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Bristol – Simmental

Simmentals met a good trade at Bristol on Saturday with 13 bulls sold averaging £4103, with an 81% clearance.   Selling to a top of 9600gns was the champion Bosahan Dynamo, a Skerrington Armada-sired bull, purchased by Michael Barlow, Denizes Herd.

Females topped at 3600gns for the female champion,  the in-calf heifer Wroxhall Dairymilk-Betty. She is by Tiset Darwin and sold to AJ Jones, Raylan, Gwent.

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p 8 Bosahan Dynamo 9600gns

Lot 8 – Bosahan Dynamo, sold for 9600gns to M Barlow, Denizes, Preston

p 5 Crackley Detonator 6000gns

Lot 5 – Crackley Detonator, sold for 6000gns to CM Mercer Farms, Hereford

p 1 Wroxall Dave-The-Rave 5100gns

Lot 1 – Wroxall Dave-The-Rave, sold for 5100gns to CM Mercer Farms, Hereford

p 9 Tilbrook Debonair 4700gns

Lot 9 – Tilbrook Debonair, sold for 4700gns to G Reed, Tiverton, Devon

p 28 Wroxall Dairymilk-Betty 3600gns

Lot 28 – Wroxall Dairymilk-Betty, sold for 3600gns to AJ Jones, Raylan, Gwent

p 78 Lopemede Ebba 3000gns

Lot 78 – Lopemede Ebba, sold for 3000gns to AJ Jones, Raylan, Gwent


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