MacGregor Photography

Whitecliffe Charolais

We were down in Malton this week, to photograph a few of Mark and Jane Hayhurst’s Charolais bulls, all sons of Blelack Digger.

Heading to Carlisle this weekend, on May 9th and 10th, are Whitecliffe Harold (which has a Terminal Index of +82, a Self Replacing Index of +78 and is +9.9 for calving ease) and Whitecliffe Hamilton (TI +66, SRI +63 and +11.8 calving ease).

Meanwhile, semen is available from Whitecliffe Highlight (TI +76, SRI +71, +13.5 calving ease) and Whitecliffe Harlequin (TI +102, SRI +80, +18.3 for calving ease, and a 600-day weight of +116). Semen available through UK Sire Services – contact Jane Hayhurst on 01653 668523 or 07801 891037.

p Whitecliffe Harold 6845

Whitecliffe Harold is heading to the Carlisle sale

p Whitecliffe Hamilton 7043

Whitecliffe Hamilton is destined for Carlisle

p Whitecliffe Highlight 6849

Whitecliffe Highlight – semen available from UK Sire Services

p Whitecliffe Harlequin 7062

Whitecliffe Harlequin – semen available from UK Sire Services

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