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Paris Show – Charolais Judging

Whilst over at the Paris International Agricultural Show last week, we couldn’t resist taking a few photographs! Below are some taken during the Charolais judging, you may recognise some familiar faces – to view  all, see the livestock section in our Photosales.

It’s an amazing event, attracting almost 700,000 visitors over the nine days it runs for, with 1300 exhibitors from 22 countries, and more than 4000 animals.

The show is organised around four sectors – Livestock breeding, Products and gastronomy, Crops, plants, nature and lifestyle, and Agricultural services and professions.

Aiming for the highest standard, in the Charolais section, breeders propose animals for the show, then two breeders are chosen to tour France in January and select the best animals to be shown.
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