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Galloway Pre-sale Parade

Castle Douglas – Galloways

Galloway bulls sold to a top of 5200gns, with the 20 bulls averaging out at £2814 (-£255), while 33 served heifers levelled at £1500 (-£191), 4 in-calf heifers averaged £2063.25 and 25 bulling heifers averaged £1132 (-£275).  To view all photographs please visit our Photo Sales page, here are a few of the stars…

p 13 Strictly of Fingland 5200gns

Lot 13, Strictly of Fingland – 5200gns

p 29 Lady Silverbell 8th of Gall-way 4100gns

Lot 29, Lady Silverbell 8th of Gall-way – 4100gns

p 2 Umpire of Romesbeoch 4000gns

Lot 2, Umpire of Romesbeoch – 4000gns

p 7 Ben Lomond Glengoyne 4000gns

Lot 7, Ben Lomond Glengoyne – 4000gns

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Lot 2, Umpire of Romesbeoch, 4000gns to Mastall
Lot 3, Barlaes Landmark, 2500gns to J Jordan, Moortown, Newton Abbot
Lot 4, Barlaes Lincoln, 4000gns to B Dickinson and Co, Brockstones, Kentmere
Lot 5, Ballavair Braveheart, 1000gns to B Jingles, 2 Mulleughsandal Road, Co Antrim
Lot 7, Ben Lomond Glengoyne, 4000gns to KC Heard and Son, Hughslade, Okehampton
Lot 11, Ballavair Black Magic, 2500gns to D and R Cornthwaite, Balgray Hill, Lockerbie
Lot 12, Vivaldi of Over Barskeoch, 2500gns to E and F Malcolm, Griburn, Tiree
Lot 13, Strictly of Fingland, 5200gns, to J Tullie, Bowanhill, Hawick
Lot 16, V-Tech of Romesbeoch, 2500gns DW Gourlay and Co, Craigmuie, Moniave
Lot 17, Ultravox of Nether Cleugh, 3000gns to S Langdon, Criptor, Tavistock
Lot 19, Blackcraig Ant, 2000gns to JM Davidson, East Deloraine, Selkirk
Lot 20, Kirkstead Unique, 3800gns to J and JW Ions, 1 Thornyburn, Hexham
Lot 21, Blackcraig Dec, 3000gns to Troloss Farms, Elvanfoot
Lot 22, Kirkstead Umpire, 3000gns to Percy Farms, Emblehope, Hexham
Lot 23, Worzel of Over Barskeoch, 1500gns to CW Abel, Higher Godsworthy, Tavistock
Lot 24, Barquhill Frank, 1200gns to SH Spours and Sons, Twizell, Belford
Lot 26, Wellington of Over Barskeoch, 2000gns to P Skinner, Psalter House, Sheffield
Lot 27, Rannoch of Gall-way, 2600gns to JM Thomson, Nether Linkins, Castle Douglas

Lot 29, Lady Silverbell 8th of Gall-way, 4100gns D and R Cornthwaite
Lot 30, Klondyke Genstone, 1000gns to A and Y Allan, Beck House, Kirby Lonsdale
Lot 32, Barquhill Nether Foxglove, 1200gns to A and Y Allan
Lot 33, Kalinka 1295 of Romesbeoch, 2000gns to SH Spours and Sons
Lot 34, Blackcraig Dora May, 2600gns to IA Kennedy Moffat, Craigenvey, Moniave
Lot 35, Kirkstead Quebec, 1100gns to Douglas, 15 Ganvaughan Road, Co Tyrone
Lot 36, Kirkstead Quirk, 1150gns to Douglas
Lot 37, Klondyke Goodluck, 1000gns to SH Spours and Sons
Lot 38, Blackcriag Sally, 1800gns to SH Spours and Sons
Lot 40, Countess Toffee of Nether Cleugh, 1800gns to SH Spours and Sons
Lot 41, Foxglove Tansy of Nether Cleugh, 1700gns to SH Spours and Sons
Lot 43, Blackcraig Dusty, 1600gns to DM McQueen and Son, Upper Barr, Castle Douglas
Lot 44, Drumgowan Tinker, 1200gns to D and W Bowman, Bagbie, Newton Stewart
Lot 45, Barquhill Foxglove, 1500gns, to J and A Finlay, Blackcraig, Castle Douglas
Lot 46, Blackcraig Moss Rose, 2700gns to W McCornick, Barquhill, Wigtown
Lot 47, Moira 1311 of Romesbeoch, 1000gns to SH Spours and Sons
Lot 48, Lady Maud 1326 of Romesbeoch, 1050gns to HH Kraft, Am Lohe 6, Ottrau
Lot 49, Lady Diana 1327 of Romesbeoch, 1500gns, to N and BM Ireland, Newhouse, Holmbrook
Lot 50, Nerys Turquiose of Nether Cleugh, 1700gns to DM McQueen and Sons
Lot 51, Lady Silverbell 9th of Gall-way, 2700gns to D and R Cornthwaite
Lot 52, Lady SIlverbell 10th of Gall-way, 2200gns to J and S Ross and Son, Romesbeoch, Dumfries
Lot 55, Kirkstead Nancy, 1200gns to D and A Weeks, Ty Gwyn, Gilwern, Abergavenny
Lot 56, Nerys 1341 of Romesbeoch, 2000gns to N and BM Ireland
Lot 57, Penninghame Tamsin, 1400gns to Mastall
Lot 58, Penninghame Trudy, 1400gns to HH Kraft
Lot 59, Penninghame Tilly, 1100gns to Mastall
Lot 60, Penninghame Tinkerbell, 1300gns to D and W Bowman
Lot 61, Penninghame Tabatha, 1400gns to Mastall
Lot 62, Perlooie Pat 3rd, 1350gns to W Glover, Cladville, Islay
Lot 63, Perlooie Shields, 1300gns to J and A Finlay
Lot 64, Kirkstead Amber V4, 1250gns to J and A Finlay
Lot 65, Kirkstead Moss Rose V5, 1600gns R Craig, Broomfield Lodge, Ayr
Lot 66, Kirkstead Amber V12, 1400gns to Douglas
Lot 67, Kirkstead Nancy V18, 1800gns to R Craig
Lot 68, Kirkstead Evergreen V21, 1000gns to W Glover
Lot 70, Fay 1st of Low Three Mark, 1300gns to MH and JR Weir, Teapot Cottage, Creetown
Lot 71, Katie 2nd of Low Three Mark, 1350gns to W Glover
Lot 72, Kathleen 700170 of Ardoch, 1050gns to Robinson, Ottercops, Newcastle
Lot 73, Kathleen 300173 of Ardoch, 800gns to WG and H Kyle, Spout Bank, Bampton
Lot 74, Katie 200172 of Ardoch, 1300gns to MH and JR Weir
Lot 76, Troloss Helen, 1550gns to Laidler, West Hamdaxwood, Fauldhouse
Lot 77, Troloss Hilda, 1600gns to Smith
Lot 79, Klondyke Galactic, 1350gns to A and Y Allan
Lot 80, Klondyke Genious, 1200gns to A and Y Allan
Lot 81, Klondyke Gobby, 1350gns to A and Y Allan

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