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Great Yorkshire Show – Suffolks

Judging the Suffolks at the Great Yorkshire Show was Sheila Eggleston, who selected a ewe lamb from Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership’s Roseden flock, as overall champion. Taking reserve was Roy and Gregor Hiddleston’s gimmer.

Below are the main prizewinners – to view the full selection of photographs taken, or to purchase any, see our Photo Sales section.


Overall champion, Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership, with this ewe lamb, G34:14:18396


Reserve overall, Roy and Gregor Hiddleston’s Strathisla-bred gimmer, FNV:13:00913


Male champion, Lilburn Estates’ shearling ram, Rookery Top Spot


Reserve male was the first prize trimmed ram lamb from Mrs Tooze, DYX:14:00150


Best untrimmed ram lamb, LBC:14:01870 from Thomas Darling


Group of three, from Lilburn Estates

Shearling ram,
1st Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership, Rookery Top Shot (male champ)
2nd David Aconley, J10:13:00160
3rd Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership, G34:13:12301
4th Pamela Lupton, KXL:13:12301
5thMr R Fitton, FZL:13:00613

Trimmed Ram Lamb,
1st Mrs Tooze, DYX:14:00150 (res male)
2nd Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership, G34:14:18358
3rd Pamela Lupton, KXL:14:00212
4th Roy and Gregor Hiddleston, PWS:14:00065
5th Mr Riby, FZL:14:00833

Untrimmed Ram Lamb
1st Thomas Darling, LBC:14:01870
2nd Mr Denby, A58:14:00243
3rd Pamela Lupton’s KXL:14:00215
4th Mr Fitton, SLN:14:00824
5th Mr and Mrs Glaves, M17:14:02710

Ewe, two shear or over
1st David Aconley, NFR:N25
2nd Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership, G34:12:08635
3rd Roy and Gregor Hiddleston, FNV:12:00524
4th Mr Fitton NAJ:11:00128
5th Mr Bulmer, D17:12:00314

Shearling Ewe
1st Roy and Gregor Hiddleston, FNV:13:00913 (res fem and res overall)
2nd Mrs Tooze, DYX:13:00133
3rd Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership, G34:13:12239
4th Mrs Tooze, DYX:13:00142
5th Mrs Tooze, DYX:13:00130

Ewe lamb
1st Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership, G34:14:18396  (fem and overall)
2nd Mrs Tooze, DYX:14:00148
3rd Mr Denby, A58:14:00235
4th Mrs Tooze, DYX:14:00149
5th Mr and Mrs Glaves, M17:14:02698

Group of three, one ram and two females
1st Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership
2nd Mrs Tooze
3rd Roy and Gregor Hiddleston
4th David Aconley
5th Mr Denby

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