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Carlisle – Charolais

Charolais sold well at Carlisle today, with the 88 bulls averaging out at £5594.30 (31 senior bulls, £6415.50; 29 intermediate bulls, £5565; 28 junior bulls, £4713.33).

Sale top was 11,500gns for Alsnow Hublot, a first prize winner by Goldies Unbeatable, which sold to Backmuir Trading, Keith.

Meanwhile, at the female sale, four served heifers averaged £2100 and six maiden heifers levelled at £2117.50.

The Fairway dispersal met a strong demand, selling to a top of 10,000gns for a cow and calf outfit which sold to Andrew Hornall’s Stirling-based Falleninch herd. The 37 cows served and/or suckling averaged £3558.65, while 16 served heifers levelled out at £2690.63 and 16 maiden heifers averaged £1597.97.

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p 11 Alsnow Hublot 9077

Alsnow Hublot made the top price of 11,500gns to Backmuir Trading


p 49 Southwillow Hal 8855

Southwillow Hal made 11,000gns to Backmuir Trading

p 5 Thrunton Heritage 9344

Thrunton Heritage sold for 10,000gns to Backmuir Trading

p Whitecliffe Harold 6845

Whitecliffe Harold made 10,000gns to CH Wardle – pictured a few days before the sale

p 101 Caylers Influence 9024

Another at 10,000gns, Caylers Influence which went to A Currie, Dunure

p 63 Maerdy Harpix 8891

Maerdy Harpix made 9500gns to G Saunders

p 1 Barnsford Gorse 9072

Barnsford Gorse sold for 9000gns to Backmuir Trading

p 91 Lakelady Hulk 9314

Lakelady Hulk sold at 9000gns to AM and P Bowman and Son

p 99 Ovil Isaac 9290

Ovill Isaac sold for 9000gns to Backmuir Trading

p 54 Whitecliffe Hamilton 9421

Whitecliffe Hamilton made 8000gns to R and CM Donnan and Sons

p 27 Thrunton Hanson 9352

Thrunton Hanson made 8000gns to G McClannachan and Sons

p 34 Jurieshouse Hero 9127

Jurieshouse Hero sold for 8000gns to J Jeffrey

p 145 Tweeddale Invincible 9460

Making 7500gns, Tweeddale Invincible, to C Maciver

p 52 Ravensworth Hercules 8907

Ravensworth Hercules sold for 7500gns to Backmuir Trading

p 90 Ramrad Hector 9392

Ramrad Hector made 7000gns to EG Morgan

p 16 Millbridge Hugo 9092

Millbridge Hugo sold for 6200gns to J Mitchell

p Goldie Champ Res Female 8726

Hamish and Bruce Goldie with the champion and reserve females


Prices and buyers of bulls sold…

Lot 1 – Barnsford Gorse, 9000gns to Backmuir Trading, Keith.

Lot 5 – Thrunton Heritage, 10,000gns to Backmuir Trading.

Lot 7 – Logan Highflyer, 5500gns to Backmuir Trading.

Lot 8 – Logan Highlander, 4600gns to Backmuir Trading.

Lot 10 – Baillieston Harry, 4000gns to W and AM Aitken, Scotstoun Bank, West Linton.

Lot 11 – Alsnow Hublot, 11,500gns to Backmuir Trading.

Lot 12 – Gretnahouse Harry, 9000gns to D Coghill and Sons, Skinnet Farm, Halkirk.

Lot 13 – Laverock Hugo, 2200gns to G Barbour and Co, Dairy House, Auchengibbert, Dumfries.

Lot 16 – Milbridge Hugo, 6200gns to J Mitchell and Co, Rumbletonrig, Greenlaw, Duns.

Lot 20 – Maerdy Handymade, 4500gns to D Hyslop, Clydeside Farm, Lamington.

Lot 21 – Thrunton Harold, 4500gns to T and R Harper and Son, Southmains, Skirling.

Lot 23 – Edenhurst Hurricane, 4800gns to J James, Cefn Eithrym Farm, Swansea.

Lot 25 – Edenhurst Houston, 5000gns to W and J Borland, Castlehill Farm, Castle Douglas.

Lot 27 – Thrunton Hanson, 8000gns to G McClanachan and Sons, Gairloch Farm, Dumfries.

Lot 30 – Glencoe Hermes, 2800gns to J Duff and Sons, The Laythes, Kirkbride, Wigton.

Lot 31 – Firhills Hobo, 3200gns to Culraven Farms, Twynholm, Kirkcudbright.

Lot 34 – Jurieshouse Hero, 8000gns to J Jeffrey, Kersknowe, Kelso.

Lot 35 – Vexour Hyram, 4500gns to Douganhill Farms, Palnackie, Castle Douglas.

Lot 36 – Scalehouses Harry, 3600gns to Valley Fields (Scotland), Sanquhar.

Lot 37 – Gretnahouse Hope, 7500gns to J Dunn, Martnaham Mains, Ayr.

Lot 39 – Edenhurst Hawaii, 5500gns to Dalhanna Farming Co, Over Cairn, New Cumnock.

Lot 43 – Marwood Haribo, 3500gns to J and R Mitchell, Pairney Farm, Auchterarder.

Lot 44 – Marwood Homeguard, 3200gns to WSL Muir, Upper Onston, Orkney.

Lot 45 – Maerdy Henffych, 7500gns to M Bindloss and Son, Shap Abbey, Penrith.

Lot 47 – Vexour Hallam, 3200gns to I and J Adams, Half Mark Farm, Leswalt, Stranraer.

Lot 48 – Brogher Hannibal, 5500gns to Valley Fields (Scotland).

Lot 49 – Southwillow Hal, 11,000gns to Backmuir Trading.

Lot 52 – Ravensworth Hercules, 7500gns to Backmuir Trading.

Lot 53 – Whitecliffe Harold, 10,000gns to LH Wardle, Keys Hill Poultry Farm, Wildmoor, Worcs.

Lot 54 – Whitecliffe Hamilton, 8000gns to R and CM Donnan and Sons, Knockiebrae, New Luce.

Lot 55 – Baillieston Hustler, 4200gns to W Templeton and Son, Glenlaugh, Auldgirth, Dumfries.

Lot 57 – Caylers Hercules, 4000gns to TH Hutchinson, Red Gap Farm, Wolviston.

Lot 58 – Baillieston Hunter, 5000gns to BQ Farm Partnership, Bowhill, Selkirk.

Lot 62 – Firhills Hunter, 2100gns to Messrs Porteous, Barbershall, Castle Douglas.

Lot 63 – Maerdy Harpix, 9500gns to G Saunders, Ravenswood Farm, Cardiff.

Lot 64 – Whitecliffe Hague, 5500gns to B and M Frost, Hopping Farm House, Bakewell.

Lot 65 – Goldies Hustler, 6500gns to JC Hobday and Son, Todshawhaugh, Hawick.

Lot 70 – Thrunton Hussar, 4500gns to RC Gatherer, Mackies Mill Farm, Johnstone.

Lot 73 – Caylers Hurricane, 4000gns to A Currie, Fisherton Farm, Dunure, Ayr.

Lot 74 – Goldies Heritage, 5000gns to AEJ and FJ Claridge, Knowle Hill, Middle Clayton.

Lot 75 – Westcarse Hightech, 5800gns to Backmuir Trading.

Lot 80 – Maerdy HGV, 5000gns to Gelston Castle Farms, Castle Douglas.

Lot 81 – Fairway Hatfieldstar, 4200gns to Auchencheyne Ltd, Moniaive, Thornhill.

Lot 82 – Lochend Hobbit, 4000gns to H and A Hiddleston, Park Farm, Irongray.

Lot 84 – Thrunton Houston, 3500gns to RI and SA Little, Bogue Farm, Dalry.

Lot 85 – Elgin Hamberg, 5000gns to DM Walker and Son, Laigh Alticane, Pinwherry.

Lot 86 – Mortimers Hadrian, 6000gns to STC Holdings, Eggardon Hill Farm, Dorchester.

Lot 87 – Whitecliffe Hunter, 5500gns to PA and SJ Teasdale, Sunnybank Farm, Helmsley, York.

Lot 88 – Kiltybane Harry, 3500gns to Ross Farms, Wester Middleton, Gorebridge.

Lot 89 – Whitecliffe Helix, 2000gns to G Barbour, Dairy House, Auchengibbert, Dumfries.

Lot 90 – Ramrad Hector, 7000gns to EG Morgan, Blaencar, Brecon.

Lot 91 – Lakelady Hulk, 9000gns to AM and P Bowman and Son, Crindledyke, Penrith.

Lot 92 – Goldies Herbie, 3500gns to JT Fleming and Son, Falnash Farm, Hawick.

Lot 94 – Tweeddale Hofmeister, 4200gns to RW and MI Walker, Heavyside Farm, Kelso.

Lot 95 – Mortimers Icatcher, 5000gns to A and C Watson, Glasslaw, Stonehaven.

Lot 96 – Lochend Icon, 5000gns to CG Greig (Farms) Ltd, Gateside, Cupar.

Lot 99 – Ovill Isaac, 9000gns to Backmuir Trading.

Lot 100 – Thrunton Inca, 6200gns to JW Vevers, High Stenries, Lockerbie.

Lot 101 – Caylers Influence, 10,000gns to A Currie, Fisherton, Dunure, Ayr.

Lot 104 – Goldies Imperial, 5000gns to J Davidson and Son, Adderstone Shiels, Hawick.

Lot 105 – Fairway Invincible, 2200gns to G Barbour, Dairy House, Auchengibbert, Dumfries.

Lot 107 – Elgin Icon, 7000gns to MPB Ashton, Belan Ddu, Welshpool.

Lot 108 – Lakelady Ingot, 5500gns to CJ White, Nooks Lodge, Oakham.

Lot 109 – Gretnahouse Ian, 4500gns to R and M Paterson, Upper Auchenlay, Dunblane.

Lot 110 – Scalehouses Iggy, 3500gns to P and MR Carruthers, Rawfoot, Brampton.

Lot 112 – Goldies Impulse, 3800gns to J Spence and Sons, Roberthill, Lockerbie.

Lot 113 – Balmyle Impulse, 3200gns to JA and SM Allen, Barker Knott, Windermere.

Lot 116 – Fairway Inchcape, 4200gns to W and M Galloway, Drumblair Farm, Port William.

Lot 117 – Sackville Isaac, 3000gns to J Rae, Boghead Farm, Collin, Dumfries.

Lot 119 – Crookdake Iceberg, 3500gns to JJ and MC Baxter, Moss Side, Carlisle.

Lot 120 – Balmyle Invincible, 6500gns to Douganhill Farms, Palnackie, Castle Douglas.

Lot 121 – Mortimers Infinity, 6500gns to RA Milne, Kennieshillock, Lhanbryde, Elgin.

Lot 122 – Dooley Igolo, 2200gns to S Renshaw, Home Farm, Tetford, Lincolnshire.

Lot 123 – Ravensworth Ivon, 3500gns to E and MA Procter and Son, Villa Farm, Kirkby Stephen.

Lot 125 – Edenhurst Idol, 8000gns to WF Palmer, Trenestrall Farm, Truro, Cornwall.

Lot 126 – Goldies Impressive, 5200gns to G Hendry, Heads of Auchinderran, Keith.

Lot 127 – Arglam Incredibull, 2800gns to JA Woodburn, Mansriggs Hall, Ulverston.

Lot 130 – Ovill Indigo, 6200gns to W Hird, Wiza Farm, Wigton.

Lot 131 – Edenhurst Indiana, 5200gns to AC Martin, Horseholm Farm, Bankend.

Lot 132 – Fairway Ismay, 3500gns to JW Crozier, Raggetsyke Waterbeck, Lockerbie.

Lot 133 – Arglam Invincibull, 2400gns to D and A Miller, Stemster, Wick, Caithness.

Lot 134 – Edenhurst Ivan, 5000gns to DG and JD Walker, Drumbuie, Sanquhar.

Lot 140 – Maerdy Islwyn, 4500gns to AL Jones, Defaidty, Bala, Gwynedd.

Lot 142 – Bleaklow Imax, 3800gns to CJ Wight, Carwood, Biggar.

Lot 143 – Edenhurst Identity, 3000gns to IJ and G Prudham, Whitefield, Brampton.

Lot 145 – Tweeddale Invincible, 7500gns to C Maciver, Wester Coltfield, Kinloss, Forres.


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