarborough, Retford.

Lot 13 – Storersmith Einstein, 3000gns to WR Eales and Son, Brook Hill, Peatling Magna.

Lot 14 – Shannock Excalibur, 2600gns to DK Bower, Hillcrest, Treswell, Retford.

Lincoln Red Bulls

Lot 22 – St Fort Raffles, 1800gns to D & J Coulson, High Harbour, Sand Lane, Middle Rasen.

Lot 25 – Springwood Sterling,  4000gns to TAE & ARJ Dobell, Garnons, Wormingford, Colchester.

Lot 27 – Hobart Sebastian,  3500gns to RH & SM Grace, Trehudreth, Blisland, Bodmin.

Lot 31 – St Fort Sussex, 2200gns to Baumber Park Farms Ltd, Horncastle.

Lot 32 – Market Stainton Sampson, 2500gns to WPD Holland & Son, Walk Farm, Newball, Langworth.

Lot 33 – St Fort Stirling, 2200gns to R Mawer, Corner Farm, Horsington, Woodhall.

Lot 36 – Market Stainton Scolar,  2300gns to Gilbert Farms, Witham House, Tattershall.

Lot 37 – St Fort Sovereign, 2000gns to Aldridge Farms Ltd, Albion Business Centre, Huddersfield.

Lot 38 – Houghton Smuggler, 2600gns to JL Bolton, Millview Rd, Wragby, Market Rasen.

Lot 41 – Highbarn Storm, 4500gns to RI Clough & Son, Beverly House, Halton Holegate.

Lot 42 – Highbarn Senator, 2000gns to S Noble, Town End, Laxton, Newark.

British Blue Bulls

Lot 46 – Cromwell Incredible, 3200gns to J Mills & Son, Winwick Grange, Northants.

Lot 47 – Ridge Dean Icey, 2500gns to NR & CS Hodgson, Park House, Ravens Stonedale, Kirby Stephen.

Lot 48 – Bear Dale Inuus, 4200gns to AC & KL Twell Ltd, Mallard House, Mallard Horn, Donnington.

Lot 49 – Bear Dale Ivanhoe, 5000gns to K Hall, Ash Farm, Dog Drove, Spalding.

Lot 52 – Ridge Dean Igor, 1800gns to East Anglian Trailers Ltd, Bottles Hall, Elmstead Market, Colchester.

Salers Bulls

Lot 58 – Rigel Prospero, 2900gns to SJ & A Payne, Glebe Cottage, West Hallam, Ilkeston, Derby.

Aberdeen-Angus Females

Lot 60 – Abington Blue Lila, 1300gns to Rand Contracting Ltd, Hatchpen, Reed, Royston.

Lot 61 – Ridge Dean Bindy, 950gns to Rand Contracting Ltd.

Lot 62 – St Fort Etrilla, 1400gns to JG Green & Sons, Whaplate, West View, Messingham.

Lot 63 – St Fort Elergy, 1000gns to Rand Contracting Ltd.

Lot 64 – St Fort Gammer Damsel, 1150gns to M Spendlove.

Lot 66 – Curzon Ebonnie J302, 1350gns to Rand Contracting Ltd.

Lot 67 – Curzon Ebonnie J308,  1400gns to M Spendlove.

Lot 68 – St Fort Persephone N267, 900gns to Rand Contracting Ltd.

Simmental Females

Lot 69 – Midhope Desire,  2000gns to C Tucker, Lower Green, Great Cheverell.

Lot 70 – Ferrylane Patches Delia, 1300gns to PD Player.

Lot 74 – Ferrylane Lotti Emma, 1550gns to PD Player.

Lot 75 – Midhope Emma, 2100gns to H Curtis & Sons, Stanton Wick, Pensford, Bristol.

Lot 76 – Midhope Eyecatcher, 2000gns to K Hall.

Lot 77 – Midhope Excite, 1550gns to RB Watson, Strand Foot, Bowes, Barnard Castle.

Lot 80 – Thursford Ruffles 35th, 2000gns to PD Player.

Lot 81 – Burghbridge Marbella 7th, 1200gns to Laird, Cambwell, Biggar.

Lot 82 – Burghbridge Gertrude 8th, 1700gns to H Curtis & Sons.

Lot 83 – Burbridge Gertrude 10th, 1200gns to RB Watson.

Lot 84 – Grangewood Alexandria, 1800gns to RB Watson.

Lot 86 – Ferrylane Patches Evie, 1050gns to Bowes Farms Ltd, Saham, Thetford, Norfolk.

Lot 87 – Ferrylane Patches Estelle, 1250gns to WR Eales & Son, Brook Hill, Peatling Magna.

Lincoln Red Females

Lot 89 – Chestnut Tree Marwood Miss S68, 1100gns to DK Brown, Rectory Farm, Hockering.

Lot 90 – Wragby Miss S179, 1000gns to D & J Coulson.

Lot 91 – Westacre Bianca S25, 2200gns to CS Page, Oak Tree Farm, Carr Lane, Newport.

Lot 92 – Wragby Miss S185, 1000gns to MG Arnold & Sons, Mill Farm, Claypole, Newark.

Lot 93 – St Fort Waitress S294, 1350gns to ME Williams, Wooden House Kennels, Braybrook.

Lot 94 – St Fort Hetty S299, 1400gns to MG Arnold & Sons.

Lot 95 – St Fort Northolm S307, 1350gns to ME Williams.

Lot 96 – St Fort Hannah S321, 1050gns to TJ Bark, Skirling Mains, Biggar, Lanark.

Lot 97 – Ashby Annelise T67, 1300gns to W May, Sheltwood, Tardedigge, Bromsgrove.

Lot 99 – Newball Kelsie R444, 1300gns to JH Hallam, Piece Farm, New Mills, High Peak.

Lot 101 – Newball Robyn S451, 1200gns to JH Hallam.

Lot 102 – Newball Krystal S454, 1200gns to JH Hallam.

Lot 103 – Walmer Princess R941, 1450gns to S Keen, Starn Hill, Ecclesfield.

Lot 104 – Walmer Heroine S947, 1100gns to D & J Coulson.

Lot 105 – Walmer Lass S952, 1350gns to D & J Coulson.

Lot 106 – Walmer Heroine S966, 1650gns to ME Williams.

Lot 108 – Walmer Lass S973, 1500gns to S Keen.

Lot 109 – Walmer Lass S974, 1250gns to D & J Coulson.

Lot 110 – Walmer Princess S983, 1500gns to ME Williams.

Lot 111 – Pointon Trudie T115, 1000gns to J Loveday, Home Farm, Horsford, Norfolk.

Lot 112 – Wells Marsh Mabel Sue S299, 1350gns to NC Balderston, Mill House, Hogsthorpe, Skegness.

Lot 113 – Wells Marsh Erica Sam S308, 1400gns to NC Balderston.

Lot 114 – Wells Marsh Primrose Sian S317, 1300gns to F & EJ Hullagh & Son, Tancred Field, Whixley, York.

Lot 115 – Wells Marsh Ruby Star S318, 1250gns to F & EJ Hullagh & Son.

Lot 116 – Deeping Damsel T558, 900gns to D & J Coulson.

Lot 117 – Deeping Eunice T560, 900gns to DJ Brown.

Lot 118 – Ashby Nina S45, 1050gns to TJ Bark.

Lot 120 – Ashby Gloria S60, 1200gns to D & J Coulson.

Lot 121 – Wragby Phylis S175, 1150gns to D & J Coulson.

Lot 122 – Wragby Rosie S182, 1050gns to D & J Coulson.

Lot 123 – Beverly Gift S35, 1300gns to TJ Bark.

Lot 124 – Beverly Rosie S39, 1200gns to D & J Coulson.

Lot 125 – Beverly Gift S45, 1250gns to DJ Brown.

Lot 126 – Beverly Miss S54, 1250gns to S Keen.

Lot 127 – Beverly Kelsie S55, 1300gns to S Keen.

Lot 128 – Othorpe Lisle S40, 1600gns to S Keen.

Lot 129 – Othorpe Kerys S43, 1500gns to S Keen.

Lot 130 – Othorpe Lisa S47, 1300gns to TJ Bark.

Lot 131 – Othorpe Hazel S50, 1200gns to TJ Bark.

Lot 132 – Morton Gloria S110, 1050gns to F & EJ Hullagh & Son.

Lot 133 – Morton Heroine S113, 1150gns to D & J Coulson.

Lot 134 – Morton Lass S117, 900gns to RD Sidebottom, Nether Water, Tideswell, Buxton.

Lot 135 – Ranyard Romance T42, 1150gns to Laird, Carnwell, Biggar.

Lot 136 – Ranyard Revival T47, 1000gns to TJ Bark.

Lot 137 – Ranyard Runcible T51, 1150gns to J Loveday.

Lot 138 – Wingland Samantha S43, 1250gns to TJ Bark.

Lot 139 – Wingland Skittles S49, 1150gns to TJ Bark.

Lot 140 – Wingland Sacha S50, 1000gns to TJ Bark.

British Blue Females

Lot 142 – Cromwell Gemini, 10,000gns to Swindells Livestock Ltd, Brant Broughton, Lincoln.

Lot 143 – Ridge Dean Jessie, 3500gns to Swindells Livestock Ltd.

Lot 144 – Norton Ice Blue, 1800gns to East Anglian Trailers.

Salers Females

Lot 189 – Beeston Hall Genna, 1700gns to RB Watson.



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