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Shrewsbury – Suffolks

The National Show and Sale of Suffolk sheep took place at Shrewsbury on Saturday, where trade peaked at 10,000gns for the pre-sale champion, a Rookery ram lamb by Cairness Great Expectations, from Worcestershire-based Chris Holmes. Overall, 111 ram lambs levelled out at £1282.

Below are pictures of the top priced lots…to view the full selection of photographs taken, or to purchase any, see our Photo Sales section.


Top price at 10,000gns was the champion, DND 14:00338 from the Rookery flock, which sold to Mary Julia Cornish, Devon


Second top at 5200gns was another Rookery ram lamb, DND 14:00385, which sold to Lilburn Estates


Selling at 4400gns from Sitlow, 45Z 14:01359, to JM Robinson and Son, Grimsby


Another from Rookery, DND 14:00334, which made 4300gns to Paul Fletcher, Kidderminster


The reserve champion, DBB 14:00454, from Carony, which made 4000gns to joint buyers Hazel Martindale and Caroline Roots


At 3400gns was NLH 14:00546 from the Saffadan flock. He sold to Richard Fitton, Bolton


At 3000gns was JFF 14:01180 from Lakeview, which sold for export to Belgium


Also at 3000gns, 45Z 14:01407 from the Sitlow flock, which sold to Tom Cox, Church Eaton, Staffordshire


At 2600gns from Carony, DBB 14:00420, which sold to Dai Harvey, Newbridge On Wye


This Carony lamb, DBB 14:00476, sold at 2500gns to N Howl, Kettering


Top price shearling was this Monkton tup, Y18 13:017, which made 1400gns to Phil Smith’s Peghouse flock, Worcestershire


Best group of three, from Willie Tait


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