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Newark – Limousin Day

A busy Limousin Day at Newark Mart – judged by Eric Norman – saw 53 bulls sell to a top of 7000gns twice and average out at £3305 (including six young bulls at £1032).

Females peaked at 5000gns, with 45 cows with calves averaging £2228, while 9 in-calf cows levelled at £1306, 13 heifers with calves at foot averaged out at £2435, 27 in-calf heifers averaged £1608. Meanwhile, 80 maiden heifers (14 months and over) averaged £1774, and 15 maiden heifers (under 14 months) levelled at £1771.

Below are pictures of some of the top priced lots. To see a full selection of photographs taken on the day, visit our Photosales section.

To view the pedigree of any animal pictured just click on their name!

p Lot 35 Millington Hampton 4908

Lot 35 – Millington Hampton 7,000gns to Gascoines Group


p Lot 41 Coachhouse Hathaway 4978

Lot 41 – Coachhouse Hathaway, 7000gns to Messrs Mayo, Maidford House Farm, Towcester


p Lot 36 Ironstone harley 4997

Lot 36 – Ironstone Harley, 6000gns to FS Knight, 7 Wells Farm, Peterbourgh


p Lot 78 Lissett Hallmark 4832

Lot 78 – Lissett Hallmark, 4700gns to Gascoines Group


p Lot 283 Brockhurst Happy 4892

Lot 283 – Brockhurst Happy, 3600gns to Messrs Waring, Everingham, York.


p Lot 205 Coachhouse incarnation 5137

Lot 205 – Coachhouse Incarnation, 5000gns to Messrs Phillips, Ashampstead, Reading.

Prices and buyers of bulls sold:

Lot 1 – Procters Duvalier, 5500gns to SW Clarke, Sprinks Barn Farm, Burton on Trent

Lot 2 – Wilodge Easyrider, 4500gns to Messrs Milner, Upper Parks, Leicester

Lot 4 – Bassingbourn Gladiator, 3000gns to E Wood and Son, Spenwood, Rotherham

Lot 6 – Burmoor Gladstone, 3500gns to MJ Ashworth, Scotney Farm, Kent

Lot 7 – Burmoor Graham, 2000gns to Messrs Lewis and Son, Coronation Farm, Lincs

Lot 9 – Calverton Hellfire, 3200gns to HR Bourn and Sons, Navarino, Lincoln

Lot 12 – Palraine Hercules, 1700gns to M Keeley, Old Rides Farm, Isle of Sheppy

Lot 15 – Beaconsfield Hotmale, 3500gns to PA Wells, Hopsford House Farm, Coventry

Lot 16 – Beaconsfield Hotshot, 3000gns to J Mills and Son, Winwick Grange, Northants

Lot 19 – Logie Harold, 5500gns to CW Foster, Fordham Farm, Bishop Wilton

Lot 20 – Coachhouse Humbug, 3800gns to WA Ketely and Sons, Picketts Farm, Colchester

Lot 21 – Miscombe Hamish, 3000gns to HR Bourn and Sons

Lot 23 – Millington Handsome, 5000gns to PD Player, Whatton Manor Stud Farm, Notts

Lot 24 – Millington Horizon, 3800gns to Bowes Farms, Saham Hall Farm, Norfolk

Lot 26 – Palraine Homer, 1500gns to ET Hanson and Sons, Hasthorpe Grange Farm, Lincs

Lot 27 – Lowgate Hotshot, 4800gns to Stratton Farms, Newbury

Lot 28 – Coachhouse Hatcher, 4200gns to MT Baines, Wood Farm, Coalville, Leics

Lot 29 – Coachhouse Hank, 3800gns to Messrs Chantrell, Flash Farm, Leics

Lot 30 – Grahams Harrierfly, 3000gns to P Bacon, Grove Farm, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Lot 31 – Coachhouse Heritage, 4000gns to Bowes Farms

Lot 32 – Bassingbourn Hugo, 2000gns to RH Borrill, The Grange, Immingham

Lot 34 – Beaconsfield Hotpoint, 3200gns to Burden Brothers, Old Rides Farm, Isle of Sheppy

Lot 35 – Millington Hampton, 7000gns to Gascoines Group, Southwell, Nott

Lot 36 – Ironstone Harley, 6000gns to FS Knight, 7 Wells Farm, Peterbourgh

Lot 37 – Miscombe Hanthe, 3000gns to Burden Brothers

Lot 38 – Simse Herbert, 2700gns to Messrs Herwin, Riverside Farm, Norwich

Lot 39 – Brockhurst Hawthorne, 3500gns to WS Furnival, Dean Court, Romney Marsh

Lot 40 – Brockhurst Handel, 3500gns to WS Furnival

Lot 41 – Coachhouse Hathaway, 7000gns to Messrs Mayo, Maidford House Farm, Towcester

Lot 42 – Millstone Hero, 2500gns to HR Bourn and Sons

Lot 44 – Dinmore Honkytonk, 5000gns to Messrs Shucksmith, White Barn Farm, Louth

Lot 45 – Specs Hilton, 1400gns to ET Hanson and Sons

Lot 47 – Melbourne Hector, 2400gns to DE Sheppard, Hartford, Huntingdon

Lot 49 – Specs Heineken, 1300gns to CW Sutton, Old Tree Meadow, Lincs

Lot 50 – Calogale Hercules, 4200gns to Bowes Farms

Lot 53 – Millstone Humdinger, 3500gns to WS Furnival

Lot 55 – Specs Hilti, 1300gns to Messrs Herwin

Lot 57 – Lissett Herbert, 2800gns to EW Snowdon and Sons, High Baxtons Farm, N Yorks

Lot 58 – Bassingbourn Humble, 1600gns to DE Sheppard

Lot 59 – Scorboro Hidiver, 3200gns to MJ Ashworth, Scotney Farm, Romney Marsh

Lot 66 – Tweeddale Hans, 3100gns to A Bowler, Broadgates Farm, Derbyshire

Lot 67 – Frogmore Henson, 3900gns to JD Gent and Son, Brecks Farm, Newark

Lot 69 – Willowvale Harry, 2800gns to Messrs Gardner, Marsh Farm, Basildon, Essex

Lot 70 – Tweeddale Hydro, 3200gns to FS Knight

Lot 75 – Specs Hodeeho, 1650gns to WA Ketley and Sons

Lot 78 – Lissett Halmark, 4700gns to Gascoines Group

Lot 80 – Lowgate Ian, 2200gns to WA Ketley and Sons

p 4758

The Judge’s wife, Elaine Norman enjoying a day out at the bull sale!

p 4698

An end to a busy day at Newark!

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