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Carlisle – Simmentals

Today’s Simmental sale at Carlisle sold to a top of 5000gns for the in-calf heifer, Newbiemains Cocoa Pops, by Kilbride Farm Rainman. She sold as part of the 10th anniversary sale from the Newbiemains herd. Bulls peaked at 4900gns for B Lundy’s 20-month-old bull, Caistor Domitius, by Caistor Barabas.

Judge was Andy Ryder, Black Hamilton, Blackford, Carlisle.

The 15 bulls averaged out at £3220, with three served heifers averaging £2677.50. Three cows averaged £2555 with 11 maiden heifers levelling out at £1370.73.  The Newbie Mains heifer sale averaged £3263 for 13 sold and the disperal of the Courance Herd averaged £989.60 for nine.

Below are a few pictures taken on the day, a full selection is available in Photo Sales.

p 7 Caistor Domitius 4900gns

Top price bull, Caistor Domitius, made 4900gns to WW Dunlop and Son

p 6 Gerrard Dougie 4000gns

Gerrard Dougie made 4000gns to Asm Farming, Hawick

p 8 Wroxall Dominator 3000gns

Wroxall Dominator sold at 3000gns to Burden Brothers

51 Newbie Mains Cocoa Pops

Lot 51, Newbie Mains Cocoa Pops, sold for 5000gns to an undisclosed buyer

p 52 Newbie Mains Centre Fold 4300gns

Newbiemains Centre Fold, 4300gns to J and E Dyet

p 30 Midhope Diamond 3700gns

Midhope Diamond made 3700gns to P Jolliffe

p 31 Midhope Dolly 2700gns

Midhope Dolly sold at 2700gns to P Jolliffe

Prices and buyers of animals sold on the day…


Lot 1 – Blackpool David, 2000gns to S Hunter, Culdrain Lodge, Huntly.

Lot 2 – Manor Park Dangerous Game, 3000gns to R McKinnel and Sons, Garrarrie Farm, Whithorn.

Lot 3 – Hemingford Donald, 3600gns to A and N Spillman and Son, Manor Farm, Lincoln.

Lot 4 – Urrvalley Doit, 2800gns to East Mellwaters Farm, Bowes, Barnard Castle.

Lot 5 – Swingletree Dennis, 2400gns to Burden Brothers, Old Rides Farm, Sheerness, Kent.

Lot 6 – Gerrard Dougie, 4000gns to Asm Farming, Easter Fodderlie, Hawick.

Lot 7 – Caistor Domitius, 4900gns to WW Dunlop and Son, Commonside, Hawick.

Lot 8 – Wroxall Dominator, 3000gns to Burden Brothers.

Lot 10 – Gerrard Drummer, 4200gns to JA Ord and Sons, Field House, Lesbury, Alnwick.

Lot 13 – Swingletree Diego, 3000gns to R McKinnel and Sons.

Lot 15 – Burghbridge Demetrius, 3000gns to RHB Hall, Craiglearan, Moniaive.

Lot 17 – Scotland Hill Dudley, 3000gns to WJF Ramsay, Mid Muntloch, Drummore, Stranraer.

Lot 19 – Manor Park Daybreak, 2600gns to JP and S Thorpe, New House, Orton, Penrith.

Lot 22 – Twyford Donald Two, 2200gns to J Smithson, Poplar Farm, Full Sutton, York.

Lot 23 – Blakewekk Echo, 2300gns to MT Bowran, Collochan Farm, Terregles, Dumfries.



Lot 30 – Midhope Diamond, 3700gns to P Jolliffe, Star Green Farm, Oakmore, Staff.

Lot 31 – Midhope Dolly, 2700gns to P Jolliffe.

Lot 32 – Blackpool Davina, 1250gns to A Henry, Knockallan, Castle Douglas.

Lot 33 – Blackpool Dilli, 1300gns to WB McHarg, Laighland Farm, Auchincruive.

Lot 35 – Blackpool Dahlia, 1050gns to WB McHarg.

Lot 36 – Blackpool Diamond, 1000gns to AJ Wood, Woodhall Brow Farm, Workington.

Lot 37 – Blackpool Dalila, 980gns to AJ Wood.

Lot 39 – Burghbridge Marbella 5, 1500gns to WB McHarg.

Lot 40 – Burghbridge Vicky 3, 1500gns to G Christie, Birchfield, Huntly.

Lot 41 – Burghbridge Crystal 6, 1050gns to G Christie.

Lot 42 – Burghbridge Emerald 5, 1750gns to DL Leeming, High Farm, Burnt Yates, Harrogate.

Lot 43 – Burghbridge Fauna 20, 1480gns to DL Leeming.

Lot 44 – Shillbrook Amerthyst’s Emerald, 1500gns to P Jolliffe.

Lot 45 – Hepplewhite Champagne 18, 1250gns to S McBryde, Lochbank Farm, Lockerbie.


Cows and heifers served and/or suckling

Lot 48 – Thursford Ernistine 8, 3100gns to S White, Iddenshall Cottages, Tarporley.

Lot 49 – Starnhill Furst 2, 2400gns to B and E Chadwick, The Hedgerows, Derbyshire.

Lot 50 – Starnhill Furst 3, 1800gns to ER Toppin and Son, Gale Hall Farm, Penrith.


Newbiemains females

Lot 51 – Newbiemains Cocoa Pops, 5000gns to undisclosed buyer.

Lot 52 – Newbiemains Centre Fold, 4300gns to J and E Dyet, East Merkland, Strathaven.

Lot 55 – Newbiemains Dilly, 3400gns to JB Paterson, Hartbush Farm, Dumfries.

Lot 60 – Newbiemains Elizabeth, 2400gns to H Duff, Pitmudie Farm, Menmuir.

Lot 64 – Newbiemains Emblem, 2400gns to JB Paterson.

Lot 65 – Newbiemains Escada, 2600gns to undisclosed buyer.

Lot 66 – Newbiemains Exclusive, 2100gns to H Duff.

Lot 67 – Newbiemains Elite, 2000gns to T Mitchell, Easter Gormyre, West Lothian.


Courance females

Lot 69 – Orlando Chrissie 6, 1800gns to H and DM Forster, East Wharmley, Hexham.

Lot 70 – Orlando Tanya 36, 820gns to RF Miller, Braco, Dunblane.

Lot 72 – Moorside Twix, 850gns to RF Miller.

Lot 73 – Hazelden Brandysnap, 1450gns to M Noblet, New Higher Alston Farm, Preston.

Lot 76 – Hazelden Jingle 11, 952gns to Messrs Carlile, Fowgrass Farm, Penrith.

Lot 77 – Courance Kim, 1380gns to M Noblet.

Lot 78 – Courance Sally, 1220gns to RF Miller.

Lot 84 – Courance Tanya 1, 952gns to Messrs Carlile.



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