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The Sheepdogs

Whilst out and about photographing Blackface tups this year, we thought we would take a few snaps of our trusted helpers. These sheepdogs are extremely clever and hard working and without their help, life on a hill farm would be a fair struggle.

It’s often not an easy task chasing wild tups around a hillside to get them to stand exactly the way we want, however with the help of our experienced shepherds and these talented dogs, we are able to get the shots we require. Thank you kindly wee dogs!

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Ben (3) from David Morrison Dalwyne, recently purchased from Tony Welsh, Keirsmill after a six-week trial.


Ben (7), Glenrinnes, got from Kenny Bremher


Buffy and Beth, Hartside. Buffy the Schnauzer (5), is Auldhouseburn bred and enjoys sorting out the Blue Leicester tups. 7-year-old Beth is home-bred


Buidh (2), home-bred at East Bracklinn


Craig (9), Glen Gatehouse. Ruari McTaggart’s first dog, bought from Jimmy Welsh for a bargain £1!


Don from Bob Kay at the Gass,is 6 years old and bred by James McFarlane, Daldowie


Fly (3), bred by Mike Bisset, with a very brave tup lamb at Allanfauld


Another Fly (8), from Richard Wood at Kingledores, purchased from Bo Brown.


Gin (4), at Glen Gatehouse, bred by Robin Duncan, Larg Creetown


Jaff (12), Auldhouseburn, came from Tom Blacklock and was Alan’s first dog


Jake (3), home-bred at Burncastle


Jet (7), belonging to Craig Thornborrow, purchased from Jamie MacPherson


Jill (7), Blackhouse, bred by Tom Kerr


Joe (3), Dunruchan


Jude (8), Dyke, bred by Elrick Gray


Katie Beardy, 9 weeks old and eager to work at Hartside, bred by David Kinloch


Kep (4), from Gordon McDougall, Hartside, bred by Davie Rock.


Mack (3) from David Maxwell, Jaw, bred by Walter McAllister


Meg from Jim Ramsay, Milnmark, is 9 years old and was purchased from Neil Gillan.


Mist is 2 years old from Jock Jackson at the Pole, she came from Midlock as a pup


Moss (5), home-bred at Catslackburn


Nap (2), at Greenside, purchased through Glen Welsh


Nel belonging to Drew at the Craig is nearly 6 years old, she was bred by Willie Welsh.


Pat from Blackcraig is still on the go at 14 years old, she was purchased as a 3-year-old from Billy Welsh.


Robbie (8), has been with Ian Clark at Midlock for 2 years, originally from Gordon McDougall.


Roy (5), at Dollarbank, bred by Tom Hutchison


Sam (11), from Willie Craig at Gosland, homebred.


Sam and Kip at Dalbog. Sam (8), is home-bred and 5-year-old Kip came from Norman McEwan


Star (8), newly in-pup, home-bred at East Bracklinn


Tam belongs to Iain Finlay, Blackcraig. He is 8 years old and came from Billy Welsh as a pup.


Zac, 16 months old from Joe Cockburn, Troloss.  She is by Joe’s own dog Rock, while the mother belongs to Richard Carruthers.


You’ll maybe think we should stick to our day job, but here’s a wee poem in tribute to our helpers…


Ben number 1 was in charge at Dalwyne

At Glenrinnes another Ben was in need o’ a quine

Hartside’s Buffy and Beth, quite a double act to see

And Buidh fae East Bracklin showed plenty o’ ee


Craig at the Glen made the tups cock their lugs

At Gass Bob’s Don needed a sleep on the rug

Fly at Kingledores came oot the burn wae a chill

While Allanfauld’s Fly went in for the kill


Joe fae Dunruchan would grab haud o the skin

While Robert Mctaggart liked keppin wae Gin

Sanny’s wee Nap wis inclined to haud back

While Jude fae the Dyke wis on the attack


Alan’s Jaff could round up a stray hen

Gordy’s Kep, he’d get nine out o’ ten

Wee Star at East Bracklin is soon to pup

At Dollarbank Roy was gettin’ telt tae wise up!


At Burncastle Jake wid gie ye his right paw

While Thornborrow’s Jet hid fae the chainsaw!

Doon the valley at Blackhouse, Jill  was quite flighty

Wee Katie Beardy was high and mighty


Mack at the Jaw, he was fairly nifty

Iain Finlay’s Pat looked gie near fifty

On up to the Pole, wee Mist fae Argyll

Wid gie near win ony dug trial!


Moss at Catslackburn his eyes were on fire

While Nel fae the Craig wid mak any tup tire

Jim Ramsays wee Meg, a tup’s nostril could flair

Sam and Kip at Dalbog worked weel as a pair


Willie Craig’s auld Sam had been at the fake tan

And Tam at Blackcraig kepped like only he can

Zac fae Troloss was quite meek and mild

While Joe danced about to make the tup’s wild



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