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Carlisle – Aberdeen-Angus

Aberdeen-Angus bulls sold to 9000gns at Carlisle on Friday 23rd May. Sale topper was Alastair McSporran’s Eilean Explosion M029, a July 2012-born son of Flodden Warden E316, which was knocked down to McCosh Bros, Biggar.

Females peaked at 8000gns for Rawburn Ebony M510 from John Elliot. This two-year-old, by Rawburn Elmer J921, sold to M Fraser, Co Antrim.

Below are some of the top priced lots, but to view a full selection of pictures taken on the day, see our Photosales section.

p 43 Eilean Explosion 9000gns

Sale topper, Eilean Explosion, made 9000gns

p Ebony 1510 5221

Rawburn Ebony sold for 8000gns

p 8 Hallington Powerline 6000gns

Hallington Powerline M359 made 6000gns to Schivas Estates

p 20 Halbeath Kiwi 5500gns

Halbeath Kiwi M468 sold for 5500gns to WA Osborne and Sons

p 45 Westhills Vincent 5000gns

Westhills Vincent M563 sold at 5000gns to J Sharpe and Son

p 5 Housesteads Elvis

Housesteads Elvis M424 reached 4000gns to R and DM Betton

p 92 Mosston Muir Eline 3000gns

Mosston Muir Eline N334 made 3000gns to BN Wood

Prices and buyers of lots sold…

Lot 4 – Carruthers Paramount M281, 5200gns to C Gurney, Hyde Lane, Foscott, Buckingham.

Lot 5 – Housesteads Elvis M424, 4000gns to R and DM Betton, Waters Meeting, Barnard Castle.

Lot 6 – Tree Bridge Jauntry M370, 3700gns to PG Nixon and Partners, Little Whittington, Hallington.

Lot 8 – Hallington Powerline M359, 6000gns to Schivas Estates, North Lodge, Ythanbank, Ellon.

Lot 9 – Housesteads Eugene M430, 4000gns to Jenkinson Ltd, Whingill, Kirkby Stephen.

Lot 10 – Chapelton Eclipse M111, 4700gns to A Thomson, Shirmers, Castle Douglas.

Lot 11 – Drumdow Pickle M890, 1600gns to JG and L Jarman, Gwern Hefin, Llanycil, Bala.

Lot 14 – Carruthers Eye Catcher M304, 4400gns to D Steen, Westerhouses, Bonchester Bridge.

Lot 15 – Liley Performer M026, 2000gns to J and N Blaylock and Son, Hallburn, Longtown.

Lot 19 – Chapelton Petrarch M126, 4500gns to M and JG Dunlop, Bishopton, Kirkcudbright.

Lot 20 – Halbeath Kiwi M468, 5500gns to WA Osborne and Sons, Outerston Farm, Gorebridge.

Lot 26 – Newbiggin Hill Premier M040, 3800gns to IR McKeand, Broomhill, Carnwath.

Lot 30 – Halbeath Patriot M473, 4800gns to JC Hobday and Son, Todshawhaugh, Hawick.

Lot 31 – Lessonhall Primetime M522, 2600gns to JJ Henderson and Son, Park House Farm, Dalston, Carlisle.

Lot 32 – Haymount Wavardo M248, 4000gns to J and S Farming, Furzelease Farm, Salisbury.

Lot 34 – Haymount Wavardo M256, 4000gns to Maxwell Farming, Druidhall, Thornhill.

Lot 35 – Haymount Galarlo M258, 4200gns to R and R Muir, Larg, Newton Stewart.

Lot 37 – Tree Bridge Eltham M405, 3200gns to RF Gill and Sons, Collierley Farm, Stanley, Co Durham.

Lot 38 – Gretnahouse Eli M585, 5000gns to JI Rogerson, Overgrass, Newton-on-the-Moor, Morpeth.

Lot 41 – Liley Ross M036, 1800gns to JB Summers, Milescott, Allendale, Hexham.

Lot 43 – Eilean Explosion M029, 9000gns to McCosh Bros, Coulterhaugh, Biggar.

Lot 45 – Westhills Vincent M563, 5000gns to J Sharpe and Son, Woodend Farm, Lamplugh, Workington.

Lot 46 – Tree Bridge Phoofighter M414, 3300gns to G Roddam and Partners, Blackcarts, Hexham.

Lot 48 – Oak Moor Jury Eric M152, 5000gns to AR Bell, Burnside, Kirkton, Hawick.

Lot 50 – Border Lyne Blackbeard M126, 1850gns to W Marshall and Son, Eastlands, Crocketford.

Lot 53 – Haymount Wovardo M291, 3500gns to W and J Borland, Castlehill Farm, Gelston, Castle Douglas.

Lot 54 – Shadwell Boris M611, 3000gns to I and A Fisher, Spittal Farm, Creetown, Newton Stewart.

Lot 55 – Haymount Wendardo M301, 4500gns to JG Runciman, Upper Blainslie, Galashiels.

Lot 58 – Newbank Everest M186, 3000gns to JD Quigley and Sons, Craigiesland, Beattock, Moffat.

Lot 59 – Hallington Lord Handsome M383, 1600gns to DJ Harrison, Dundraw, Wigton.

Lot 60 – Drumdow Electric M941, 3700gns to JM and RM Haston, Dearham Farm, Maryport, Cumbria.

Lot 61 – Shadwell Black Ops M630, 4200gns to RJS and DM Addison, Greystone House, Penrith.

Lot 67 – Gretnahouse Peter Cay N607, 3000gns to AM Robertson, Birgidale Knock, Isle of Bute.

Lot 68 – Border Lyne Flasher N128, 3500gns to MH Statham and Son, Laghead Farm, Gatehouse of Fleet.

Lot 69 – Borewell Mr Eshton N589, 2800gns to FB Telfer, Tarnflatt Hall, Whitehaven, Cumbria.

Lot 70 – Mosston Muir El Tigre N333, 3300gns to A Ewing Jnr, Drumbretton, Annan.

Lot 71 – Water End Jackpot Eric N110, 3000gns to Schivas Estates, North Lodge, Ellon.

Lot 72 – Borewell Blacksmith N593, 4500gns to J BurtonIlamtops Farm, Ashbourne.

Lot 73 – Borewell Black Brigadier N595, 2500gns to Shawsmuir Farming, Closeburn, Dumfries.

Lot 77 – Borewell Blackboss N627, 2400gns to JD Swan, Low Eals, Tarset, Hexham.

Lot 80 – Jerusalem Davidoff N265, 3500gns to J and S Farming, Furzelease Farm, Salisbury.

Lot 81 – Retties Easy Rider N225, 1800gns to J Mair and Son, Bargatton, Laurieston, Castle Douglas.

Lot 82 – Housesteads Ewan N463, 2100gns to G Roddam and Partners, Blackcarts Farm, Hexham.

Lot 84 – Jerusalem Lord Harlequinn N269, 3500gns to Messrs Braithwaite, Ehenside, Braystones, Beckermet.

Lot 85 – Water End Estimator N111, 3000gns to AK Stoddart, Broxburn.

Lot 89 – Locher Paula F117, 2000gns to S and C Ferguson, Shieldrum, Bridge of Cally.

Lot 90 – Rawburn Evergreen M508, 3500gns to Highland Wagyu, Burnside of Balhadie, Dunblane.

Lot 91 – Rawburn Ebony M510, 8000gns to M Fraser, Temple Patrick, Co Antrim.

Lot 92 – Mosston Muir Eline N334, 3000gns to BN Wood, Prendwick, Wittingham.

Lot 93 – Moffat Miss Bramble N040, 1000gns to Highland Wagyu, Dunblane.

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