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Balmoral – Swales, Blackies and Dorsets


p Lanark Blackie Champ

Lanark-type Blackie Champion from John and Charles Harkin, a shearling tup by £60,000 Dalchirla


p SouthBlackieChamp 1095

Reserve Lanark-type Blackie from Sam Wallace, a one-crop ewe by £26,000 Crossflatt


p Perth Blackie Champ

Perth-type Blackie Champion from Sam Adams, a ewe hogg by a McEvoy-sire


p Perth Blackie Reserve

Reserve Perth-type Blackie from Joe Adams, a tup hogg by £9000 Knox


p Swale Champ

Swaledale Champion from Fred and June Loughridge, a gimmer by £4000 Murton Hall


p Swale Reserve

Reserve Swaledale from John Blaney, a two-shear Penineview tup


p Dorset Champ

Dorest Poll champion from Thomas Wright, a shearling tup by Downkellybegs Nitehawk


p Dorest Reserve

Reserve Dorset Poll from Thomas Wright, a ewe lamb by Ballytaggart Thunder

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